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10 Best Cashback Websites and Apps in India to use in 2021

by Abhay Choubey
Best Cashback Websites and Apps

As cashless payments became popular, many established companies launched their cashless payment app. No wonder it was widely accepted by people and businesses across the country. These days you can see multiple QR codes placed at the reception of a retail store. As a consumer, you can scan the code of a payment app and get assured cashback in India. This way, you pay less for making a purchase and get some cashback which can be used for future transactions. 

The only thing that a consumer has to be careful about is choosing the right app. To make decision-making convenient for you, here is a list of apps in India that you can use in 2021. 

Ten best cashback apps in India


It is one of the most reliable apps for online payment through a QR codes. The best part about the app is that you get assured cashback for every transaction. However, the value may vary every time. Also, the cashless payment app notifies whenever a cashback is about to expire.


It is one of the best apps that help you find the best services in the city, be it a restaurant, salon, or spa centre. You can find the best deals for all these services, and when you book and pay through the app, you may even get the cashback. 

Coupon Dunia

It is for everyone who explores and looks for coupons before placing an order. This website has coupons for many businesses, including eating joints, e-commerce websites, broadcast companies, and many other business verticals. You can pick the coupon code from here and use it while placing an order. 


PayTM is a popular name in payment apps. People can pay almost everywhere using this app, and the cashback offers they give are also outstanding. Moreover, as this app lets the users pay almost everywhere, the cashback is of great value!


It is a promising platform where you get cashback in India by merely uploading the invoices that you receive from different vendors. You also have to upload your selfie with that place to verify the purchase, and cashback will reflect in your e-wallet.


If you have made an order of at least Rs 250, you are eligible to get a cashback from CashKaro. The cashback goes directly into your bank account without any deductions. Moreover, if you want to redeem it on the app only, you also get an option for that.


This app has collaborated with multiple brands in fashion, hotel, baby products, travel, and many other verticals. The best part about the app is getting your cashback directly into your bank account. 

Encash It

It is a new name in the payment app industry, but it is rising rapidly. They have associated with multiple brands and offer people unique discounts with promising cashback to the user.

Crown It

This app targets food lovers specifically. You can search for a place through this app whenever you plan to eat outside. Once you get the bill, upload it on the app to get a cashback reward. 


There are more than 500 brands listed on the app from where you can shop and get the cashback. In addition, it gives an option to make payments through debit or credit card, and you can get coupon codes and cashback. 

Though there are many other cashless payment app options, choosing one from the list above is fruitful. Finalise the app carefully, and you can enjoy the seamless payment process and the cashback you get after every transaction. These apps provide the best deals and cashback in India to make your shopping experience even more rewarding

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