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Why You Need To Make Social Media Posting Calendar

by Ayushi Choudhary
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Why You Need To Make Social Media Posting Calendar

Based on our extensive research into the social media algorithms and (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) their audiences. Click here, we’ve discovered that the ideal time to publish on social media, in general, is at 10:00 am on Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.


Is that the time when your intended market is active online? It’s something you must determine because each audience is distinct.


The posting of content at these times is an excellent starting point, but it needs to be supported by research on your audience and a study the analytics of your website. This will help you establish a posting schedule specific to your company’s needs and customers.


Free social media posting schedule template

Now, you are aware of the type of content you’d like to publish and where to find the best time to post via social media. You’re probably trying to figure out how you can put everything together.


This is why we’re offering this social media posting schedule template. It was developed to work with Google Sheets so you can easily modify it anytime and work with your team seamlessly.


Here’s how you can use it:


Create an exact copy

After you save the templates it will be displayed as an open-to-read Google Sheet. Therefore, you must create copies before you utilize it.


Social media content calendar template

There’s a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish that on the initial tab take a look. It is possible to delete the tab later on.


Make it editable according to your requirements

The template for posting schedules is only one week in planning content for the main social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn


If you don’t have posts on every social platform included, you can delete rows. If you make posts on social networks not included in the template, you can add rows. If you do not want to update each day, modify the schedule. The template is extremely customizable.


After you’ve modified the template to incorporate the content you want to share on your social media channels the frequency of posting and times Copy and paste each row to ensure you can create a months worth of posts.


Repeat all the tabs 11 times to create an online social media media calendar throughout the year. Isn’t it awesome?


If you want to duplicate the tab click on the tab’s title at the bottom of your screen , and select Duplicate.


Template for a social media content calendar How to duplicate and personalize the template

Include your content

You can now begin making your content.


We do recommend to plan your content over weeks, or in certain cases even months ahead You must start with a place. In the event that you do not have a production system in place it is possible to plan your content a week in advance of the time. There’s no stress.


The schedule for posting offers a range of content types to publish, ranging starting from your latest blog entry to quick video. If you do not wish to share these, you can change the content categories to suit the topics you’d like to talk about.


After that, you are able to begin posting.


These are the essentials to think about your social media content but this template will be more than this. Read our detailed guide to creating the social media calendar to get additional tips on how to utilize this template.

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How do I program posts on social media?

The most efficient method to plan postings on your social channels ahead of time is by using an application for managing social media such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a tool for managing your social media posts. Hootsuite you can set up the posts using two methods:


  • Individually
  • Uploading bulk files

How do you plan individual social media posts?

Through the Hootsuite Planner Hootsuite Planner tool, you are able to create individual posts for each of the social networks you have. It can be programmed to send out a single account, or on multiple accounts based on your requirements. You can also modify your content so that it appears your way on every platform.


You can plan and post automatically these formats of content using Hootsuite:

  • Facebook feed feed posts
  • Tweets
  • Instagram feed posts
  • Instagram Stories
  • Pinterest Pins
  • LinkedIn posts
  • YouTube videos

How do you bulk-plan your social media posts

With Hootsuite it is possible to make time-saving decisions with the ability to schedule upto 350 articles at the same time. Here’s a short video that will explain the way Hootsuite’s Bulk Composer functions:



While bulk scheduling can be convenient but there are some best techniques for each platform you must know in order to increase the reach of your business. Find out more about them here.


helpful social media tools to schedule media

Hootsuite Planner

With Hootsuite Planner, you can look over and edit your planned posts. Here’s a video that shows how to use the tool:

Hootsuite The Best Time to Post

Hootsuite offers an ideal time to publish feature, which is located under Analytics. It analyzes your previous performance to determine the most effective time to publish on your various networks of social media.


Since there’s no “best” timing to release for anything, this tool will go the extra mile to breakdown different suggested times for three main objectives:

  • Enhancing awareness
  • Increasing engagement
  • Traffic in the driving lane

This lets you schedule each piece of content on your goals for business and also optimize your publishing schedule to maximize return on investment.


Hootsuite’s Best Time to Publish feature

The Most Effective Time for Publish Publish function is accessible to Hootsuite Team accounts and higher.


Hootsuite Social Advertising

Hootsuite Social Advertising allows you to manage paid content along with other content you create. Apart from reducing time spent planning, the feature also provides unification of analytics and ROI reports which allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertisements.


When you know the outcome of your social media advertising campaigns or organic posts, it is possible to make informed decisions and adjustments to ongoing campaigns.


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