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Best Of 13 Traditions Of Dominican Republic

by Jimmy Alex

The Dominican Republic has an exceptionally assorted culture that has made an assortment of interesting practices. These customs have recorded and social importance for the nation and are profoundly celebrated by the occupants. In case you are visiting the nation, help yourself out and attempt to encounter however many of these practices as could reasonably be expected. You can see the best places to visit in the Dominican Republic in the following.


The Dominican Republic is the place where Merengue dance began, a style that has spread and gotten popular all throughout the planet. For the individuals who are new to it, merengue is quick-moving, enthusiastic dance music with bunches of drums and metal. Its intriguing tunes and sexy dance developments make it simple to perceive. 


Dominican food is a blend of Spanish, African, and Taino culture. The mark food in the Dominican Republic is sancocho, a stew produced using seven unique sorts of meat found in different structures all through the island. It is normally presented with rice, beans, and salad and is delighted during all special times of year of the Dominican Republic. 

El Carnaval De La Vega 

This fair started as a strict movement to commend the triumph of good over evil and has as of late developed into a festival of Dominican freedom. It includes spooky villain veils made of paper-mâché – multifaceted beasts painted in a wide range of shadings, with pointed horns and the teeth of genuine cows. The craft of making these veils is a nearby custom and the abilities are given from one age to another. The celebration is additionally known for its music, food, drinks and a brilliant and dynamic festival. 


Like most nations, the Dominican Republic has its own principles with regard to marriage. One of these is the incorporation of the “Padrino and madrina” (wedding godparents) which is a long-standing practice. Godparents are typically the husband-to-be’s mom and the lady’s dad who likewise go about as witnesses. Another wedding custom is that a kid (normally a kid) conveys “aras”, or coins, on a plate. They are given to the minister who offers them to the lucky man, who then, at that point offers them to the lady of the hour. This trade alludes to the couple’s vow to give one another and to share material merchandise similarly. 

Memorial Service 

In Dominican culture, memorial services accompany certain practices that are intended to show regard and care. One of these customs is classified “Complir”. Cumplir alludes to the way that an individual is obliged to go to the burial service if they need to on the grounds that it is their obligation. Demise in the Dominican Republic starts a nine-day grieving period. These nine days incorporate three days of grieving (crying and recollecting), 3 days of quietness (thinking and love), and 3 days of freedom (tolerating and isolating). 

Christmas Traditions 

A huge piece of the Christmas festivities in the Dominican Republic are ‘fuegos artificials’ or firecrackers. Not at all like in North America, where most youngsters and teenagers use firecrackers, grown-ups, and kids the same use them to launch the Christmas soul. There are stands all around the country that have practical experience in selling them. There is likewise a customary trade of gifts referred to as ‘un angelito’ which interprets as ‘a darling’. A family or other gathering names every part in the sack and every individual picks one. They should then give that individual a present every week during the Christmas occasion and the character of the supplier should be kept a mystery until the last day until they uncover themselves. 

You Are What You Wear 

In Dominican culture, appearance is vital as it is utilized to demonstrate economic wellbeing and the level of achievement of a person. Dominicans invest heavily in wearing quality attire and the best garments they can manage. Fashioner marks are seen particularly well for individuals in the United States. 


Baseball is by a wide margin the most well-known game in the Dominican Republic and numerous players from the nation have proceeded to play for the American MLB (Major League Baseball). The most well-known player to emerge from the Dominican Republic was Juan Marichal, who has been drafted into the MLB Hall of Fame. The yearly 6-group baseball competition is additionally held in the Dominican Republic. You can also read books like 1984.


Boxing is the second most famous game in the Dominican Republic, with numerous best on the planet contenders coming from this piece of the world. Quite possibly the most renowned is Joan Guzmán, who procured the moniker “The Little Tyson”. He was the WBO Super Bantamweight and Super Featherweight Champion. 

Kissing Hands 

It isn’t intended to be taken from a strict perspective: this practice affects youngsters “kissing” on account of individuals from their more seasoned family like their mom, father, uncle, and granddad. “Kiss hand” really alludes to requesting a gift. A little individual will say something like ‘Gift Dad’ and they will answer ‘God favors you, Madhu’. 


Transportation in DR can be a cycle insane, as you will see drivers and motorcyclists running red lights, driving on some unacceptable roadside, stopping on walkways, and defying any norms of the street that can be broken. 

You’d be shocked the number of individuals d Not slamming left and right, as motorcyclists get in and out of traffic. In any case, in case you will travel anyplace, here are Dominican methods of transportation: 

Moto Concho 

The scandalous Motoconchos or bike taxis, which can be found on the edges of roads the nation over, before organizations and schools, are the vehicle of decision for most Dominicans. They are quick, modest, and open to low-pay residents. 

The capital of Motoconcho is without question the city of Puerto Plata, where any day on the road resembles a fight scene out of Star Wars, with motorbikes zooming toward each path. 

Guaguas Or Carritos 

Guaguas (GWA-GWA) or scaled-down transports, and carritos (little vehicles) are the favored type of transportation for individuals all through the island. Minivans and vehicles (generally Toyota Camrys for dependability) with the name or letter of your city get and drop off travelers every three or four squares. 

Guaguas and Carritos are regularly stuffed for a looser understanding of the safe limit, with up to six individuals toward the back, and two travelers close to the driver. On the off chance that you sit down, be ready to take on more travelers to go, and be ready to be noisy and awkward before you get to where you’re going. 

Also, check the december global holidays.

Need more data on the most proficient method to get around once you’re here? Peruse our manual for transportation in the Dominican Republic.

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