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5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks for Beautifully Textured Carpets

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5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks for Beautifully Textured Carpets

Carpet cleaning has most homeowners stumped on how to properly care and maintain carpets to make these fixtures last for years. However, carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be confusing. Follow our 5 carpet cleaning tips and tricks for beautifully textured carpets! 

  • Have your carpets cleaned professionally.

Nothing cleans better than having your carpets professionally maintained! Professional maintenance is a must when considering to install carpeted flooring in your house or apartment unit as these fixtures require thorough deep cleaning every now and then. Professional carpet cleaners have the tools and cleaning solutions needed to get the grime from deep within fibers.

Professional cleaning solutions may seem intimidating, but are essential in the upkeep of your home. Experienced cleaners would know how to properly remove stains, revitalize the texture of your carpet, and remove any odors without damaging the material.

For all your carpet cleaning needs, look to Luce Group for home maintenance, office maintenance, and overall cleaning services: sg.lucemg.com/services/carpet-cleaning. They can keep your carpets, and the rest of your home, clean at no hassle to you!

  • Vacuum carpets everyday.

Daily vacuuming makes for a good habit for carpets and rugs. Vacuuming removes the general everyday dust and debris that may get into your carpets, and clears away stains before they set. The more frequent you use the carpet, the more frequent you should be vacuuming to ensure that your carpet fibers are free from dust, allergens, and pests that may be lurking about.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction, and remove the beater bar from the vacuum before using the appliance on your shaggy or high-cut carpets. Use nozzle attachments to get into the corners, as well as the nooks and crannies of your carpet where insects and mold love to hide. 

  • Make a safe and convenient stain remover.

Did you know that you can make a safe and simple carpet stain remover with just two ingredients? A spray made from diluted vinegar and dish soap can dissolve greasy stains, mineral deposits, and lighten dark spots on your carpet without the need for harsh, corrosive chemicals. Commercial solutions can damage carpet fibers, especially natural fibers.

Make a spray out of white vinegar, dish soap, and water instead. Place equal amounts of each ingredient into a spray bottle, and spray directly onto the stained spot. Use a clean towel or cloth to blot out the stain until the discoloration is gone. Repeat spraying for deep stains, and let the area completely dry before using the carpet.

  • Use a dry cleaning powder to refresh your carpets.

Alternatively, you can remove any odors from your carpet using carpet refreshing powder you can purchase commercially, or make your own at home using baking soda with a few drops of essential oils. 

Simply sprinkle the dry cleaning powder all over your carpet and work the powder into the carpet fibers. Let the powder sit for an hour or longer, and use the vacuum cleaner to remove the powder particles. You’ll be left with a fresh-smelling, dust free carpet as the dry cleaning powder deodorizes and clumps debris together for an easy clean.

You can also make your own using two cups of baking soda and 20-40 drops of your preferred essential oil scents. Mix the ingredients together thoroughly and sprinkle the powder on your carpets to clean as directed above. However, carpet cleaning powders may not remove the source of odors from mold, bacteria, or constant moisture. 

  • Hacks to remove gum, wax, and other stains on carpet.

Remove Gum: Gum is sticky, and often leaves residue as you attempt to remove the candy from your carpet. Instead of reaching for those scissors or that razor to shave off the problem, take some ice from your freezer instead. Place the ice cube directly on the gum piece to harden it, and it should be much easier to peel off in one go!

Remove Wax: Fond of scented candles? Those wax candles may make for a great ambience in your room, but not when they spill on your carpet. To remove wax from your carpet, let the wax harden first for easier handling. Take a thick towel or paper towel, and use an iron to heat up the wax through the towel. The wax should melt, allowing the towel to soak it up!

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