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How To delete Paytm account

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delete Paytm account

Paytm is a popular online payment application that allows you to make money transactions without using cash. This app is beneficial, but if you don’t want to use it or don’t know how to use it, you may also delete your Paytm account permanently.

Because, in this digital age, you must complete the KYC of each online wallet website or application that you will use to make money transactions, and many of us have two or more Paytm accounts, we are unable to verify them. 

So you may use this article to discover how to delete Paytm account from your mobile phone. We will be telling you everything related to the Paytm account delete. So, let us share this informative journey with you!

Need Of Deleting Paytm Account

delete Paytm account

Need Of Deleting Paytm Account

Before jumping into the sections on how to delete Paytm account permanently, you need to know why do people delete Paytm account. Since the RBI declared KYC mandatory for all digital bank customers, all Paytm users have been required to complete their KYC with proper papers. 

As a result, those who have registered more than two or three Paytm accounts are seeking a means to deactivate them. Perhaps your phone has been stolen, your sim has been disabled, or you simply no longer wish to use Paytm. The cause might be anything, but the issue remains: how to delete Paytm account permanently?

It is now a truth that Paytm cannot delete your account without a solid cause. So, we have presented a few simple tricks for Paytm account delete. Let us explore them!

How To Delete Paytm Account Temporarily?

delete Paytm account

Delete Paytm Account Temporarily

If you have misplaced your phone or your account information has been hijacked, you can temporarily disable your Paytm account. This would assist to protect your account balance while also preserving your transaction history. You may easily unlock it and regain access to your Paytm account later.

Follow the instructions below to temporarily disable your Paytm account.

  • Install the most recent version of the Paytm app on your phone and sign in with the account you wish to cancel.
  • Go to the Paytm app’s profile area and select “24/7 Support.”
  • Select “Manage my Paytm account.”
  • Then choose the “I’ve lost my phone/changed my number” option.
  • Check the box next to “I am unable to access my Account.”
  • Choose “I need to block my account” from the list of possibilities.
  • They will want your account ownership information. Provide all of the necessary information.
  • Finally, submit the block request.
  • Paytm will give you a confirmation message after your issue has been resolved.

That’s the end of it. This was how to Paytm account delete temporarily.

How To Delete Paytm Bank Account Using Old Paytm App?

delete Paytm account

Delete Paytm Bank Account

This is a fairly straightforward approach to deleting your Paytm account. Paytm has eliminated the opportunity to deactivate an account from its new mobile app. The option is still available on the older version of the Paytm app. 

As a result, we will terminate your Paytm account using the previous version of the Paytm app. Follow the instructions outlined below for knowing how to delete my Paytm account from the old app:

  • First and foremost, download the previous version of the Paytm app on your mobile from the official Paytm website.
  • Paytm’s previous version apk may be downloaded here.
  • Now, sign in with the account you wish to deactivate.
  • Go to your profile
  • Select Contact Us.
  • Select another alternative.
  • Fill up the subject line with “Delete my Paytm account.”
  • Submit your request for account termination.
  • You must explain why you wish to deactivate your Paytm account.

For instance: Hello there. I’d want to remove my Paytm account since my registered phone number has been stolen, and I’d like to open a new one. Please assist me by quickly cancelling my account.

Paytm Delete Account Permanently By Sending Email

delete Paytm account

Paytm Delete Account Permanently By Sending Email

If you wish to deactivate your Paytm account and cease using any of the Paytm services, simply follow the procedures below and your Paytm account will be destroyed within a short period. Before you start, you should be aware of the following Paytm guidelines:

  • If you have a balance in your account, utilise it or transfer it before submitting a request for closure. Balance transfers from one Paytm account to another Paytm account or bank account are permitted only after KYC, according to RBI guidelines dated October 11, 2017.
  • When you close your account, your phone number is delinked, and the accompanying login ID and password are no longer active. You can no longer use these tokens to log in to Paytm.
  • The PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) guidelines section 12, point no. 3 & 4 and PPI guidelines para 6 points no. 6.3 (bit.ly/ppiwallet) require your transaction logs to be retained for up to ten years after an account is deleted. This information is held on servers in India and will never be shared with a third party. Through a legally valid data request, only government entities mandated by law to gather information will have access to this information.

Let’s move on to the phases now that you’ve grasped the terminology.

  • First, go to your mail option and sign in with the email address associated with the Paytm account you wish to remove.
  • Select Compose/Create a New Email.
  • Write “Please deactivate my Paytm account” in the subject line.
  • Now, explain why you want your Paytm account to be cancelled. Write a good explanation and offer a full description, as well as your account data such as Paytm number, Paytm account name, email, and so on.
  • Include any government-issued ID with your information.
  • Please send this email to care@Paytm.com.
  • Press the send button and wait for them to respond. Your account will be deactivated after some time.

Delete Paytm Account Permanently By Requesting Customer Care

delete Paytm account

Delete Paytm Account Permanently By Requesting Customer Care

This is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of a Paytm account. You can contact Paytm customer service and request that your account be closed. In most circumstances, this is well enough. So, to close your Paytm account, simply follow the procedures below:

  • You must contact Paytm customer service using your Paytm registered phone number. Call on 0120 3888 388.
  • Then, request that your Paytm account be deleted.
  • They will ask you certain questions, such as “why do you want to terminate your Paytm account?” Answer them carefully and request that your account be closed.
  • They will then submit your request, and you will receive a confirmation message to your registered phone number.
  • Your Paytm account will be deactivated in around 2 days.

How To Delete Paytm KYC By Changing Registered Number?

delete Paytm account

Delete Paytm KYC By Changing Registered Number

Rather than cancelling your Paytm account, you can change your registered Paytm number and transfer your KYC to the new number. Then you may delete your current Paytm number from the account. You must have both numbers, the old one linked to your Paytm account and the new one you want to attach to your account.

  • To begin, sign in to your Paytm account.
  • Navigate to the profile section.
  • Select Edit Profile.
  • You will now see the phone number associated with your Paytm account.
  • Select Edit and type in the new number.
  • Now, in the top right corner, click on the Save button.
  • Finally, you will be given an OTP in both numbers. Check them out.
  • That’s the end of it. Your old Paytm number has been deactivated, and your new Paytm number has been assigned to your account.

How To Delete Paytm Business Account?

delete Paytm account

Delete Paytm Business Account

Paytm does not provide a straightforward way to delete a merchant account. To close your Paytm business account, you must contact their customer service. You may also email them at care@paytm.com and ask them to deactivate your account. They will ask you for information such as why you wish to deactivate your business account, evidence of account ownership, and so on.

If they are pleased with your inquiry, they will respond and ban your merchant account as quickly as possible. However, keep in mind that after you stop being a merchant, you will no longer be able to register as a merchant using the same cellphone number. You will not be able to take payment by QR code, and your wallet to bank fees will apply.

Deactivate Paytm Account Through Social Media

delete Paytm account

Deactivate Paytm Account Through Social Media

If you have tried all of the above steps and none of them has worked, you may also utilise social media to request that Paytm cancel your account. Reputable firms, such as Paytm, are very active on their social media channels, and they respond to everyone who shares an issue with them. 

You may contact them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media channel you want and request that they block your account. Simply tell them why you want to remove your account and ask them to do it. They will respond and cancel your account within a short time.

Delete Paytm Account With Ease

delete Paytm account

Delete Paytm Account

So, this was it. You can see that the steps to delete Paytm account are very easy. You just have to keep patience because Paytm is RBI approved. It takes time for the Paytm backend team to end your tie-up with them. We hope this article helped you.

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