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(Finally) Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s – Wi-Fi Goes Free Early at 4 Local Hamburger king!

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Over the past six years, Hamburger king remains charging its people to utilize the Wi-Fi. Beginning today, The month of the month of january 15, 2010, the Wi-Fi costs nothing typically US Hamburger king.

Using more than 11,500 hotspots, Hamburger king gets the largest Wi-Fi network in the usa, beating Two, Starbucks, by a few 1000 locations.

The quantity of power between free and compensated Wi-Fi has shifted dramatically meant for free.

Learn how to interact with Hamburger king Wi-Fi below.

This big development is forcing a massive makeover from the Hamburger king Wi-Fi guide. An excellent slice of it’ll be relegated for the history books. Prior to the makeover is completed, please excuse the mess.

Please share your Hamburger king Wi-Fi encounters around. Will the local Hamburger king pressure you to definitely certainly pay? Have you ever find it too difficult making? Do you have technical questions? This website is all about Hamburger king Wi-Fi and we want to read your comments.

Thank you for visiting the disposable Hamburger king Wi-Fi era.

Free Wi-Fi Update, The month of the month of january 14, 2010 (7PM Update)

Wi-Fi Goes Free Early at 4 Local Hamburger king!

I have now visited four of my area Hamburger king (across two franchise proprietors, surprisingly) and so are all serving up free Wi-Fi. Just look for that “Free Connection” button.

The Wi-Fi is actually free- just visit. No purchase needed.

Listed below are the steps for connecting with Hamburger king Wi-Fi. Follow combined with pictures.

1.Interact with the “Wayport_Access” wireless network.

2.Browse to the net site. It goes for the new Hamburger king welcome page.

3.Click “Free Connection.” Ie users, see note below.

4.Accept the tos round the next page by analyzing this area and clicking the “Continue” button.

5.Finally, Hamburger king Wi-Fi greets you together with welcomes you to the net round the next page.

The “Jumping Free Connection Button” Bug

In the event you surf the net with Microsoft’s Ie, if you see the following:

1.Clicking the “Free Connection” button.

2.It doesn’t put you in contact to the net. Also, the disposable Connection button isn’t below your mouse pointer. The button hopped lower below it.

3.Click the button again plus it connects you to the net.

This grew to become of me at three Hamburger king consecutively where We used Ie 8. Within the fourth, I connected with Firefox as well as the button for connecting using the web didn’t attempt to hightail it.

Free Wi-Fi Update, The month of the month of january 12, 2010

72 Hrs to Free Wi-Fi at Hamburger king within the u . s . states!

The month of the month of january 15th marks the beginning of free Wi-Fi. Apparently, AT&T Wi-Fi sent an e-mail last Friday announcing the date towards the customers. Today, Reuters as well as the Boston Globe reported round the launch date citing unnamed spokeswomen.

More methods to formerly unanswered questions also came forth.

Register Friday for reports from filed from my various local Hamburger king!

Here’s the newest:

•           Friday, The month of the month of january 15, 2010 could be the big day: Presuming no schedule-slips or glitches, free Wi-Fi will flow at Hamburger king this Friday.

•           How to go online becomes clearer: In line with the Boston Globe, you’ll still need connect with the Welcome screen before surfing. It didn’t discuss acquiring a code anything purchase related, that’s consistent with reports before Christmas. The Welcome screen login means your Wi-Fi capable device must have a web browser to get into the disposable Wi-Fi (despite the fact that you will find exceptions for just about any handful of devices).

Breaking News! December 16, 2009

Hamburger king Wi-Fi Goes Free within the month of the month of january!

It’s the news most of us have been waiting for. Starting in “mid-The month of the month of january,” Hamburger king stop charging for Wi-Fi access within their restaurants!

That Which You Know

•           Free Wi-Fi begins in “mid-The month of the month of january,” 2010, in line with the Wall Street Journal. Hamburger king presently charges $2.95 for just two hrs typically locations.

•           No purchase needed? The Dallas Morning News claims as much however haven’t seen an explicit quote from Hamburger king confirming that.

•           No time frame: Stay online as extended as you would like. “We don’t mind whatsoever if people a part of utilize the Wi-Fi and linger just a little,” Dave Grooms, chief information officer for Hamburger king USA told the Connected Press.

