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All You Want To Know About Tarot Cards

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Tarot Cards

Introduction to Tarot Cards

Tarot is an old-age foretelling device employed to connect with your spirit guides, intuition, and soul. This is a great technique to deliver what is actually in your real life, says India’s best tarot card reader. Tarot is nothing but images on cards- It is just a way to get closer to your physical reality.

What Is It?

This deck of 78 cards is signified by the 56 minor Arcana cards and 22 major Arcana cards.

The minor Arcana cards denote life’s day-to-day trials and tribulations and ways to direct them with elegance and effortlessness. They comprise four suits typically signified by pentacles, swords, cups, and wands, each having its denotations and implications.

The Major Arcana cards signify the Karma in life and the mystical lessons that come in our ways to help us shine and nurture. Therefore, you wish to consider the Major Arcana cards as they will carry a vital, more urgent message, buoyant or unstable.

Using Tarot Cards

In tarot, how you get your insight is totally up to you. There are many ways to pull cards and create a super intuitive spread, or you can stick to your sensitivity and do whatever you think will reverberate most.

See every card in the deck and acquaint yourself with the pictures to get started. You’ll build a connection with the cards, and, oddly enough, they will be with you.

Strengthening Your Relationship with Tarot Cards

According to the best tarot card reader in India, countless methods can aid you in laying out the cards to get insight and play around. Here are a few tarot spreads to get your insight familiarized with your cards.

1. Past, present, and future spread

This is the most prevalent spread out of all, says the tarot card reader in India. It can be employed to clear emotional blockages from the past, get insight into where you are at the moment, and where this road will take you.

2. The Bridge

This tarot spread can be used to bridge the gap between where you wish to be and where you are now. For example, to know where I am now, pull a card and put it to the extreme left. For where I am going, pull a card on the extreme right. After that, pull the middle card for how to get there.

3. Love, Career, Health

This tarot spread gives the best insight if you seek an overview of the three main pillars of life.

4. Daily One-Card Pull

This method can help you develop the habit of relating a card with your present situation and how that shows your life in the instant.

For some general insight, you can ask, “what is the message for me at the moment” or anything like that.

About Pentacles, Cups, Wands, and Swords

1. Pentacles

These are also called coins or disks. These cards usually denote career, money matters, and success. However, they can even show levels of sentiment and mystical affluence.

2. Cups

The cup’s suit is associated with our sentiments, relations, and the troubles of the soul. These cards can even indicate how we feel and how others feel about us.

3. Swords

The sword cards can also denote internal conflict and are mostly related to conflict and fray. These cards can let you know your sorrow, sickness, loss, war, etc. However, they can expose truths we have to undergo to proceed.

4. Wands

Wands cards are more mystical and utilized for showing the energy of growth, movement, and new starts. These are also referred to as “staffs.” According to tarot card readers online, they are indicators of ideas and creativity. Typically, they are associated with your career or purpose in life. However, they can bring intense love messages, as well.

How to Lay Out the Cards?

After finding out your tarot card spread, it is customary to shuffle all the cards in the deck and cut them as many times as you want when pondering your question. This enables your energy to cooperate with the cards’ energy for optimal results.

As you are through with the card shuffling and think it is the right time, raise your question, and after that, pull your first card from anywhere within the deck. Lay it in the first place of your respective spread in the standing position. Do the same for the other cards, as well, until each card is in position.


The best thing is that tarot has witnessed a remarkable renaissance in the Aquarian age. It is no longer considered limited to crystal-balling spiritualists who bring unpromising messages or enigmatic predictions. Visit online to find the best tarot card reader in India or the top astrologer.

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