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How to change your Race Car Wallpaper

by Jimmy Alex

Apple’s race CarPlay system doesn’t give you much control over the appearance of the in-car infotainment system. If you’re running iOS 14 or higher on your iPhone, you can change the race CarPlay wallpaper. Find out how.

Plug your iPhone into your vehicle that includes race CarPlay using a USB to Lightning cable (unless your vehicle supports wireless connections). In the bottom-left corner of your infotainment display, tap the App Grid button to launch CarPlay. Viewing an overview screen or an open app requires this step.

Other desirable features of a race car include the ability to change the wallpaper. Open the Settings app on your race car and select Wallpaper.

Change Your Race Car Wallpaper:

With iOS 14, Apple has added new wallpapers for race CarPlay that work with Dark Appearance as well as Light Mode. CarPlay is always set to Dark Appearance by default, but if you set it to race car wallpaper Automatic Appearance, it would be more effective. In CarPlay, open the Settings app. Press the Set button to apply the wallpaper.

View a live preview of one of the available wallpapers on your head unit by selecting one of the options. Users can hide the page dots, change the date and time format, and enable a custom status bar with the Airway tweak. You can choose to set the wallpaper if you like it.

You can change the race CarPlay wallpaper as long as your iPhone runs iOS 14 or higher. To do so, open the CarPlay settings app. Connect your iPhone to your car while CarPlay is running and tap Settings.

Your race CarPlay wallpaper should be changed. Select Wallpaper from the Settings menu. The good news is that the app is totally free and it takes just a few seconds to choose a new wallpaper for race CarPlay.

Race CarPlay lets you change the background to match your car’s upholstery or set a different interior ambiance. Changing your CarPlay wallpaper is easy, you just need to be in the car. There are two options.

Now, when CarPlay is switched between dark and light modes, you are presented with a variety of wallpapers that change in appearance. Press the Set button to confirm. See a live preview of your selected wallpaper when you choose one of the available wallpapers.

You can browse the available options. To apply a wallpaper, tap Confirm when you are finished previewing. Initially, there are Light and Dark mode wallpapers.

Tap the image you want as your new wallpaper in Wallpaper, then tap Set. Open CarPlay settings in your car. Choose Wallpaper from the Settings menu.

As you can see in the article’s screenshots, CarPlay can be turned off. Please make sure your iPhone is connected and CarPlay is enabled. To do this, open CarPlay’s Settings app.

The system cannot be expanded with more wallpapers. Locate the Wallpaper menu in CarPlay’s settings app. It remains to be seen whether this will be an onoff feature as not everyone will want this and they may prefer the standard black background for greater contrast both during the day and at night.

Open the Settings app in race CarPlay. The app may need to be found by swiping between home screens. Select your preferred background.

CarPlay Wallpapers can be downloaded from our app. You will now be presented with several wallpapers that appear when your phone changes. These will be shown to you when your phone changes.

The hack also lets you choose a custom label background for icons to match your wallpaper. You can either change the background color manually or set it to adjust automatically depending on the time of day. From your CarPlay home screen, select Settings.

Next, tap Wallpaper and choose your favorite. Depending on whether race CarPlay is in dark or light mode, you will now see different wallpapers. Plug your iPhone into the USB port of a vehicle that supports CarPlay.

You need to open the Settings in your race car’s CarPlay interface now that your phone is connected and CarPlay is on. When it comes to CarPlay, Apple doesn’t let you customize much about the in-car infotainment system. You can then set the wallpaper by tapping on the three-dots menu icon.

Users can select and download 10 new race CarPlay wallpaper options from Apple for their devices. In order to change your race CarPlay wallpaper, you need to be in the car. After selecting your new wallpaper, press Set.

If you like the appearance of the wallpaper, click the Set button. You can adjust your settings by going to Settings, then General, and then tapping CarPlay. Select a wallpaper to see a live preview on your head unit.

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