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Home Remedies To Cool Down Hot Feet At Home

by Anand Kumar
diabetic neuropathy

Many people face the problem of hot feet. It makes individuals irritated and sometimes inhibits them from performing daily life activities. You may feel discomfort having hot feet all day and especially at the time of night. It interrupts your sleep.

There are many causes of hot feet like diabetic neuropathy or erythromelalgia. Hot feet can sometimes become painful for people. The good news is that you can treat this issue at home. Here, we have mentioned the best home remedies to cool down your feet at home.

Apply these home remedies and get the best results. Moreover, you can now cool down your feet at night in order to get a peaceful sleep.

  1. Identify The Cause

First of all, you should know the problem behind your hot feet. There may be some specific risk factors that enhance hotness in your feet. Treating the cause can help you to reduce this issue. If you are experiencing the disease of diabetes, you have to maintain your diet.

You can also take medicines in order to decrease this issue. Many treatments are available for alcohol addiction that sometimes causes the problem of hot feet.

In this case, individuals can take help from medication, therapy, or rehab. You can discuss your symptoms with the doctor in order to diagnose the cause.

  1. Supplements And Vitamins

Supplements can help you to treat the issue of hot feet depending upon the cause of this problem. Some supplements can help you to treat the damage of nerves in the area of your feet. These supplements are given below.

  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid: It works as an antioxidant and helps to improve the function of nerves. People with diabetes should take advice from doctors before using this supplement because, in them, it can cause certain side effects.
  • Amino Acids: Certain supplements of amino acids like L-carnitine help to decrease the symptoms of nerve damage in diabetic patients. But there are certain side effects of these supplements.
  1. Placing A Cold Towel

The simple home remedy to treat hot feet at home is placing a cold towel over your feet. You can get a soothing and cooling sensation from the towel. Use cold water to moist the towel. It gives you an instant cold effect. You can turn the fan toward your feet to make them colder.

  1. Freezing Socks

Another easy home remedy to use is freezing your socks. You can freeze a pair of your socks after dumping them in the water in order to get a cold sensation at night. Keep a cold bottle of water to make them cold and moist again.

  1. Ice Baths

Take a little tub and place ice baths in it. Now, put your feet in this tub and keep them for a few minutes. You will get a cold sensation from this home remedy.

  1. Applying A Topical Cream

Another simple home remedy is applying a topical cream to your feet. Purchase the cream that contains lidocaine. It helps to reduce the burning sensation in your feet.

  1. Apply Massage On Foot

You have to apply massage on the area of your foot in order to improve the circulation of blood. Normal blood circulation decreases the risk of nerve damage and helps to reduce burning sensation in the feet.

  1. Medication

Some over-the-counter pain relievers are good in reducing the burning sensations in the feet. But these medications only help in case of mild to moderate issues of hot feet. If you have a severe problem, consult your doctor.

  1. Changes In Lifestyle

Many factors that are involved in causing a burning sensation in your feet may be associated with your daily habits. Try to improve your lifestyle by making little changes in your daily routine.

It helps you to reduce the symptoms of hot feet. Following are certain changes in lifestyle that will prove helpful for you in reducing the issues of hot feet.

  • Go on a walk regularly in order to improve blood circulation in your feet.
  • Do not make smoking a habit because it causes many health issues.
  • Try to eat a balanced diet and maintain it in order to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do not consume alcohol excessively because it also leads to many health issues.

If you are failing to treat burning feet at home, consult a doctor. Discuss your issue and plan the best treatment with him.

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