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Tips To Grow Your Tik Tok Account

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best time to post on tiktok

What is Tik Tok: TikTok is an application for short-format videos that enables users to create and share videos of 15 seconds on any issue, for better reach on your videos you should know what is the best time to post on TikTok. TikTok has a separate app known as Duyin, for the Chinese market that has more than 300 million monthly active users. The logo of the new app combines the Musical.ly logo with the Buying logo.

Description About TikTok

Launched as it is in 2018, TikTok was record-breaking in the ranks of social media giants. By the beginning of 2021 it had around one billion active monthly users worldwide and, according to Wallaroo Media, was downloaded at least 200 million times in the USA. 

Like all social media companies, TikTok was perseveringly worried that private information gathered about its users would be misuse or misused. The difference is that TikTok’s majority are Chinese.

Key Points Of TikTok

Key Points Of TikTok

  • TikTok gives users 15-Segun videos shot from cellphones viewing, creating, and sharing.
  • The Chinese technology company ByteDance launched the app in 2016.
  • With offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Moscow, Mumbai, Seoul, and Tokyo, TikTok now operates in more than 150 different markets.
  • In early 2021, the app had approximately 1.1 billion global active users.

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How is it different from musically?

The TikTok application bases its visual concept on the same short form but is far more widespread and unlike the Musical one. Not only does ly concentrate on lip synchronization to music. With the TikTok app, users can add special effects and filters, along with a large selection of snippets of sounds and songs. You can also add videos directly created on your phone.

TikTok added the reaction feature in September, which enables users to record and share video reactions. TikTok also has a digital wellness function to notify users when they spend more than 2 hours on the app.

The new app is promoted as a social network for video sharing. A variety of videos from challenging, dance videos, magical tricks, and funny videos are available for TikTok users. Musical.ly and Tik Tok have a much broader scope for video creations, and this is the main distinguishing factor.

TikTok’s Future:

The current popularity of the TikTok app is stunning but nevertheless doesn’t guarantee that other social networks like Instagram and YouTube can ever reach their standards. In the day, Vine was a very popular platform for video sharing, but it is now totally out of sight. And many other applications quickly gained fame and then vanished.

TikTok needs to keep on innovating and find new ways to engage its user base in order for its current popularity to continue. They will also have to make the platform better marketing for brands so that the app is established as a remaining social network.

With more brands trying to expand their reach to TikTok, TikTok is on the right track. If it is capable of capitalizing on brand commitments, it will continue to grow and may even compete with other social media platforms.

How To Get More Views On TikTok

Views On TikTok

Everyone makes it difficult to decode the solution so we get more views and likes from TikTok and we have the formula for this.

TikTok has an algorithm that determines how many people are going to see it. It is crucial to understand how the algorithm works and how the posts are customized. The key is to get more views. So the question in your mind is how to get views on TikTok? What is the best time to post on Tik Tok?

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Add Hashtags To Your Posts:

Hashtags help you to explore a lot of people you haven’t previously known or discovered. However, again, it is a hard task to choose the right hashtag. To know which hashtag will work best for you, you have to do relevant research. For example, you can use the most trendy hashtag with a viral lip-syncing challenge.

People who follow the tag can watch the video and your video can only be trendy. Also, if the challenge is trending, the number of views on your video may also increase. Many influencers grew to like this and many people began to earn a living. Some hashtag guidelines are provided below –

  • It’s ideal to add 2 to 3 hashtags
  • Do not repeatedly continue to use the same hashtag
  • Use 1 popular, 1 less popular, and 1 sound-related hashtag instead
  • You should check the number of views of it before using any hashtag

Be Innovative And Make High-quality Videos

Make videos of great quality and be creative

Good investments are required for high-quality videos. The best camera, best light, best background, and best video editing software are necessary to make top quality videos for TikTok

Best camera

We’d suggest going to IPhones if you use a smartphone to film videos.

Best illumination

It is recommended to use light bulbs of the same intensity and strength. To find your best angle with the maximum light intensity use hit and test methods.