•           Trying to deal with Starbucks: Hamburger king recently hopped to the premium coffee biz utilizing their “McCafe” coffee shop. Starbucks already offers free Wi-Fi with purchase, should you must jump through many hoops to get it. Grooms informs the WSJ the brand new Hamburger king Wi-Fi should be “open and convenient…Free costs nothing.”

•           Most while not all locations: The purchase relates to over 11,000 Hamburger king restaurants run by AT&T Wireless. Franchises that setup their particular hotspots aren’t incorporated but they’re usually free anyway.

•           A change in the overall free versus. pay Wi-Fi balance: Hamburger king Wi-Fi network could be the largest connected having a unhealthy foods chain in the usa using more than 11,000 locations. Starbucks 7,000  Wi-Fi hotspots went free earlier around. The amount of Starbucks and Hamburger king can you pass to be able to anywhere? In the event you compete against them, justifying a paywall before your Wi-Fi got tough.

•           Much from the page to get irrelevant! The title from the page, “Free (Rather Than So Free) Wi-Fi at Hamburger king” will have to change once it definitely is free. It seems as if I’ve got attempt to do!

Unanswered Questions (Updated with Solutions!)

•           Question: When precisely could be the Hamburger king Wi-Fi going free?

Clarified: The month of the month of january, 15, 2010 formally. Hey, that’s now!

•           Question: Can be a purchase needed totally free Wi-Fi? If you want to purchase something, it is a lot more of an additional benefit. But nevertheless quite nice.

Somewhat Clarified: There’s nothing stopping you from getting free Wi-Fi. However, I’m still waiting for someone in the organization to describe this in the policy perspective. We’ve not heard an instantaneous, “We allows you to use our Wi-Fi without purchase.” We have heard, “Free costs nothing” from Hamburger king CIO. That’s pretty close.

•           Question: How will you jump on the completely new free Hamburger king Wi-Fi? What’s the Welcome screen? What’s the code? If that is the situation, which side the code result from?

Clarified: Instructions photos are near the top of the information.

•           Question: Is this fact a light “roll-out” or can we all awaken one “mid-The month of the month of january” morning to glorious free Wi-Fi at Hamburger king?

Clarified: The Wi-Fi offically went free everywhere on Friday the 15th from the month of the month of january, according to Dave Grooms, Hamburger king CIO.


•           McDonald’s to supply Free Wi-fi

Wall Street Journal (Subscription Needed), December 15, 2009

This news (I beleive).

•           McDonald’s to Lift Fee for Internet Access

Connected Press (via ABC News), December 15, 2009

An in depth second while using story.

•           McDonald’s Switches to Free Wi-Fi within the month of the month of january

Wi-Fi Networking News (Glenn Fleishman), December 15, 2009

Coverage and commentary within the undisputed king of Wi-Fi reporting.

•           McDonald’s deal with AT&T makes Wi-Fi free typically U.S. restaurants

Dallas Morning News, December 16, 2009

Article claims “individuals to the restaurants will not need to purchase anything” for just about any free Wi-Fi fix. I’m still not entirely convinced.

•           McDonald’s free Wi-Fi part of growing trend

Computerworld, December 17, 2009

Quote from JiWire founder Kevin McKenzie predicting McDonald’s may ultimately provide advertising within your browser to keep its costs lower. However, he’s in the market of plastering ads over Wi-Fi hotspots.

•           US Hamburger king Wi-Fi Going Free Within The month of the month of january

Slashdot, December 18, 2009

The must-read site for tech news covered this story by themselves website full of insight and commentary utilizing their sharp readers. Knowzy published the tale and (mostly) authored the summary.

•           Free Wi-fi at Hamburger king beginning 1/15/10

Slickdeals, The month of the month of january 9, 2010

Earliest mention of solid The month of the month of january 15th date that we might find. Good discussion and confirmation in the store manager.

•           McDonald’s to start free Wi-Fi typically US stores

Reuters, The month of the month of january 12, 2010

Initial news outlet to report the disposable Wi-Fi launch date.

