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5 Simple Drawing Apps For Mac

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5 easy Drawing Apps For Mac

Drawings..! When we hear this word we just go to an imaginary world, which we can paint in our favorite color. Everything in that world is according to us. Remember those childhood days when we all googled something good to draw. Although we all were not artists, we all wanted to start with easy pictures to draw.

We all started with easy drawings, painting the huts on the blank white drawing sheets, those school projects in which our minds were most productive and innovative. We used to draw according to our teachers. Some people and children were brilliant at drawing but some used to struggle much while it came to drawings.

In this article, we will cover all the topics, tricks, and tips to improve your skills in drawing. After reading this article you will get ideas of how to start with some easy drawings. And the process to get better at your skills by practicing some exercises daily. 

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Some Easy Drawings For Beginners :

Some Easy Drawings For Beginners

Drawing Lines

While line drawings form the basis of all drawing styles, contours without shadows are used to create memorable drawings. Try continuous line drawing if you want to practice your drawing skills. The crayon never leaves the sheet of paper in this exercise and thus the result is from a single line.

Easy Cartoons To Draw

Cartoons date from the 19th century when printed magazines were used as satirical and comical illustrations. Cartoon illustrations have evolved and are a large category. cartoon drawings will make you feel free from hyperrealism, and here the creativity begins. 

Cool Drawing Easy

cool designs include the freestyle easy drawings, where we don’t think much about what we are sketching or painting. Cool designs include the way you think the way you paint and draw. It’s a good way to start as a beginner. 

Drawing Dresses

The fashion illustration, which designers use to put their ideas on paper, often calls for fast and gestural drawings that transmit the essence of a garment. These drawings include lengthy figures that imitate the height of models, and since the focus is on clothes only There are many different styles within the fashion illustration itself, some rougher and others more polished.

As a beginner, you can start with some easy drawings from the above points. Start thinking imaginary, make your imaginary cartoon, it’s what we call imaginary or freestyle easy drawings. Art is the only place where you are free to play with everything where you need not justify anything. 

So go crazy with some cool easy drawings, google some pictures you wanna start with, and pour your feelings out. 

Some Cool Drawings Ideas Are :

  • Make silly lines and capture your thoughts. 
  • Drawing nature scenery.
  • Start with some plants pictures.
  • Some color objects. 

These were cool drawing designs, easy to give it a try. These things are easy to draw when you are at your early stage of easy drawings. 

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Easy Drawing Tips :

  •  Try different things 

The easy drawings of the pencil are just the iceberg’s tip. Try charcoal, pastels, styles, markers, and pencils. Experiment and combine different things to find out what you are best at. 

  • Draw daily :

Perfection comes from practice. Do practice daily. In this daily life, we all don’t have time for hobbies and skills but draw daily, draw cool easy drawings. But mark my words daily make it a habit. 

Drawing Exercise For Beginners :

Draw Without Seeing On Paper

Draw Without Seeing On Paper

Draw an object, like your own hand, in one continuous line without lifting your hand off the page without looking at your paper. Get a partner and do portraits of each other simultaneously on the blind contour.

Charcoal Easy Drawings

Color your paper grey horizontally. Now draw something and erase the highlights of your object. 

Draw With The Non-practiced Hand:

Draw something with your right hand then try to make the same thing with your left hand to now see the difference and make the practice.

Draw Your Thoughts:

Try to draw the daily schedule of your life. What you have seen. Which scene you liked the most. The memorable thing you saw. The pictures of natural gardens and trees. 

See And Draw:

Take a painting or sketch of your favorite painter and try to make it as a tease. You will find it as trouble sometimes it will take time to get back to perfection but when you will see and draw and criticize yourself you will find seeing the difference. 

Different Styles:

Try to shade by different styles like hatching, cross-hatching stippling, pencil shading, charcoal shaded.

So these were some exercises to start with. In the coming paragraphs, we will cover easy drawings for beginners. We will provide you with all the sections on which you can explore your easy drawings skills. 

Some Easy Drawings Ideas For Beginners

If you are a beginner and struggling with what to draw first, in this portion we will cover all the topics and provide you easy drawings for kids and beginners so that you can select your favorite section and can start with your pencil and colors. 

Firstly we will cover the ideas like

Easy Drawings For Kids:

Here are some easy drawings ideas for kids to select a topic, give them a picture and help them to paint the world in their color. Let the imaginations do the magi. 

  1. Paint trees 
  2. Paint clouds 
  3. Draw a hut 
  4. Start easy drawings straight lines 
  5. Practice making a perfect circle 
  6. Start doodling 
  7. Old shoes 
  8. Set of books 
  9. Cold drink cans
  10. A television photo 
  11. Flowerpot 
  12. A day scenery 
  13. Scene of night 
  14. Paint a doll 
  15. Draw a watch 
  16. Eggs 
  17. Fruit basket
  18. Grape wine 
  19. Coconut tree
  20. A hammer 

So these were some interesting topics on which a child or kid can start their easy drawings. Make your kid perfect in easy drawings of all these objects then he will be getting his ideas as the skull of a child is more creative in all these things. 

Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

So when we start easy drawing at the very primary stage we think more and work less. We get stuck on topics like what to draw and what not to. We google many things but can’t decide what we can draw and what we can’t. So to resolve your battle with your confession we have given you some topics and ideas on which you can work as a beginner and can start work on your easy drawings skills. 

  1. A glass of water
  2. A chair 
  3. A shaded picture 
  4. Draw your hands 
  5. Observe the eyes and draw the deepest one. 
  6. A different form of plants 
  7. An old vintage car 
  8. Old pair of grandfather’s glasses 
  9. Scene of desert 
  10. Paint a temple 
  11. Paint a mosque 
  12. Can paint a church
  13. Paint a garden 
  14. Draw and sketch the mountains 
  15. A huge ship 
  16. A country’s flag 
  17. Draw something good with lines
  18. A fish from the front view 
  19. Paint the sky with your favorite colors 
  20. An old shop 

Some Cool Easy Drawings Ideas

If you have some knowledge of easy drawings and painting and have practiced a lot we have some crazy and amazingly easy drawings. So these ideas are something different you can try whichever you want.

  1. A feather of peacock 
  2. An event from history 
  3. A movie character with dialogue 
  4. Similar object in different lighting 
  5. Capture the sunset 
  6. Taj Mahal at night 
  7. Marine drive in the noon
  8. Messy streets of Jaipur
  9. A typical Indian girl in Sare 
  10. A men in dhoti and kurta 
  11. Capture the wrinkles of an old man’s face 
  12. The scene at Juhu beach 
  13. Children playing at the park 
  14. A person seeing the sky
  15. Rainy day with slippery busy roads
  16. Eiffel tower 
  17. Sunrise at Nahargarh 
  18. Some pictures of freedom fighters 
  19. Imaginary painting
  20. Think something out of the box 

So these were some different and easy drawings ideas for the beginners and kids. 

You can select any of the topics and get perfection after a few months by doing the exercises which we have mentioned above. 

There are a few sketching apps available at the App store on which you can polish your skills working with professionals.

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Top Five Easy Drawing Apps For Mac

Preview Markup

You’ll want to look at the easy drawing app built into the macOS Preview before you dive into a pool of apps for Mac and test them. It is really accessible on all Apple devices and is technically more annotation app. However, you may sketch with it and it can fit your needs well.

When you open a picture in the Preview, you may locate the Preview toolbar icon at the top of the window. A toolbar for annotations on your image is launched and provides many techniques.

In Sketch and Draw you get two modes along with other tools. In the right-click context menu, you will also get the option of using open markup. The option is available in the Quick Actions menu. 


It is one of the oldest apps in mac os, it uses an old style of Mac OS instead of new guidelines. However, its functionality does not undermine this. The UI is familiar, you will find, yet you can accomplish a great deal with the program. You’ll feel at home with FireAlpaca if you’re using Adobe and Affinity products (more of them later).

A nice thing is, that if you need a different style from the default, you can select the brush shape. It is no easy and free easy drawing application, thus it’s an advantage to look at

Tayasui Sketches

There is a left panel, with every type of brush having a distinctive visual image – a nice touch. You can use a dedication panel to add more color swatches to the right (or to change existing swatches


Paintbrush is an old easy drawing application for Mac, but it is similar in functionality to the classic Microsoft Paint. It also offers a wonderful experience of freehand.

Although compared to other apps, the complexity and the requirements are not great, this is a benefit. This easy drawing program for Mac is appropriate if you just require a digital pencil occasionally.


Sketchbook features a multitude of floating window kinds, colors, and other capabilities of a pen and brush that may be selected. Sketchbook cannot be an exaggeration means that, given the wealth of easy drawing options at your disposal, it can be a professional instrument in your right hands.

The only disadvantage of this list is that it is only a premium solution compared with other easy drawing apps for Mac. At $19,99, without the need for a subscription, you will find everything Sketchbook has to offer. This is a lot of us in this regard


So these were amazing ideas we have covered for the beginners. Art is an inner skill, there is no age of polishing your skills. You can start whenever you want, at whatever age you want, at whichever place you want. 

Tried to cover easy drawings ideas for you all. Hope you all liked the ideas and got motivated by reading the ideas. Follow the exercises, give me to your hobbies and if you have more time then explore your skills and explore yourself more. And convert your hobby into a passion. 

Now you are ready to play with your imaginations, pour out your heart, paint your emotions, do whatever you want to. It’s your world where you are the decision-maker.

Hey, best of luck… .! 

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