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Difference between Poker and Rummy

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Two of the biggest names in the card game industry, Indian poker online and Indian Rummy have both taken the entire online gaming sector to different heights. 

Both games are prime examples of the creative genius that players exhibit when playing the game. However, since they are two of the biggest competitors in the same card game industry, we are here today to tell you the key differences between these games and show you what it is that makes these games as unique as they are today.

The topics we shall cover in this article are:

  • What is Indian Poker Online?
  • What is Indian Rummy Online?
  • Difference between both games based on Different Factors

1. What is Indian Poker Online?

Poker is a card game where players are dealt with cards and the main goal is to outsmart the other players on the table by placing bets. 

The ultimate goal of Indian poker online is for one player to place higher bets than their opponents and get them to fold their cards. What this does is that it allows the winning player to hold the pot which is the sum of all the bets placed. The way the game works in every poker site is the same with only minute differences in the UI of the software. The rules of poker include players getting dealt with two hole cards at the start of the game, followed by five community cards on the table.

Throughout the game, each player’s responsibility is to raise, call or fold the pot depending on the situation they face and the risk they are willing to undertake. A raise means that the player has increased the size of the pot, call means to match the bet, and lastly, the fold in poker online symbolizes the player’s wish to stop playing the game. 

Depending on a player’s skill level and the number of games he wins or loses, his rankings in poker are determined. The rank given is high if the player has a higher win rate and vice versa. Multiple variations of poker are played all over the world which include Texas Hold ‘Em, 5-card draw, 7-card draw, and more.

2. What is Indian Rummy Online?

Originally created in the United States of America, Rummy was brought to India over a century ago and is now taking the Indian card game industry by storm.

The game is a tough competitor of Indian poker online although both games belong to the same segment of card games online. The game is basically players arranging together, the cards of a similar suit or sequence. The game is ideally played with 52 cards, and players are to form matched sets that include a group of 3 or more cards of a consecutive order in the same rank or suits. The player who manages to find the pattern first is considered the winner of the game. 

There are also two different types of rummy that you may play based on the choice of the player:

  • Gin Rummy–  The game rules for this form of rummy is simple. Two players play a game of Gin Rummy. Cards are dealt with each player equally and the round begins. The player who either manages to reach a certain number of points or manages to get the higher number of points takes the win. The game is easy to understand and with some practice, one can easily master Gin Rummy due to its simplicity.
  • Oklahoma Rummy– A game similar to Gin Rummy, Oklahoma rummy too has the same rules and same objectives as its twin variant. The only difference between both games is that Oklahoma Rummy is generally played with 2-4 players, and each player is dealt with 10 cards for the ones who play the two-player version. The number of cards divided in the four-player version of the game is 7 cards. The first one to gain maximum points is declared the winner in Oklahoma Rummy.

3. Difference between Poker and Rummy

Since we have now learned the basics about both games, let us now move on to understanding the key differences between the two titans of the card game industry. 

There are multiple factors that we shall be taking into consideration when talking about the main differences between the two games. They are as follows:

  • The Number of players

This is one of the factors that determine the duration of the game. 

In Online Rummy, a maximum of 2 players are allowed to play and the competition is only between the two of them. In Indian poker online, however, the number of players is 5. This means that the game is played between 5 players of which one emerges as the winner of the game.

  • Betting Factor

Now when it comes to online Rummy, betting is not such a big factor as here, the game is entirely played on the basis of one’s skill and the ability to form patterns and sequences in order to gain the highest points. 

Betting however is a very important aspect and is essential if you want to increase your hand rankings in poker. The game’s basic objective is to hold cards and try and outwit your opponents by betting against their cards. The one holding the best cards, or the one who manages to outwit their opponent by using strategies like bluffing, is considered the winner of the game.

  • Set up and Strategy

The basic setup for an online rummy game is simple. 

All you need to do is to log in to any rummy website, create an account, and start playing against online opponents. The cards are automatically divided between the players and the one who holds the most points at the end of the game is taken to be the winner. 

Indian Poker online however is a little more complicated. The process of setting up an account is fairly simple but it is the playstyle that determines the loss or victory of a player. There are many strategies in poker like C-Betting, Semi-Bluffing, Aggressive betting, Big blind, etc. that players use to get their opponents to fold. Additionally, the players also have to be aware of the other four players on the table with them and not just focus on one opponent. This is what makes the game interesting and more competitive at the same time. 


Both games are unique in their respective fields despite being part of the one big card game family. 

Rummy as a game may be easier to learn as compared to poker, but poker is much more rewarding. Poker players play the game professionally and at a competitive level whereas rummy is more like a recreational sport. Ultimately, the game of choice for players is largely dependant on their skill, their playstyles, and also their passion for either of the games. 

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