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7 Most Delicious Food Duos of All Time

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Food Duos

We all love combos. It’s human nature. We’re curious and love to taste things out for the sake of variety. In ancient times, we realized that a sword or lance would go hand in hand with a shield, and it worked!

The thing is, our love of combos runs deep, and it mostly manifests in food. From the very beginning, humans have paired certain foods to come up with unique recipes, with some of them managing to stand the test of time.

Now, many of the food duos of all time are so popular they’re part of our daily diet. There’s a big chance what you ate for dinner was a common food pair.

Still, if you ever wondered about delicious food duos of all time, keep reading and find out.

1. Meat Stew/Bread 

Meat stew might as well be as old as time itself, and so is its companion, bread. Throughout history, a steamy bowl of meat and freshly baked wheat bread was the kind of meal the fortunate ones enjoyed. 

With time, however, as resources became more available for everyone, the food pair became a popular dish for most people across cultures.

Today, meat stew is one of the easiest and most affordable dishes you can make. As for its accompaniment, just cross the street to the baker and get whatever bread suits you best, from bread rolls to baguettes.

2. Burger/Fries

Burger and fries seem like an obvious selection. Well, if we’re going to list food duos of all time, we can’t ignore this classic pair.

Most likely, wherever they are, everyone orders burgers now and then for a quick lunch. And they tend to come with bits of fries because that’s just how it is. 

Is the food duo delicious?

Well, the popularity speaks for itself.

3. Rice/Chicken

From chicken biryani to the good old chicken casserole and a separate bowl of rice, no doubt you’ve got yourself a perfect combo.

Rice and chicken are a well-known pair the world over. The preparation methods vary because every culture has its way of doing things. But one thing is for sure, the dish is a staple for many, and it’s unlikely there’s a household that doesn’t have an old rice-chicken recipe.

4. Spaghetti/Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs definitely sound Italian.

Well, you’d be surprised to find the duo isn’t as popular in Italy as it is in the US. 

Sure, pasta originated in Italy, but that’s the only connection. Spaghetti started to be served as a pair in the US back in the 19th century by Italian emigrants. Over the years, the dish became an American staple, and today, it’s served all over the world.

5. Chocolate/Strawberries

Chocolates are unstoppable. They tend to end up in all kinds of foods, from beverages to desserts. That versatile nature means you could come up with your own chocolate recipe by pairing it with what you like.

One classic pairing is the chocolate-dipped strawberry tart. This savory dessert makes for a perfect after-meal treat.

New chocolate pairings are discovered all the time. For cannabis users, the chocolate/cannabis duo is popular for enhancing the benefits of the drug. Learn more on that from Veriheal.

6. Maple Syrup/Pancakes

Maple Syrup and pancakes are woven into American history. Such a yummy pair is imprinted in many people’s memories as an excellent Sunday breakfast or a delicious treat on cold autumn and winter evenings.

If you’re wondering how the duo happened, well, history isn’t very clear about it. For sure, pancakes always existed in America and everywhere else. 

As for maple syrup, some Native American tribes discovered it centuries ago and made sugar out of the sap. It seems along the way, pancakes and maple syrup found each other and became a thing.

7. Chicken/Mashed Potatoes

Chicken-mashed potato is a simple dish you’ll find anywhere in the world. It appeals to most people, whether they live on a farm or in a metropolis.

Like chicken and rice, chicken and mashed potatoes blend well. They are super delicious and generally affordable, making them a staple for many households.


That sums up our list of the most delicious food duos of all time. Most are clearly classic dishes with worldwide popularity.

Still, there are many exceptional food pairs that qualify. Do you remember any?

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