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Furniture Fads to Swear By in 2022- A Singaporean Guide

by Gaurav Gupta
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The pandemic-induced Work-From-Home lifestyle has had us rooted in our home interiors like never before.  And it is but natural to want to spruce up the spaces you are spending most of your day in.  Singaporeans have always been large on furniture buying and interior decoration.

But the onset of the pandemic had curbed this habit owing to the fact that the experience is better when you shop in-store and pick out the pieces.  With the gradual journey down the alley of back to normal, furniture sales are steadily rising again, according to sellers of furniture Singapore houses.

5 Furniture Fashion Trends to Follow in 2022:

1.     Curvaceous Items

Incorporating curvaceous lines in making upholstered furniture outlines is an elegant trend being witnessed in furniture design.  Quite interestingly, there has been inception of sculptural round-backed sofas and curvy sideboards.

Delicate lines, arcs, and curves are being designed into many manufacturers’ furniture, from high-end to more economic sellers.  The fluted and ribbed pattern on sofas and chairs produces an art deco–like element.  This design dates back to the olden days when it was first employed to decorate Roman columns.

2.     Biomorphic Surfaces & Objects

With the increase in the time spent indoors, everyone has been looking to strengthen their proximity to nature outside.  This has sparked a rebirth in naturalistic materials, such as textured marble, stoneware, terracotta, terrazzo, and travertine.

These materials are being utilized in everything from furniture, flooring, and aesthetic items.  These organic materials’ raw and natural impression adds an interesting dimension and visual appeal while also emulating nature’s peaceful, refreshing ambiance.

3.     Classic Leather Pieces

You can never go wrong with leather.  It imparts a plush yet muted classiness to your interiors.  A leather sofa set or simply a single leather couch can do wonders for your living space if you are looking to spruce it up.

Leather furniture can revamp any interior space with its mere placement.  Moreover, nowadays, “leather accents” are an in-thing.  Faux leather or offbeat materials, like resin, are used to upholster furniture to make homes and spaces appear more dynamic.

4.     Brown Hues Are In

The colour brown conveys a profound connection with nature, thereby reflecting a sustainable décor.  It’s also a common colour in mid-century contemporary designs and looks elegant.  Interior When browns are applied correctly, they can impart a retro look, which spruces up the entire space.

Apart from real wooden furniture, nowadays, a lot of textured surfaces have come up that mimic that exact look and feel.  You can boldly pick out such kinds of furniture Singapore interior décor showrooms have on display.

5.     Vintage Look and Feel

Vintage furniture is a hot new trend being incorporated into interior design.  Customers are looking for quality furniture that will transform the look of their home interiors in a distinctive manner.  This is why vintage shopping is no longer just for the elderly.

Younger customers prefer pieces that show their personality and can grow with them over mass-produced or catalogue-purchased products.  Many trends are being observed that are steps towards timeless décor so that designs don’t go out of style.  Mixing and matching modern furniture with antiques or family heirlooms creates a timeless aura within the room.

Wrapping Up-

While sofas are on the top of the list for furniture shopping, Singaporeans have been expanding their horizons in this aspect of late.  With manufacturers and retailers keeping up with the latest global trends, furniture shopping is a fun and exhaustive journey for those who wish to decorate to their heart’s content!







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