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Best Among Us Discord Servers To Join In 2021

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Among Us is one of those games that demands player engagement. While you may text communicate with other players in the game, it is not as engaging as voice chat. In addition, each round of the game focuses on a discussion thread to sort out the imposter. That’s why gamers are flocking to Discord servers, where they can mingle and meet new people, voice chat, join a match, discuss ideas, and much more. 

For every gamer, Discord Among Us servers are the finest location to hang out. Hundreds of multiplayer games are currently available for Android, iOS, and PC. Among those, though, Among Us appears to be the greatest. The game is also available on PC through Steam for $5. 

The game’s greatest feature is that it is cross-platform, allowing PC and mobile gamers to play together. If you’ve been playing the game for a long, you’re probably aware that it just includes a text chat option. There isn’t a voice chat option to discuss how to get rid of the impostor.

Even if the game doesn’t have a voice option, you may still use voice chat in Among Us. You may enable voice chat by joining Discord servers. There are many Among Us Discord server. We will list down the best Among Us Discord server that you could use.

Best Among Us Discord Server To Utilize

These are the best Discord Among Us servers:

  • Innsersloth

among us discord


The official Among Us server Discord is Innersloth (Among Us). The Innersloth announced on their Facebook page in February 2020 that their Discord server has reached 100,000 users. Innersloth stated on their Twitter page in September 2020 that their server has reached 500k members.

With over 800,000 users, it is now the largest Among Us Discord server. On the server, it’s unusual to see more than 50,000 people online at any same time. Unfortunately, the server’s membership limit has been reached, therefore you may not be able to join. If you join it, you’ll get an error notice that says “Error: Maximum number of guild members achieved (700000)”.

So, if you want to join the server, you’ll have to wait until all of the inactive users have been thrown off. Otherwise, you will be unable to participate. For the time being, you can join any of the other Among Us Discord servers listed on this page.

  • Among Us

among us discord

Among Us

“Among Us” is the name of the second most popular Among Us Discord server. It’s the second most popular Discord server behind the official Innersloth Discord server. There are three additional servers called Among Us, but this one has the most members, at over 500,000.

Before you may send messages, you’ll have to wait 10 minutes after joining the service. You may assign yourself a colour role on the server by going to the self-roles channel. You can go to the polls, skeld, mira-hq, non-VC lobbies, and hide-and-seek channels to locate a game on the server. 

Then, on an invite link, select “Join.” Unlike the Innersloth Discord server, this one has not yet hit its maximum number of members. This is the best Among Us Discord emoji. 

  • Among Us Community

among us discord

Among Us Community

With over 230,000 users, Among Us Community is the third-largest Among Us Discord server on the list. There are over 1000 active voice connections on the server, as well as automatic matching and tournaments. On the server, there are other channels, but matchmaking is the most significant. It is decent Among Us Discord integration. 

You may click on “Click to locate a party” on the channel, and it will immediately link you to a party. This is convenient because it eliminates the need to manually find a server to join. To join a server, you’ll usually have to click, and some of them may be full. The “Click to locate a party” feature connects you to a party that isn’t yet filled, making it quick and simple.

  • Among Us LFG

among us discord

Among Us LFG

The “Among Us LFG” Discord server is ranked fourth on the list. If you’re new to Discord, “LFG” stands for “Looking For Group.” It shows that users are actively seeking for groups to join on the server. Over 175,000 people have signed up to play on the server. 

Their mission is to bring people together and make it easier for them to enjoy themselves while playing Among Us. To get started, go to the looking-for-group channel and join one of the offered lobbies. It is one of the best Among Us Discord Servers.

  • Among Us Cafe

among us discord

Among Us Cafe

With almost 170,000 users, Among Us Café is an Among Us Discord server. Matchmaking-vc and matchmaking-non-vc are the two matchmaking categories on the channel. Voice chat is abbreviated as “vc,” whereas non-voice chat is abbreviated as “non-vc.”

