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Data Harvesting with the Help of All-SERP!

by Jimmy Alex
Data Harvesting


Why do you need to harvest and mine data? What search engines do you use to extract data from them? Do you extract most of your required information from Google? What other search engines do you use for data mining?

How do you mine data? With the help of automatic tools or manually? Previously I used to extract data manually. It was really time consuming and unfortunately after a few numbers of searches, Google, Yahoo and Bing (the most used search engines by me) blocked me!

I searched for the solution and I tried some automatic SERP APIs  designed exclusively to extract data from search engines in real time. But they did not satisfy me as they were not fast enough and it happened many times that the provided data was not fresh and up to date.

One of my friends recommended me the best and the leading SERP API of the market- All-SERP! I call it the best as it is very rapid and returns back the results in only a few minutes. It guarantees the accuracy and freshness of the data. It offers the best economic prices and it is non-stop and with no pause.

All-SERP- the best ever!

All-SERP SERP APIs supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Ask search engines. It extracts data from all these search engines in real time and with no latency.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines constantly keeps on changing their structures and algorithms. All-SERP uses the latest verified algorithms to coordinate itself with these changes.

The following services are the main tools of All-SERP:

  • Google image search API: With this API you can use RESTful requests to get image search results in JSON, HTML or CSV formats in real time. Both single and bulk searches are possible.
  • Google SERP position API: SERP tracker tracks the position of keywords and websites in Google. Other search engines are supported too.
  • Google videos search API: The user can only extract the videos stored in Google in any format. It is done in minutes. YouTube videos can be extracted and collected too.
  • Google local search API: All-SERP Google local search API returns data based on a user’s location. You can choose to get the data related to your country or another certain city in the world. It depends on you.
  • Google knowledge graph search API: The information related to companies that are stored in knowledge graphs of Google can be extracted easily and rapidly with the help of All-SERP.
  • Google shopping search API: Prices and the data about products and services are extracted by Google shopping search API of All-SERP.
  • Google ads search API: You can extract Google advertisements by All-SERP easily and rapidly. No need to wait a long time for the result. All-SERP knows perfectly how to collect the results in the shortest possible time.
  • Google maps search API: Locations and routes recorded in Google maps can be extracted and collected for you in real time with the help of all-SERP Google maps search API.

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