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Bible reading plans and resources for reading the Bible

by Abhay Choubey

We Christians read and study the Bible because we want to love and get to know better the one who has revealed himself in the Bible: the eternal God.

Bibe plan

For some time now, I have enjoyed reading the Bible from a Bible reading plan with great joy. It can be found on the last pages of my reading Bible (I also add other Bibles and study Bibles to study), the NIV edition. This schedule is for reading the Bible through in one year. The daily reading units contain between 60 and 130 verses. The selected sections provide variety and still preserve the biblical context. For example, the psalms are read from time to time. I am always amazed at how well these fit thematically with the sections after which they are read. Often they reproduce what they have read or allow them to think about it from a different perspective. In between, reading a book is interrupted by inserting another book. For example, after Genesis 24 the book of Job came before it continued with Genesis 25. Since the book of Job may be from the time of the Patriarchs, it fit in here quite nicely. And so it is with most chronological Bible reading plans. However, the flow of reading from Genesis was interrupted over a period of 12 days, which I found a bit unfortunate

Overall, however, I find the Bible reading plan very good and helpful. This (not visible online) was set up by Karl-Heinz Vanheiden and is based on his book “Neue Tiefenschöhe”

Since I started the reading plan in the middle of the year and am still in the middle of it, I will continue to pursue the plan in 2019. There are several other interesting Bible reading plans.

For example, I find the five-day plan very interesting . Here the Bible is read through in a year, with only 5 days a week being read, but then 4 – 5 chapters per day. At the weekend you can reflect on what you have read, catch up on something or read other sections. Tim Challies , for example, reads according to this plan .

I also find the historical plan very interesting. The order in the OT is based on the (valley mouth) of the Hebrew order. This is a great way to get a good chronological (or historical) overview of the Bible while reading it. Additional Bible reading plans are presented here by Ligonier Ministries.

In order to get an overview of a biblical book, to learn something about the background and the like, the “Study Book AT and NT” is also a good choice . The personal gain in using the study book lies in the fact that not only historical background knowledge is conveyed, but also references to today are made and spiritual truths are deepened.

The introductions to the biblical books, in the format of a course with video and text material, on the website of the Gospel Coalition are also helpful .

Do you also use a Bible reading plan or do you have any other tips on how to start reading interesting and profitable? I would appreciate your comment.

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