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How to choose your panties

by Abhay Choubey

How to choose your panties

Choosing the right shape of panties requires following the short guide to precise morphology, some lingerie tips can be useful for you to know how to beautify your bottom.

Shaping your figure, having beautiful plump buttocks, feeling comfortable in your lingerie, adopting a second skin effect … Whatever your expectations of your underwear bottom, it is essential to find the panties that suit your needs.

And in this area, the panties and their variants leave the choice to you. Classic panties, tanga, high waist panties, boy shorts, thongs, boxers, padded panties, buttock panties or push-up panties, ruffled panties, Brazilian briefs, shaping panties, panty, maxi panties, midi panties … With all these subtleties in women’s underwear, it’s hard to know what will look best on your figure.

Flat buttocks, plump buttocks, a little belly, slender hips, wide hips… Each figure has its own panties! And for each shape an ideal model to flatter its morphology. You just need to know how to look. Which panty is right for you?

The panty shape suitable for flat buttocks

Your typology:

Your profile gives off little volume at the bottom; they say about you that you have “flat buttocks”?

The shape you need:

Choose low-wasted models that mark the hips, with fancy details such as a small satin bow, frills and other voluminous ruffles. Think, for example, of slightly puffed retro panties. For the more daring, turn to the push-up panties for a sublimely redesigned buttocks and a nice curve!

Once you have chosen the type of panty – the ideal shape and fit – the next step is to choose the size. To calculate your panty size, take your measurements and follow a size guide with international correspondence.


You now have all the keys in hand to dress your buttocks nicely. Now that the bottom problem is solved, find out how to choose a bra according to its morphology.

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