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A Simple Guide to Learn About How to Freshen Up Your Puppy

by Jimmy Alex
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Puppies are cuddly babies, bringing much joy into the pet parents’ lives. These cuties light up the pet owners’ homes by their presence and pranks all over the place. The whole affair seems to be exciting for everyone, whereas puppies, through their exploratory antics, may end up accumulating grime over time. Refreshed pups remain healthy and energized. Talk to the vet to know the right time to begin bathing your puppy.

You may also get your pup examined by the vet to check it doesn’t have any prevailing medical conditions. It would be best to buy pet health insurance relatively early to well equip your puppy with preventive and emergency care. Research online to find cheap dog insurance to purchase a plan. You may want to discuss with your vet as well about your puppy’s oral and dental hygiene, cleanliness, vaccinations, etc.

Along with the insurance backup, bathing your puppy is critical to maintaining good health and hygiene. In this article, we focus on the topic – bathing a puppy! Read on to know the basics.

How Regularly Should You Bathe Your Puppy?

Puppies aren’t given a bath until they are about 2 to 3 months old. Bathing your puppy from that point on depends on several factors like puppy coat type, whether the pup amassed a lot of dirt while playing, whether it loves bathing, etc.

Young pups above three months can be cleansed at least once a month. You may observe your puppy’s coat to decide on the bathing frequency. If your puppy smells sweet, then you may skip bathing it. However, remember giving more baths deprives your fur baby of natural oils. As a result, your pup may experience skin dryness and itching.

Where to Bathe Your Puppy?

You may bathe your pup in the bathroom ideally. However, pups demand warm conditions, so they don’t contract cold. So, indoors must be your first choice. However, If it’s a sunny day, you may as well take your pup to the garden area where you can bathe it.

Your pup is still young, so don’t use a hose and try to finish the task quickly. Bathing your fur baby in cold water is not a good idea.

Are You Looking For a Bathing Checklist?

Gather the following things as a prerequisite.

  • Anti-slip mat
  • Soft towels (2 to 3)
  • Sponge/Flannel
  • Ear/Eye wipes
  • Warm water
  • Puppy Shampoo
  • Puppy Comb/Brush
  • Puppy Treats

Puppy Bathing Procedure!

  1. Know your puppy’s coat type and choose an appropriate puppy shampoo. Short-coated pups may need more oils, long-coated ones may need more moisturisers, some other coats may require shampoos rich in minerals. The vet can guide you best on this.
  2. The first time seems to be a little scary for your pup, so bribe him with cuddles and treats before the actual task begins. You may need to do this to make the bathing routine smooth sailing.
  3. Untangle your pup’s fur through initial brushing.
  4. Puppies are sensitive to temperature. So all you need to use is lukewarm water to bathe your fur friend.
  5. Place the anti-slip mat in the sink or tub. Gently hold the puppy in one hand and spool water over his back and all over his body.
  6. Please take a few drops of puppy shampoo and lather it for light cleaning. Take care, so the lather doesn’t get into your puppy’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  7. Pour a jug of warm water and wrap your fur baby in a towel. Empty the sink and add fresh warm water to cleanse off the remaining soap on your puppy.
  8. Now, take another fresh towel, wrap your puppy and zoom away for a gentle air blow. Use the dryer made for puppies in cool mode, or better skip this step. Ask your vet and do what is needed.

Life is unpredictable. Supporting your little companion with excellent medical help in unanticipated scenarios becomes essential. We advise pet owners to look for a cheap dog insurance policy that guards their puppy and helps reduce the economic burden of essential medical care. Pet health insurance is undoubtedly a pet essential.


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