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6 Things To Keep Yourself Safe On The Internet

by Abhay Choubey
Safe On The Internet

Today I am going to share some internet safety points with you through which you can keep yourself safe in the world of the internet. On the one hand, the Internet remains the support of many people in lockdown nowadays, and on the other hand, cases related to hacking are also increasing rapidly. Nowadays hackers are attacking those users who are using the internet the most at the moment. Sometimes someone’s data is stolen, sometimes the account is hacked, and sometimes the bank’s password and PIN are stolen.

In such a situation, the question arises that how to keep yourself and your social media accounts on the Internet safe from hackers. So today we are going to tell you some internet safety points in answer to this question, if you take care of it, then you will never have to face these problems.

Here are our 6 Tips To Stay Safe Internet

1-Operating System

First of all, remove such operating system from laptop and computer which is of no use. Keep only the software in your system that you got when you bought the laptop or computer. What sometimes happens is that the extra software that you put in the system is a pirated copy which can cause trouble. Keep as much original operating software as possible in the system.

2-Block ad and browsing cookies

If you want to keep the system data safe, the first thing you should do is block browsing cookies. If you have ever noticed that once you open a website, many advertisements start to appear on that page. These advertisements and cookies can provide your information to others sites, this can put your privacy at any time.

3-Say no to public Wi-Fi

It is usually seen that people do not get public Wi-W networks that they connect to their system. Rather, avoid doing so. If you make this mistake then you can be a victim of system hacking anytime because it is open network Wi-Fi.

4-Delete browsing history

Whenever you log-in to any other system or mobile, always delete browsing history after using it. It is seen that people do not do this and later it is known that their personal information has been stolen or leaked. So next time you use any other system, and then definitely delete browsing history.

5-Keep in mind the URL

Every time you open a website, you should pay attention to the URL of that page.  For your information, let us tell you that the URL of a secure sites page always starts with HTTPS. If you do not see a website starting with https, then you should avoid opening that page.

6-Ignore mail or messages

You must have seen that there are always unnecessary mails and messages that reply to this mail or messages and win one lakh, two lakh rupees, or click here to win a loan or lottery. You should always ignore such emails and messages.  Also, you should pay attention to the password. The password must include capital letters, small letters as well as special characters and numbers.

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