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How to Choose the Right Sublimation Printer

by Jimmy Alex

A Sublimation Printer is one that uses heat to deposit pigment into the paper which when heated produces brilliant and economical quality prints. These printers have many different applications in many sectors of printing such as, logos, advertising etc. This type of printer has an inbuilt chip that stores multiple data in its memory and it is fed by a special wire feed mechanism. The chip is a solid unit that can be printed in thousands of colors as per the requirement of the customer and can easily adjust the contrast and vibrancy of the color to give best quality prints.

The most popular sublimation printing machine is the Colorjet digital printers that are available with a variety of advanced techniques. These include the sublimation drying method that helps to ensure quick drying of the print material which results in vibrant and brilliant prints. When using this method the printer does not require any extra equipment other than a dry and clean computer and can work on both inkjet and tonerjet formats. This is very cost effective as well as eco-friendly and is good for smaller operations that do not require the production of large volumes of prints.

Most of the sublimation printers are compatible with Colorjet ink jet cartridges. However, there are printers available that also support DPI and UV coating technologies. They use the following chips: dNP, dTP, eNP and uDP. The dNP stands for NANO ( Nanopiezoethyl) and is a low-cost electronic dye plus polyester. The dTP and eNP are printed on transparent materials and can tolerate high print pressures while uDP stands for Ultra-light Photoconductive Chips.

Some of the benefits of using a sublimation printing machine is that you can produce large volumes of text and images, at high speed without having to compromise on quality. It can give you the best quality in less time. It has the ability to produce top quality images with minimal distortion at high speeds. It has an integrated control system that allows you to adjust its settings for different printer models. There is a UV coating that can be applied to many substrates including plastics, rubber, and thermoplastics.

HP offers several models of sublimation printing machines including tonerless printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. The ink used is Carbon Copy Pro and it is a popular choice for companies that have their own printing requirements. For an efficient and cost-effective venture, you should choose a printer that can support the DPI needs of your company. You need to determine the required DPI number that will give you the quality output that you desire. You will find that each and every model has a different definition of DPI and hence you must be careful in choosing.

If you want to start your own business and offer custom designs, you will need to buy a sublimation printing machine that is capable of producing large format dye sublimation prints. You should be able to create a variety of designs such as business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, etc. You can also use these devices to produce photographic images or image billboards. If you plan to use these gadgets to offer custom designs, you must first determine the size of the file that you want to be printed.

A photo printer can be used to create high-quality photographs using your digital camera. Before you purchase this kind of photo printer, you should be able to take a good picture and then edit it using your computer. The picture printer has several options to help you to enhance your photographs. The highlight features of a photo printer are its ability to create 300 dpi prints.

You should be able to connect your printer to your computer through wireless Internet or LAN. To enhance convenience, you should purchase a printer that has a dock connection. This accessory allows you to bring your device to the office and then print without having to use a USB cord. When you are done with the printing job, you can disconnect the dock and store it in a suitable location. You will need a high-speed Internet connection in order to download the pictures from your device. With a high-speed Internet connectivity, you will also be able to upload the pictures into your computer.


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