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Changing Jobs: Why Researching Before Changing your Job or Career Could Make all the Difference

by Abhay Choubey

Most people have been in a position of either longing to feel more purposeful in their careers, increase their salary, or simply try something new within their time spent in the workforce. Do not feel discouraged if you are someone who has changed jobs several times, because it is indicative of someone striving for success in an evolving job market. 

Looking to improve your position is an exciting, but sometimes stressful situation to find yourself in. After all, making the wrong move could result in a loss of income or potentially be just as unsatisfying. While it may be tempting to jump straight into leaving your position or pursuing training for your next career move, consider the following tips to feel confident that you are making the right decision! 

Verify a Promising Job Outcome 

When looking to change careers, pursue further training or education, or applying to another similar position, it is recommended that you first look into the job outlook for that particular career in your area. Even if you are willing to take on a commute for this specific job, you will want to ensure you are pursuing a job option that has a promising outlook. 

There are a couple of different methods readily available to you to confirm a positive job outlook before solidifying your decision to leave. You can review both jobs search websites and your area’s statistics from their Department of Labor website. When utilizing these methods for a job’s availability, just search for the title of the position you intend to pursue and determine if you are comfortable with the number of jobs vacancies that come up in the search. These methods will shine some light on the likelihood of obtaining employment before finalizing your decision to pursue this change.


Networking is a useful tool for researching your next career or jobs move. Everyone naturally has a network. Whether you realize it or not, even if you classify yourself as a natural introvert, you have a network. Therefore, the key is just knowing how to tap into your network’s reach and potential. You can try reaching out to previous college professors or internship supervisors and ask them about any job opportunities they may know and that will fit you. In fact, even acquaintances or your friend’s group can give you intel and references for openings within your desired job market. 

Take advantage also of using social media tools such as LinkedIn when looking for new work opportunities. Networking here might be faster since you are more visible on your contacts’ feeds. According to techjury.net 85% of jobs vacancies are fulfilled simply through networking. Make sure you do not miss out! 

Do Not Shy Away from Additional Training or Education

While pursuing a career within your field or realm of certification would aid in a smooth transition, do not shy away from obtaining additional workforce training or education. For example, if you graduated from college with a Business degree, but are now looking to pursue a jobs in the medical field, you are going to need some form of additional education related to medicine. Even if you will be applying for a similar position and already hold the minimum requirements, obtaining additional training could make you an even more competitive candidate. View this opportunity as an investment towards achieving your dream career! 

Deciding to pay for and spend your time obtaining additional education is not a decision to take lightly, especially while if you still have a job. In this case, ensuring you are pursuing the correct set of training or education will help expedite the process and prevent you from wasting time and effort. Career and job placement specialists are available at career centers and community colleges to assist in narrowing down the correct program to seek out for your chosen career path. 

Move Forward! 

The methods listed in this article are key steps to changing your position, whether that is a jobs similar to your current position or starting fresh with a completely different career. Once you have determined that the career you desire is in demand, you can begin the jobs search or obtain certifications for the position without hesitation. You can also prepare an well-created resume with photo if this is your first time on a career path. Either way, looking to better your situation by a change in career is an admirable goal and is worth the effort in research to ensure you make the best decision possible. 

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