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Boost Conversion Rate Of Websites With SEO

by saloni singh
Conversion Rate Optimization

What Does Search Engine Optimization or SEO Mean?

Search Engine Optimization includes a range of strategies to improve the rank of websites in organic search engine results. Websites that rank in the first ranking on the search engines has a higher chance of receiving a high-quality lead , or even prospective customers.

What Does Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO Mean?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. (CRO) is a method that is used to run continuous testing of website elements in order to increase the number of leads to convert, prospects, and leads for your business. Simply put CRO is the process of effectively converting traffic into potential customers or customers. This can be accomplished through various methods like registration, filling out the contact form, or even buying.

Why Do SEO And CRO Work So Well Together?

Optimizing a site for search engines is different than optimizing a website to improve conversion rates. However, the outcomes generated through SEO strategies are in sync with those produced from CRO methods. Why?

The best SEO strategies are developed to increase the flow of traffic through the website But how do you make the most of these visitors? This is the point at which CRO strategies come in to transform as many of the visitors to potential customers and high-quality leads. CRO is designed specifically to allow companies to benefit from the increased traffic that comes from SEO.

The main goal in SEO is to entice visitors and bring them to your website, whereas CRO’s primary goal CRO is to motivate users to take action on the site. The most significant difference between them is the fact that SEO or CRO are both based on data.

Strategies To Enhance Both Traffic And Conversion Rate By Combining SEO and CRO

  • Enhancing the Loading Speed of the Website: It is no news that websites that rank at the top of results of searches display remarkable loading speeds. Additionally, Google acknowledged that it uses the speed of loading as an important ranking factor. Web pages or websites that load slower will more often have an increase in bounce rates.

No one wants to visit an online site and wait between five and 10 seconds for the site to load. This can create a negative impression of the company to the customers, and reflects in the CRO’s results. The research suggests the following: 47percent of customers are expecting the site to be loaded in two minutes or less. Thus, increasing the speed of loading for an online site can be beneficial to both CRO as well as bot SEO efforts.

  • Improved User ExperienceThe user experience on a website or web page may be a positive or negative impact on the user. A site that offers a better user experience will increase the likelihood of people visiting the website again as opposed to sites with a less than stellar user experience.

A good user experience is also a sign of increased dwell time as well as better chance of converting traffic generated by SEO strategies. Additionally, websites that have a better user experience have lower bounce rates and the CRO strategies are more likely to perform better when they have a positive user experience.

  • Utilize Videos: Videos have surpassed blogs and infographics in race of media used to connect with traffic. With growing numbers of people having access to internet at a low cost, HD videos have gained popularity in recent years. Additionally, 68.2% of the first page of YouTube result pages contain HD videos.

Explainer videos are an excellent tool for CRO because it improves efficiency of conversions as they offer businesses with a superior method of describing the product and service. Furthermore, those who browse the internet have short attention spans and that’s why video content is great to improve the time spent on a page and also ranking at the top of results of a search.

Considering how important a role website plays today, especially if it is a WooCommerce site, providing a website with a security plugin like WP Reset or WP Force SSL is a must.


Combining strategies for SEO and CRO can help a company in many ways when implemented efficiently. We’ve seen obtained the results from both strategies, they complement one another exceptionally effectively. This strategy can result in better position on the list of results for search engines and increase conversion rate simultaneously. If you’re looking to know more about SEO and CRO check Aik Designs

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