Best software for video editing

Everybody can make good videos, but not everyone can edit them well. The key to good video is editing. Diverse applications such as VivaVideo, InShot, and Adobe Premiere Pro are available for video editing on the Playstore. These small and creative investments will make your videos a success, which increases your breadth, views, and appreciation.

Best background

What type of background you would like to choose is entirely up to you. Use an aesthetic background that may be attractive and soothing for users.

Working With Other Influencers And Video Designers Of Tiktok:

A team is an important factor in building a million people in a month. You can compare individuals with videos that have created themselves and people who make videos with their teams. They are all growing up and growing together.

People who work with each other mention their names before posting in their respective accounts, and I can help others

Pro Tip: Adding an opposite gender team member will help faster views and followers.

To Purchase Tiktok Likes And Followers

If you want to grow fast on the platform, you have to spend some dollars for opinions, likes, and followers in the initial stage.

We recommend that you use Any  leading TikTok service provider. You have to select the package – as in the number of people you want to buy. Set up your username and receive your order.

Post sharing on other platforms:

Every TikTok video on other social media platforms where you are active should be posted. Make it an issue that is also part of your stories. In Instagram’s bio, insert your Tik Tok link to enable more followers to visit your TikTok profile.

Please don’t miss posting it on Pinterest Facebook. Now you may wonder why we ask for it to be posted on Pinterest, well, TikTok videos on Pinterest are extremely popular and you can also make more TikTok love.

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Tips For The Best Time To Post On TikTok

We all want to know what is the best time to post on TikTok. We all want to grow our account on Tik Tok and get more TikTok views. So here we will discuss some points according to the Tik Tok algorithm and the TikTok scheduler that when to post on TikTok draft post. We have to make a schedule to post on TikTok that is the TikTok post scheduler. According to the new algorithm, 6 in the evening and 10 at night are the best times to post on TikTok. 

Two questions to ask for the best time to post content on TikTok: Here are two:

What Is The Location Of Your Audience?

TikTok has a global user base, like all social media platforms. For instance, the app is downloaded from 1 in 7 people in Thailand. There are over 20 million users in India, while China is 150 million in the United States and more than 14 million in India.so if we use the best time to post on TikTok chances are higher that it will reach more and more people at one go. 

Why Are The Numbers Important?

Well, it affects how much content you produce if you have a global audience. It also has to do with how much content you should post. Time zones automatically dictate that a lot of your content is viewed in certain geography during the busiest times.

How Do You Find The Best Time To Post On Tiktok Using This Information?

First, find out where your fans are. You can now turn your ordinary user account into a Pro account by TikTok. A set of new features is provided for each account, including analytics.

Analytics will tell you how many supporters you have, what their gender division is, and how your followers come from the top territories. By using this information you can reach a point that when your followers are super active and what is the best time to post on TikTok to grow your account. 

What Time is Your Audience Awake?

You’ve figured out where your audience is located. Now, when they’re awake it is time to figure out.

This part may seem a bit trickier, but it’s a simple question of the realization of time zones. For example, in Thailand and with a number of followers in India and Thailand, the time difference is only about an hour and 30 minutes. In fact, your posting schedule will not be disrupted with such a small time difference. 

Observe everything and find the best time to post on insta on which your audience is more active. 

Unfortunately, the programming functionality does not feature TikTok. Furthermore, you cannot (yet) link your Tik Tok account into the posting or scheduling of content by any social media management application. To cover the greatest territories your fans come from, you must establish a TikTok schedule post. By knowing the TikTok algorithm 2021 we hope you have come to a conclusion that how to find the best time to post on TikTok. 

Some Tips For First TikTok Post

  • Choose a different topic to make the video. 
  • Make it innovative
  • Keep the best quality of video 
  • Shoot outdoor in the daytime
  • Be confident 
  • Put hashtags 
  • Add a caption to your post 
  • Post on evening time. (6-9) 
  • Use the best time to post on TikTok


Briefly, TikTok is a fun, fun, and addictive application that in recent months has seen an increase in popularity. The Tik Tok app can also become the next major social networking and marketing platform. So follow the tips and tricks we have mentioned above and hope now you know how to get views on Tik Tok and the best TikTok times to post. If we use the best time to post on TikTok 2021 then chances are higher that the content goes viral.

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