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Benefits in Selecting a No Cost EMI

by Abhay Choubey
No Cost EMI


With offers flooding the market every time an e-commerce player runs a flash sale or a festive sale, we are bound to end up scrolling online websites hoping to discover a great deal. The year-end sale is picking pace across countries. It is time to understand how you can finally get your hands on the most expensive items which have remained elusive in your shopping basket. Apart from discounts and deals, watch out for No Cost EMI that helps you convert your dreams into reality. It is essential to understand what No Cost EMI means.

What is a No Cost EMI:

Let us deep dive and understand what this term means. As you must be aware, EMI (equated monthly installment) pays monthly installments for some time. You may EMI when you can’t settle in for an outright purchase of any goods or service. Here you pay the interest to the bank or financial institution over and above the cost of the item purchased. In the case of a No Cost EMI, you don’t have to worry about the interest. Instead, pay only the price of the item for the contracted tenure. Doesn’t that sound great to know you can now indulge in getting your MacBook or any other gadget with monthly installments and enjoy a zero-interest value? A simple example of driving home at this point would be to consider yourself buying a phone for thirty thousand rupees in three easy installments. Now you need to pay ten thousand every month for three months, and the interest rate for this period is entirely waived-off. The buy now pay later India mindset influenced by the credit card growth in our countries will motivate people to look at No Cost EMI as a beneficial option. 

Benefits of a No Cost EMI:

  • Allows you to buy costly items that your budget would not otherwise allow.
  • Not having to pay up-front along with a complete waiver of interest rate is a double whammy to miss.
  • There is flexibility to choose the tenure according to your budget, expenses, and take-home salary every month.
  • Allows easy budget planning when you have the same installments to pay per the chosen tenure.
  • Never again worry if your savings are dipping. You may no longer need to wait for the cash to meet essential expenses. 
  • The zero-interest cost reduces the guilt of going for a loan to meet your expenses.
  • There are multiple merchants in varied sectors like retail, travel, furniture, and education that offer this option for buyers.
  • Easy to avail of the option online. A good credit score and minimum KYC documents can help you avail of the No Cost EMI without the need to go to the store or the financial institution physically.
  • Taking a No Cost EMI means reduced tension and stress, of having to live without an important gadget or accessory that has become a necessity.
  • Amongst other financial instruments that allow individuals to buy now and pay later, the No Cost EMI showcases considerable benefits. It makes people believe that they get a better bargain in the end.
  • If you want to bolster your credit score, this is a great option to take a short-term No Cost EMI and close it without defaulting. This will enable you to get higher loans in the future and positively influence your credit history.


An anonymous survey on online shoppers has shown that the tendency to take a No Cost EMI is preferred by one out of every two shoppers in the world because leading better lifestyle matters. No Cost EMI means more cash in hand. However, consider the terms and conditions, applicable down payment, and any processing fee required, even though this could be negligible. Especially when the tenure gets longer, it could become unaffordable for the retailer or the financial institution. Hence there might not be flexibility in terms of longer tenure.

Considering the numerous benefits, it is a conscious choice to go ahead with a No Cost EMI. The hassles around paperwork are also not there, and the advance in digital technology lets you process your No Cost EMI quickly and securely.

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