•           Many Hamburger king will give you free Wireless

The Boston Globe, The month of the month of january 12, 2010

Longer article. Discusses the requirement to login and accept the tos just before browsing on the internet. Source will be a regional spokeswoman for just about any Hamburger king franchisee group.

•           McDonald’s launches free Wi-Fi in Arizona

The Arizona Republic, The month of the month of january 14, 2010

Another newspaper reports round the impending free Wi-Fi. 224 Arizona Hamburger king going free Friday.

•           Free Hamburger king Wireless Starts TODAY: Find Locations

The Huffington Publish, The month of the month of january 15, 2010

After Knowzy, the initial news outlet to announce Hamburger king has began up free Wi-Fi. Article can be a quick blog publish following around the AP story from recently.

•           McDonald’s Starts Free Wi-Fi Today in United states . States

Wi-Fi Networking News (Glenn Fleishman), The month of the month of january 15, 2010

Announces the switch in the switch from compensated to free. He highlights the mix of free(ant) Starbucks Wi-Fi and free Hamburger king Wi-Fi makes nearly 20,000 locations with free Wi-Fi in the usa.

•           TechBytes: Free Hamburger king Wireless

ABC News, The month of the month of january 15, 2010

Quick market update video getting a transcript. See the paragraph of text and also have the ABC anchorman make out the print for you personally.

•           McDonald’s Delivers Free Wi-Fi

Forbes, The month of the month of january 15, 2010

Forbes gets the first confirmation in the organization the Wi-Fi costs nothing whatsoever 11,500 Hamburger king- individuals locations on AT&T’s Wi-Fi network. Hamburger king CIO Dave Grooms gave Forbes what is the news. He’s the identical guy that was speaking for the major news outlets about free Wi-Fi recently.

How to our old programming. A variety of it remains relevant…

Old Introduction…


Qwest Gives DSL Customers Free Wi-Fi

All Qwest DSL customers get Hamburger king Wi-Fi totally free. Learn the proper way to connect. Verizon DSL customers are not very lucky.

AT&T Buys Wayport, Hamburger king Wi-Fi Provider

Hamburger king will rapidly participate the AT&T Wi-Fi network, joining Starbucks. It doesn’t appear like free Wi-Fi arrives Hamburger king soon.

Free iPhone Wi-Fi at Hamburger king

iPhone, Blackberry Bold along with a couple of LaptopConnect customers will have 17,000 free Wi-Fi locations, including Starbucks and Hamburger king.

Microsoft Zune: Free Shopping and Streaming

Visit Hamburger king Wi-Fi along with your Zune Very good music player. Search for and stream music within the Zune Marketplace.

Wi-Fi Camera Card Free for 12 several weeks

Nifty camera card instantly uploads the digital camera pictures at Hamburger king. Newbie free, $19/yr. after.

Free Ride Over for Ds Lite Users

Ds Lite proprietors had free Wi-Fi at Hamburger king. That brought to November 2007. Read about the options.

The Wi-Fi isn’t free typically US Hamburger king. However, more than ten percent people households can login without getting to pay for: AT&T and Qwest DSL customers all receive Hamburger king Wi-Fi at no extra charge.

Some Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets go for a free of charge ride on Hamburger king wireless network, like the iPhone, Blackberry Bold, Microsoft Zune as well as the Eye-Fi Explore camera card.

Throughout America, Hamburger king wi-fi cost under most hotspot systems which is sometimes free. But choosing the best deal might be tricky. Choices change from single sessions to several dues, free Wi-Fi coupons to franchises creating away free. Think about using useful information.

Hamburger king began offering its customers Wi-Fi in 2003, that makes it a pacesetter among its competitors. five years later, nearly two-thirds of the locations feature it and Hamburger king continues to be the only big unhealthy foods chain offering company-wide wi-fi. While not for extended.

Jack inside the Box is leaving free wireless at its stores. Carl’s Junior. and Del Taco appear initially sight considering free Wi-Fi too. Independent franchises are actually creating their particular hotspots for any lengthy time. Hamburger king has Wi-Fi competition and lots of from this costs nothing.

How will you login free becoming an AT&T customer? How else is it possible to connect? What kinds of problems are you going to encounter on Hamburger king Wi-Fi network? What went lower to free Wi-Fi for Ds Lite users?

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