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Review of best belts for men.

by Jimmy Alex

1. Double D Ring Belt by Drittze:

Materials: Canvas | Buckle:  Double Ring | Color Variants: 1 | Size Available: 10
With 10 different sizes available and a belt width of 1.5″, the Double D Ring men’s belt by Drittze is a perfect casual and weekender belt that is incredibly affordable.
Relying on canvas as its primary material (although it does have a little leather accent on the end), this double ring belt is great for men who want a no-frills belt.
Retailing for less than $15 – although prices can vary depending on belt length – this is a great way to add variety to your wardrobe through a simple accessory.
One nice aspect about this belt that a lot of men who wore it loved was its long-term use.
While your typical single prong belt can work at a variety of waist sizes, all too often some men may get a bit frustrated with its limitations as the belt may feel a hair too tight or loose.
With the double ring approach here, you dial in the tightness to your exact preference, all without having to worry about the belt slipping.
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  • Great secondary belt
  • Perfect for weekend or casual wear
  • Double ring design allows for perfect belt tightness
  • Wide enough to not cut into waist (especially if larger)
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Can’t be dressed up for semi-formal occasions
  • Doesn’t carry a high-end designer name

What You Need To Know:

Overall, this is a great pick for men who like the more canvas or natural look.  It’s an incredibly affordable belt that is great for weekend wear.

2. Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt for Men:

Materials: Genuine Leather | Buckle:  Slide Ratchet | Color Variants: 38 | Sizes Available: 6
With over 2,000 reviews (nearly all overwhelmingly positive), this belt by Brilliant is one of the most popular and highly rated picks on Amazon. This inevitably begs the question, why?
Here’s what we found out:

First, color selection.

The Brilliant belt is available in 38 different colors, firmly making it the one belt on our list with the most color varieties (perhaps most in the market as well).

The second, the fit.

Unlike belts that have pre-drilled holes for the single or double prong to go through, or the autographs that lose their ability to stay fixed over several months of wearing, the Brilliant employs a new ratchet-like system that allows the buckle to traverse up and down the belt to find the perfect setting for you.

Why is this beneficial?

Two words:
Weight fluctuation.
On any day, our body can shift a few pounds.  With this unique sliding design, you can get the perfect fit every time you put on the belt no matter if you gain or lose a few pounds, and find that you are between sizes.
Lastly, and perhaps the most unique area of this belt, is that you can cut to size.
For those men who don’t want a long tongue on their belt, simply pull out a pair of scissors, cut to size, and clamp it back into the buckle.
Now of course, given that this belt retails for about $20 a pop, there are inevitably a few drawbacks.
Most notably will be the material quality itself.  Given that you can cut this belt with a pair of scissors, you will see that it’s made from genuine leather (remember this is a mix between hiding and glue/binder).
So, it’s not built to last for years like other leather belts on our list.


  • Cut to size is unique
  • The ratcheting system gives you the perfect fit every time
  • Incredibly affordable given the features
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Color selection is out of this world


  • Genuine leather means it won’t last a lifetime

What You Need To Know:

It’s a unique belt that delivers on both fit and colors.  At only 1.375″ wide, it’s a perfect belt to wear for formal/dress scenarios.  The clean appearance is also versatile.

3. Levi’s Men’s Work Belt

Materials: 100% Genuine Leather | Buckle:  Double Prong | Color Variants: 5 | Sizes Available: 8
When it comes to the world of denim and making them look sharp, there is no better expert in the world than Levi’s.
Trusted by men for generations, Levi’s puts together this fairly no-frills double prong soft leather belt.
Costing a modest $20 bucks on average across a variety of retailers, it’s a great way to get a belt from a trusted brand at an affordable price.
Whether you stock shelves at your local grocery store, find yourself at a construction site daily, or simply want a belt for casual or weekend use, this Levi’s work belt won’t let you down.
Now, given that this does come at a fairly affordable price, there were a few compromises in its design.
The biggest drawback to this belt was its material source – genuine leather.
Unlike some of the other plain leather belts featured on our list (i.e. Pioneer Belt by Red Wing Heritage), this belt won’t last you a lifetime.
While you should expect to get a few years’ worths of use out of it, there may be a scenario where the belt hole or tongue tears when getting ready in the morning.
However, it’s not all doom and gloom. With a width of 1.54″, it’s wide enough to not cut into your waist when moving about or sitting down.


  • Affordable belt from a trusted brand
  • Double prongs ensure greater comfort and subtly rugged design
  • Wide belt width of 1.54″ won’t dig into your waist


  • Made from genuine leather – won’t last a lifetime
  • The surface may fray over time
What You Need To Know
It’s a great belt to have for casual use.  Sure, the leather isn’t top-notch, but if you like to save a few bucks and don’t mind a step down in quality, this belt by Levi’s will be comfortable and get the job done.

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