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20 Easy Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know | PC Laptops

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There are all sorts of computer shortcuts that can help you work more efficiently. Here are 20 essential shortcuts everyone should know:

  • Cut, copy and paste -These basic shortcuts let you quickly move text and other content around in your document without having to use your mouse. To cut or copy something, highlight the text or content you want to move, then press “Ctrl-X” (cut) or “Ctrl-C” (copy). To paste it somewhere else, press “Ctrl-V”.
  • Undo and redo – If you make a mistake, these shortcuts can help you undo it. To undo the last action, press “Ctrl-Z”. To redo an action, press “Ctrl-Y”.
  • Close a program – If you’ve opened too many programs and your computer is running slow, you can close them quickly by pressing “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” and selecting the program you want to close.
  • Open a new document – To create a new blank document, press “Ctrl-N”.
  • Save a document – To save your work, press “Ctrl-S”.
  • Print a document – To print a document, press “Ctrl-P”.
  • Find text – If you need to find a specific word or phrase in a document, press “Ctrl-F” and type what you’re looking for. The cursor will jump to the first occurrence of that word or phrase.
  • View hidden files – If you need to access a file that’s been hidden by Windows, press “Ctrl-Shift-N”.
  • Zoom in or out – To zoom in on a document, press “Ctrl-” (plus sign) or to zoom out, press “Ctrl-” (minus sign).
  • Open the Start menu – To open the Start menu, press “Ctrl-Esc”.
  • Open the Control Panel – To open the Control Panel, press “Ctrl-Esc”, then “C”.
  • Shut down Windows – To shut down your computer, press “Ctrl-Esc”, then “U”, then “S”.
  • Lock your computer – If you need to step away from your computer for a while, you can lock it so no one can access your files by pressing “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” and selecting the Lock button.
  • Copy text to the clipboard – To copy text to the clipboard, select it and press “Ctrl-C”.
  • Paste text from the clipboard – To paste text from the clipboard, press “Ctrl-V”.
  • Change the font – To change the font size, press “Ctrl-” (plus sign) or “Ctrl-” (minus sign).
  • Highlight text – To quickly highlight all the text in a document, press “Ctrl-A”.
  • Insert a symbol – To insert a symbol, such as the copyright symbol, press “Ctrl-Alt-S”.
  • Take a screenshot – To take a screenshot of your entire screen, press “Print Screen” (PrtScn). To take a screenshot of just the active window, press “Alt-Print Screen”.
  • Open Task Manager -To open the Task Manager, press “Ctrl-Shift-Esc”. This is a handy shortcut to use if a program is frozen and you need to force it to close.


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