For starters, the “matchmaking-vc” channel has voice chat lobbies for those who wish to speak and play at the same time. If you don’t want to use voice chat, though, you can join the matchmaking-non-vc channel. People will post their lobby code in the chat in the “matchmaking-non-vc” channel.

To join the game, copy and paste the lobby code into Among Us. This is a quick and simple method to play Among Us in the Discord server with others. You may also make a lobby for Among Us and post the code in the channel. This is the best Among Us serves Discord.

  • Among Us Global

among us discord

Among Us Global

It includes a plethora of active voice channels where you may quickly discover a party. To become a member of the server, you must first authenticate your identity by clicking the check mark emoji.

  • Under “AmongSquad,” join an empty voice chat channel (e.g. AmongSquad1).
  • Go to “Matchmaking” and select the region you wish to play in (e.g. na-matchmaking).
  • Finally, type “!invite lobby code” (for example,!invite QSARKD).
  • You can join a lobby instead of creating one if you don’t want to make one.

On the server, here’s how to join a lobby of Among Us bot Discord:

  • Go to “Matchmaking” and select the region where you wish to play (e.g. na-matchmaking).
  • To enter the lobby, click “Click here to join the party!”
  • Daddy

among us discord


Daddy is a multiplayer server where you may play games like Us and Valorant, Genshin Impact, Valheim, and others. Daddy has around 3 million active members, so you’ll have to go through a lot of channels to locate one for each game. You may form a squad against imposters by joining your gaming group.

You may also build a secret battleground and invite a close buddy to fight anime. This platform also has several useful services such as voice chat, support personnel, and more. We are certain you like it and will eliminate your imposters. This is one of the best Discord for Among Us.

  • Excavice LFG

among us discord

Excavice LFG

Over 65,000 people have joined the server. Choose your role on the “unlock-roles” channel to meet people to play Among Us with on the server. Then go to the lobbies and join a voice chat group. This is the best Discord Among Us bot.

  • Among Us Lobby

among us discord

Among Us Lobby

The server has over 50,000 users, so you may join and meet new people. You may connect with thousands of active gamers who are situated in the voice channels at any time of day using the server.

  • /r/Among Us

among us discord

/r/Among Us

The channels will show on the left-sidebar when you’ve chosen a job. You will not have the option to get to the server’s channels except if you pick a job. The server has plenty of channels, including general talk, images, and LFG (looking for gatherings). You can join a vacant voice channel on the LFG channels and welcome individuals to it by sharing its URL.

  • Among Us India

among us discord

Among Us India

If you’re from India and want to join the greatest Among Us Discord server, go no further than Among Us India. With over 28k members, it is India’s largest Among Us community. You may play the game with other people online and use all of the standard features including voice chat and bot support. It is the best Among Us Discord Integration.

Aside from that, Among Us India has a lot of unique community features like Karaoke VCs, Game and Music Bots, and so on. If you want to play Skribbl or Brawlhalla, the server provides dedicated lobbies for these games as well. To summarise, Among Us India is a thriving community of gamers that you should check out.

  • Among Us Admin

among us discord

Among Us Admin

Among Us is the largest Discord server on the internet, with over 480k users. You get access to all of the community’s benefits, including matching, giveaways, audio chat, and fan art. However, bear in mind that this Among Us Discord channel is not for everyone, particularly beginners. 

The server may get pretty nasty at times, and the moderators must ban users left, right, and centre. If someone attempts to force their way into your voice chat, you may take down their raider ID and get them booted or banned from the server. It is one of the best Among Us Discord servers.

Hundreds of Discord bots have been deployed to assist make your experience better because the group is so large. To sum it up, if you want a huge community of Among Us gamers, you should create one.

Find The Best Among Us Discord Server

among us discord

Among Us Discord Server

Joining the Among Us Discord server might enhance your game experience. You may use voice conversations to interact with your crewmates, receive extra cheat sheets, and plan ways to eliminate imposters. 

Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity to form close bonds with other players from across the world. To summarise, servers create a wonderful level of excitement in the game. We hope that this guide aids you in selecting the best Among Us Discord server.

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