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Home Remedies for Weight Loss [Few steps away from ideal body shape]

by Abhay Choubey
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Home remedies for weight loss

If one should lose their weight without any medicine without any peels so he should apply these some home remedies. Through these remedies, they can lose weight easily.

Those things that you should do

1st which you do is drink copper charged water

After wake in the morning, first of all, you should drink cooper charged water which is very helpful for your weight loss. To drink this water before sleeping at night you keep water copper jug. Then drink it in the morning before eating anything. This is the best home remedy. If one wants to lose weight at home.

2nd The second is you do yoga

After drink this water you should go for yoga. You do a yoga-like combo, Pranayama, boat Pos, Suryanemaskar, Pavan mukt Asan and Bharamari pranayama, etc do all this yoga at home and do your weight loss. Yoga stretches your body and makes your body sweat which helps your weight loss.

3rd you should drink herbal juice

After yoga, you take this powerful concoction after rest 10-15 minutes that is herbal juice this concoction going to be very powerful for your weight loss. To make herbal juice you take some quantity of Amla juice, some quantity of Aloe juice, take little ginger, some quantity of honey, and Ashewagamdha leaf juice then mixed all these juice in a glass and then pour some quantity of hot water, and mixed it very well. Then drink it. After drinking it you do not eat anything for at least 1 hour.

Those things that you should eat

1st you should eat light food

Food plays an important role in your weight loss you should know about what you should eat in your diet when you working on your weight loss you can try a keto diet.

You should light food if you want to lose your weight very soon this home remedy work very well. Eat light food like: eat after taking juice, eat soaked Moong, gram which has protein, vitamin, calcium, etc.

Apart from that, you should eat simple Khichdi which is very light food. After eating you should drink hot water. Hot water burns your fat.

2nd Evening food

In the evening you should eat dry fruits and drink herbal tea. To make this tea you should use one small glass and mix in this water ginger, cardamom, bay leaf, mint leaves, cinnamon stick, lemon juice. Then boil it for 10-15 minutes and then you drink to eat.

At the night should drink soup, Moong Dal water. Apart from that mix some green vegetables and cook it and you should eat Moong dal khichdi.

End the last things that you should do you don’t do to bed after eating eat. You should go for walk out of the home like you can go on your terrace after walking 10-15 minutes then you can go to your bed and then sleep.

These are some remedies that you can apply at your home and you can fit and fine by these some remedies.  You should eat toxic-free food and drink toxic-free juice.

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