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Fun Facts About Flowers

by saloni singh
Fun Facts

Flowers are a beautiful thing to give and to use as an embellishment. As we all are aware, there are many species of flowers that are discovered and some still remain undiscovered to date. Every flower has an individual identity. We know some as cooking flowers, some as spiritual flowers, and some are ornamental flowers that we use as accessories. But do you know – there are certain facts about flowers that you are still unaware of. Flowers are an essential part of life – their beauty impresses every soul. Therefore, as a token of love, we look for flower delivery in Gwalior or in other cities that we can present to our dear ones. Such facts will encourage you to gift or use flowers the way you have never thought of. Today, we have come here to enlighten you about some surprising facts about flowers that will leave you amused. Such facts you would have never read before. So, let’s scroll down and learn about flowers this time.

  • The oldest flower has bloomed 125 million years ago and was discovered in 2002 in China. This flower resembles a water lily.
  • In the 17th century in Holland, Tulip bulbs were more precious and valuable than gold.
  • One of the most expensive spices, Saffron comes from a Crocus flower.
  • Do you know – Cauliflower, broccoli and artichokes are considered as vegetables but are flowers.
  • You can use a Tulip bulb as a substitute for onions but, they should be fresh and not exposed to pesticides.
  • Daisies ease the cough, back pain and indigestion. Most people are unaware of its medicinal use.
  • Daffodil bulbs might look like onion but, they are poisonous for both humans and pets.
  • Lotus is considered a sacred flower in Buddhist and Hinduism. It represents the purity of mind and soul.
  • There is an entire language dedicated to flowers that are known as floriography. It is said that flowers don’t represent words but they are the perfect symbol of emotions and feelings.
  • Do you know – 198 million roses were produced for Valentine’s day in 2010?
  • The most expensive rose ever developed was Juliet rose in apricot hued. It took 15 years and $4.37 million for David Austin to create it.
  • There are 36,000 species of roses out of 4,00,000 species of flowers.
  • An interesting fact about Tulips is that they can keep growing an inch every day even after being cut out.
  • There is a species of bats in Mexico that acts as a pollinator and feeds on Cactus flowers.
  • In today’s time, 25% of flowers are at risk of extinction.
  • Orchid is Colombia’s national flower because out of 4,000 species around the globe, 1500 species can be found here.
  • If you want to keep cut flowers fresh for long, just add sugar or citrus soda in the water in a vase.
  • There is a flower named ghost flower because it does not contain any chlorophyll, so it looks ghostly white.
  • Vanilla flowers are the most delicate flowers that need to be pollinated by hand to produce a vanilla bean, as they open only for a couple of hours.
  • An interesting fact about bamboo is that they are a flowering plant but, they produce every few years.
  • If you don’t know, then the head of the sunflower moves throughout the day. It follows the direction of the sun from the east to the west.
  • There is a flower that smells like chocolate and is known as Chocolate Cosmos.
  • The bird of paradise looks like a tropical bird but in actuality, it is a flowering plant.
  • There is a flower named skeleton because as you water them, they turn transparent but get back to white as soon as they are dry.
  • In Russia, there is a tradition that says for happy occasions give an odd number of flowers and for sad condolences, give an even number of flowers.
  • Dandelion flowers represent three celestial bodies. The yellow part is the sun, the white petals the moon and the white seeds that fly off are the stars.

What are your thoughts here? Did you know such factful things about flowers? Well, if not, then, today you are aware of how flowers can be used or what is the purpose of a particular flower. There is something unique in each flower but, we miss understanding it. Today, with these facts, you would be much more aware of flowers. So, read them and enlighten your friends and family as well about the flowers. Take beautiful flower gifts for your mothers on a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


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