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Habits Which Can Kill a Marriage!

by Jimmy Alex

Marriage is sacred yet a delicate bond. Love, understanding, trust, and intimacy are the key areas that make a marriage successful. Additionally, compromise is a natural part of marriage because no human is perfect. Couples who consider themselves soulmates fight too but are you and your spouse fighting all the time? Constant fight and bickering about trivial issues is a recipe for disaster, especially in marital relationships. Some habits can make or break your marriage, so it’s better to start working on them before it’s too late.

4 Marriage destroying habits

Lack of Respect

Respect is essential in every relationship, but it’s crucial in a marriage. Fights happen and are normal, but crossing a limit due to disrespect can damage your relation forever. Feelings of disrespect among couples can turn even the slightest of argument into an ugly fight. It can result in a bitter and unforgivable exchange of words. In worst cases, it can lead to violence that destroys marital relationships. Disrespecting your partner in front of others can make your partner devalued and unhappy. Also, it can lead to feelings of resentment towards one another.


Addiction of any kind can be bad for you. Few of these can put a strain on your marriage as well.

 Sexual addiction

Being intimate with your spouse and having sex is great. On the other hand, addiction to sex to the point where you’re oblivious to your partner’s feelings can ruin your marital life. Sex addicts prioritize sex, and if they aren’t getting much action, they may cheat on their spouses. Cheating on your partner can ruin your marriage, no matter how strong it is. In such cases, consulting the Best Sexologist in Lahore or near you may be an effective way of dealing with this situation.

Social Media Addiction

Are you stuck scrolling on social media at home or in your bed when you can be giving that time to your partner? It may signal a social media addiction. Spending time on social media instead of spending it with your partner can be detrimental to your relationship. Keeping your alone time device-free can help you spend more time with your better half and strengthen your relationship.

  No communication

Communication is crucial when it comes to relationships. When a couple fails to communicate, they may not tell each other what the problem is. Fixating on the issue and resenting the other person because of it does more harm than good. Keeping the communication open can help you and your partner understand each other’s feelings and work towards a resolution.

  Avoiding intimacy

The truth is sex matters in a healthy marriage. Lack of sex can make your partner feel neglected, and it can cause doubts as well. Furthermore, many people indulge or have the urge to involve in extramarital affairs if they aren’t getting sex at home. However, if you don’t feel like having sex, the cause can be an underlying health issue. In this case, consulting a Sexologist in Islamabad or near you can help you get the proper treatment and save your marriage.

What to do to have a perfect marriage?

No marriage is perfect. It’s a bond built over the years, and little things can make a huge difference. Taking note of the above habits and working on them may not make your marriage perfect, but it will definitely help.

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