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Have you ever Bought Customized Printed Boxes Because of their Attractive Look in 2021?

by Abhay Choubey
Customized Printed Boxes

What is custom printing?

Customized Printed Boxes means breaking the standard and printing tailored to ones’ specific needs. It is normally unique, out of the ordinary, and distinctive for a specific purpose, and when used by brands to market their business, it is very likely to stop and lure customers and make them consider it as a choice for their business needs.

Customized printing helps businesses better meet their promotional needs:

Obviously, the primary focus of business owners is to manage operations and increase profit efficiently. There are various print marketing services and products to promote businesses related to different industries. Customization helps develop a product that fits customers’ most specific needs.

Some of the remarkable examples that include printing customization are:

  • Spiral binding
  • Die-cutting
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Custom papers
  • Perforating
  • Embossing
  • Spot varnish
  • Foil stamping
  • Custom folds
  • Metallic inks
  • Pantone inks
  • Round corners

Allow personalization with custom printing:

Customization lets you pay attention to the minute details and thus helps you design products tailored to your exact needs. It allows craft personalized gifts or special print projects from a great range of choices and allowing added flexibility. Customers can define and order the specs and size of their order. There are limitless options to combine materials, mix and match, finishes, and other features. From customized pens to folded business cards, the creative options are endless.

Custom printing for:

  • Packaging boxes include Header cards, labels, hangtags, custom boxes, pouches, packaging sleeves, mailer boxes, product packaging, etc.
  • Promotional items: Notebooks, drinkware, apparel, bookmarks, gift card holder, magnets, notepads, bags, calendars, stickers, t-shirts, sticky notepads, pens, etc.
  • Business Essentials: Business cards, appointment cards, envelopes, notebooks, letterhead, folders, business stickers, return address labels, carbonless forms, mailing and shipping labels, etc.
  • Marketing Essentials: Brochures, menus, catalogs, booklet, flyer, postcards, sales sheets, rip cards, door hangers, rack cards, gift certificate, newsletter, etc.
  • Banner, Signs, Posters: Backdrops, car magnets, canvas prints, banners, posters, photo enlargement, counter cards, table tents, window clings, safety and warning signs, floor graphics, wall decals, yard signs, etc.

Customizing small and large things with personalized printing:

Order an offset printing or sign product.

  • Offset printing refers to a strategy that is used to move an inked image from a plastic shield to a rubber blanket and afterward to a printing surface. It guarantees excellent yield for huge quantities. It is the method used for bulk printing orders like postcards, brochures, posters, flyers, and business cards.
  • Sign printing is used to make bigger format displays like window clings, banners, plastic signs, yard signs, magnets, and flags, etc. The sign to be printed depends on the size and material used.

Available size range for custom printing:

The client can specify their product’s height and width from a large range of measurements. Both the height and the width starting from 2and are available in 0.25″ increments.

  • Size range for maximum width is 26 inches
  • Size range for maximum height is 18 inches

Go creative with innovative choices:

A polished product is sure to make an impactful first impression on any customer.

Key Paper collection:

  • 100 lb: This is the thickest of the available paper stock. It’s relatively heavier, but still, the weight does not impede suppliers from carrying it around and distribute it easily.
  • 80 lb: This is similar to the regular copy paper and has as much the same feel and weight. It provides both durability and flexibility.
  • 70 lb: This is the lightest printing paper that is uncoated and also provides a reasonable printable surface.

Cardstock: From Durable to lightweight:

  • 16 pt Cardstock: It is the thickest of the available cardstock options. It is appropriate to make marketing materials that target high-end users or luxury brands.
  • 14 pt Cardstock: Tends to be a fine option for a product that needs to be thick, and long-lasting such as postcards, business cards, invitation cards, etc
  • 10 pt Cardstock: Lightest of the available cardstock material. It is perfect for dual-side printing and ideal for outdoor and indoor displays.

Type of finishes and coating:

The purpose of premium and protective coatings is to enhance the display of the designs. Coating applied on one or even both sides of the material help highlight its distinct features and adds neatness and attractiveness to it.

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1.      Gloss finish:

  • Confers the design with a notable shine
  • Ideal for both text and images effectively highlights every color
  • Provides a fingerprint-resistant exterior
  • Best suited for products to be mailed such as brochures and postcards etc.

2.      Matte finish:

  • It gives the printing surface an elegant and smooth finish
  • Makes lengthy piece of text easier to read owing to its cowed appearance
  • Colors are somewhat muted to make them suitable for neutral, pastel, or rustic designs such as those required to be printed on medicines and health items.

3.      High gloss UV:

  • Adds even a greater shine than that of a gloss finish
  • Scratch-resistant and can endure several handling stages
  • Ideal for products that are given around by hand or mailed, for instance, folders and hang tags.

4.      The non-coated options:

  • It is best suited for products that entail a fair writable surface
  • It turns out best when combined to a 16 pt. Cardstock helps give a luxurious feel to the design
  • Provides a fair, natural, and smooth surface that makes it easy to print and read lengthy texts such as a medicine’s information box or paper

Special Custom Printing Advertising Services:

For marketing materials like postcards, flyers and brochures below mentioned special features could be added for further customization:

  • Folds that offer 2 to 4-panel folds.
  • A perforation helps differentiate special discount coupons that customers can utilize on their subsequent purchases. Also suitable for correspondence through the return forms.
  • Rounded corners that make business cards or postcards appear sleeker
  • Hole drilling in multiple diameters is required to bind documents and information with rings. They can also be added to hang tags or other similar things that are used to display.

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