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Catia VS Solidworks Which one Is Better In 2021?

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Catia VS Solidworks

3D modelling software is a dire need for the situation when you want to model anything. We know since we work with 3D modelling and provide advice to our customers on how to improve their 3D models. This is why we prepare our software comparison for you. 

When it comes to CAD software, there are numerous possibilities. If you missed it, we discussed the best open-source CAD software and how to find the finest 3D modelling software for your needs in a recent blog post.

About Catia

CATIA software was created in the 1970s for internal Dassault Systèmes needs, most notably for the development of the Mirage fighter aircraft. They later applied the technique to other modes of transportation in industries such as aerospace, automobile, and marine. 

Dassault Systèmes teams have continued to innovate and improve the software’s functions since its inception until they achieved the most recent version of CATIA software (V5-6R2016). In various areas, including additive manufacturing, it is without a doubt one of the most extensively used CAD software applications.

What is Solidworks?

SolidWorks software is a popular CAD programme used in professional settings all over the world. Solidwork Systems has launched a fully fleshed combination into its cloud Works platform, with the new SolidWorks software 2020 version of the software, in an attempt to compete with Autodesk’s already established and popular offering.

While SolidWorks software has a lot of features and can make practically any shape you can think of, its focus on engineering design via geometric parametric modelling means that generating organic forms isn’t as easy as it is with sculpting applications like Blender.

What Is Solidworks Used For?

From start to finish, SOLIDWORKS is used to build mechatronic systems. The software is initially used for project management, planning, visual ideation, modeling, feasibility evaluation, prototyping, and feasibility assessment. After that, the program is used to design and create mechanical, electrical, and software components.

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Solidworks Software Prices For Personal Uses

If you’re an engineer who wants to use SOLIDWORKS for personal business purposes, the Standard licence costs 4,000 dollars plus a $1,300 yearly maintenance fee. The cost for educational use is different, and each licence is less expensive. SOLIDWORKS will be available to you for $60 as a student. If you’re an artist or a maker (hobbyist), SOLIDWORKS Professional will be available for $99. Solidworks license cost is $3,995.

Free Solidworks Alternative

Five Free Solidworks Alternatives:

  1. Free CAD
  2. Sketch Up
  3. Autodesk Auto CAD
  4. On Shap
  5. Solve Space

Mejor Differences b/w CATIA Vs Solidworks

There are major 5 differences CATIA VS Solidworks

  • CATIA v5 software is better for experienced users, while the Solidworks program is easier to understand and more ideal for beginners.
  • Solidworks is a 3D solid object modelling programme, whereas catia software is a general-purpose programme.
  • Solidworks is only compatible with Windows, but CATIA is compatible with both Windows and Unix.
  • CATIA is a very expensive product, whereas Solidworks is a mid-range product.
  • Solidworks lacks role-based differentiation, but CATIA provides straightforward role-based functionality.

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Stablemates who aren’t in competition with each other: CATIA Vs Solidworks

Owning one of your main competitors is a fantastic idea. In reality, Boeing could simply adopt Solidworks and have Dassault Systems adapt it to make it a usable surface modelling tool.

Still, CATIA software is so ingrained in Boeing’s corporate culture that it doesn’t matter for the time being. CATIA has the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars, whereas Solidworks has the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars. Let’s face it, Solidworks and CATIA software are both capable of performing identical tasks.

  • Design in three dimensions
  • Modelling in three dimensions
  • Modelling of parts
  • Assemblies
  • Simulation of materials
  • Engineering simulations
  • Stress testing that is simulated
  • Simulation of Fluids
  • Designing electronics and circuitry

So what’s the point of having two separate pieces of software? It appears to be business as usual. CATIA is widely used in the aerospace sector as standard software, therefore switching to another standard software will be difficult.

For the rest of us, this is OK because people appreciate Solidworks’ intuitiveness. People love it so much that Autodesk has created Inventor to compete with Solidworks. Fusion 360 has quickly become my favourite because it is cheaply priced, super simple to use, and incredibly powerful.

