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ASUS Zenbook vs Vivobook – Which One to Choose?

by Abhay Choubey
Spending a worth lot of budget on your long awaited favourite laptop is certainly not that hard, but needs a prior confirmation that you are buying the best laptop in your range. ASUS has always come up with plenty of versatile and productive laptops that are known for providing a good value for money. But, clearly the ASUS Zenbook series and ASUS Vivobook series stands out in delivering the best laptops for broad range of consumers.
The most popular series of ASUS undoubtedly leads us to Zenbook and Vivobook laptops, but there’s another pick you need to choose from within the series. So, how are you supposed to do it? Well, that too is a mainstream question that you should ask yourself before buying your next best buy, and we are here today to discuss which one’s can be the best option for you.
Where ASUS Zenbook series comes with the most premium range and high-end models, the ASUS Vivobook series are more focused towards the budget-friendly optimal laptop range. Selecting from the hundreds of laptops in each of the series seems crucial, but it all highly depends on what your priority in real terms is. To be more precise, if you want everything exceptional and are willing to spend a good big bucket of cash on a laptop, there’s no better option than a Zenbook. But if you need to stay between the thin line of budget and powerful machine, ASUS Vivobook is good in dealing with that.

ASUS Zenbook Series

Zenbook series laptops are the truly called top-notch laptops that mostly come in sleek looks, attractive colours and striking power. They can just vow you a spectacular view with their appealing presence and stunning design layout. While most of these laptops are greatly powerful for intense business users, demanding gamers or multimedia users, they can be a great technology partner for every computing task you throw at them. Probably, you will witness the incredibly powerful components attached with them that can include FHD displays and swift processors. If you ever wonder how powerful an Asus Zenbook series laptop can be, consider rivaling them with Apple’s Macbook, Dell XPs or some extra-ordinary laptops. Few Zenbooks we loved are listed below so you find it much more convenient to find yourself a best one.

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV-H2001T

With the latest processor of core-i9, you wouldn’t expect lesser than a powerful beast just doing everything for you. Thankfully, ASUS Zenbook Pro does exactly that for us with an additional pleasure of 4k Ultra HD screen. This laptop isn’t only amazing for gaming pros but extensively useful for high-end IT workers and business professionals. The inclusion of NVIDIA dedicated graphics serves as a cherry on the top.

ASUS Zenbook Silver UM433DA-A5003T

ASUS UM433DA is the best laptop to get your hands on if you are influenced by a power-packed combination and intend to enhance your creative skills. It is the tiniest laptop of 14 inches that takes portability and power in one lane with a good fluency.  With the lightest weight, AMD Ryzen 5 processor and an impactful duo of 8GB RAM and 256 GB solid state drive storage, it makes sure to execute your average tasks effortlessly.

ASUS Zenbook UM431DA-AM008T

If slim bezel Nano-edge designs fulfills your technology fantasy, the ASUS UM431DA is right here to prevail that. To say it is a super-compelling masterpiece wouldn’t be wrong as the AMD Ryzen 7 here performs up to mark for every requirement. With 100% sRGB and anti-glare display, you will most definitely enjoy the visuals on its full HD screen. And, what else than a compact duo of 16GB RAM and 512 GB storage? It makes everything easy from hefty files to long due programs storage.

ASUS Vivovook Series

If you get puzzled in the price values of laptops, ASUS Vivobook series encourages giving the best value providers in the latest tech globe. You will find general-purpose laptops in the best price packages available that are ready to uptake every computing task of the day within a glance. These are not as fancy as one premium user would demand, but all those budget spenders who like to get a well-compact laptop in a reasonable price, the Vivobook serves just as right as you need. They are more inclined towards simple and sturdy build with well enough power to lead your daily basic functionality with its valuable features. We enlisted our favourites from this series below:


 Get every day classic experience with ASUS X509JA that will not disappoint you in durability and better performance with what it states on paper. The core i3 equipped in its mainframe performs vigilantly for all generic tasks thrown at it and also allows a good multitasking flow with 4GB RAM and PCI e SSD storage of 256GB. Moreover, the long lasting and rapid charging allows you to stay with it all day long and also provides dual-storage capacity to maintain your files uninterruptedly.

ASUS E406MA 14

E406MA serves brilliantly for what it intends, just what a general user would want. You can run, execute and play along basic to average files every day with no slowdowns unless it’s excessively demanding. But, considering the price it provides worth spending value. The Intel Celeron processor can deliver a consistent speed to stream HD videos, work on lengthy documents and play your standardized games with no greater intensity. It also supports 14 hours of battery life that is good enough if you work for longer hours and also provides a Nano edge display.

ASUS Vivobook Flip TP202NA-EH008R

This 2-in-1 portable laptop comes in great use for frequent travellers who like to work on the go. The think sleek design supports ultra-portability with just 1.2kg weight of it and a compact design. You can enjoy the 360-degree design hinge it provides and the full HD display includes 10 finger multi-touch to enhance the visuals.

Which One to Buy?

Although, we made it quite clear which laptop can be the best suitable option for you. But, in case if you are still wondering on catching the right tech device, our first advice is to check on your priority. If you want something that packs much power to run every kind of demanding application on your laptop and also comes with a premium design, there’s no better option than a Zenbook. But, if you just need a general laptop to fulfill your everyday tasks without a glitch and come with sufficient features in a reasonable price, the Vivobook can be your go-to.

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