Because of all the difficulties, it solves that other applications don’t, Fusion 360 may become an industry favourite soon. The fact that Solidworks has such a large impact on the CAD industry as a whole astounds me. I would never have guessed that Blackjack would play such an important role in society.

Exploring Some Features: CATIA VS Solidworks

Solidworks and Catia are 3D CAD software used mostly in product design, Civil and Mechanical engineering. Although they may appear to be extremely similar to the untrained eye, a closer examination of some of their functions, such as 3D rendering, drawing, role-based distinction, or interaction with libraries, reveals numerous significant variations. Let’s take a closer look at some of their characteristics and attributes.

Moulding And Drawing

The majority of computer-aided design (CAD) systems are utilised for exact technical drawings and designs. Whether you’re making new requisites for your cosplay costume or a critical component for inventive machinery, this is the characteristic you should think about the most.

Sketching, 2D and 3D drawing are all available in both programmes. Of course, both mulated stress testing can make printable models for your 3D printer. But which one is more effective?

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CATIA  Solidworks
  1. CATIA includes more advanced and adaptable drawing, modelling, and sketching tools.
  2. Their use, however, necessitates greater knowledge and experience.
  3. This is especially true with CATIA’s super-smooth 3D rendering and Photo-to-Shape software.
  4. It convirets 2D image in to impressive 3Dimage.
  5. It converts 2D photos into 3D models that are fully immersive.
  1. Solidworks is mostly for 3D modelling.
  2. Solidworks is a parametric modelling programme, it works with the dimension values.
  3. When you change your dimensions, your model behaves accordingly.
  4. This makes the software ideal for product design.
  5. Solidworks have fewer tools compare to CATIA.

 Collaboration and workflow

If you have a 3D printer, you may be working on a personal project, relying only on your capabilities and workflow.

However, most projects involving complex CAD systems are carried out by teams comprising multiple designers. As a result, one of the most significant elements most designers must consider is software’s ability to manage such collaboration.

Solidworks CATIA
  1. Solidworks offers a cloud-based environment that allows numerous team members to collaborate. 
  2. It’s simple to use and straightforward, allowing you to swiftly capture, share, and keep all of your new ideas. 
  3. However, the program’s collaborative functions are restricted, focusing primarily on evaluating and sharing.
  4. Solidworks is likewise devoid of any role-based separation.
  1. CATIA has almost all of the same features as Solidworks, but it adds one extremely essential feature role-based functionality distinction.
  2. With CATIA, you have access to over 50 roles, 
  3. allowing you to manage your projects even more efficiently. 
  4. ENOVIA, CATIA’s collaborative designer centre, provides excellent management solutions even for large businesses.

CATIA VS Solidworks: Criteria for Head-to-Head Competition

Price Costly Cheaper
UI Okay Good
Customer Service Good Good
Learning Curve  Highly specialized Friendly
Surface Engineering Comfortable in aerospace design Not comfortable
Assemblies Bit complicated  Easy and downright
Simulation Powerful fluid dynamic A bit complicated in the fluid dynamic structure 

Which One Is More Comfortable CATIA VS Solidworks


CATIA is mostly compatible with Windows operating systems, but it can also run on Unix platforms. These are systems that are well-known for their multi-user capabilities and excellent multitasking characteristics. It can also be accessible via a Dassault Systèmes mobile application.


SOLIDWORKS is only accepted Windows operating system. There is an option if you wish to utilise it on your Mac machines. Because this is a new capability that SOLIDWORKS has begun to enable, you can run a virtual Windows parallel. Outside of the bother of setting up a virtual version of Windows in the first place, however, there are severe drawbacks and restrictions to this strategy, according to reports.


CATIA VS Solidworks Solidworks is more efficient and pocket-friendly. solid works support many features which are not supported in CATIA. So if you compare CATIA VS Solidworks we support Solidworks.

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