Home news How to Fix ‘Spo­ti­fy Drain Bat­tery of iPhone’ Issue – How You Can Fix Spotify Battery Drain On Android!

How to Fix ‘Spo­ti­fy Drain Bat­tery of iPhone’ Issue – How You Can Fix Spotify Battery Drain On Android!

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Check How you can Fix ‘Spo¬ti¬fy Drain Bat¬tery of iPhone’ Issue

Carrying out a ton of reports and complaints, Spotify has acknowledged that it is application might be causing overheating and battery drain issues in iOS 14.8 and also the latest iOS 15 update, promising a fix within the not-too-distant future.

Inside a lengthy and continuing support thread on its website, which started days ago, Spotify states it understands battery drain reports and it has passed individuals reports onto its iOS tech team. Spotify doesn’t indicate whenever a fix might arrive or maybe it might be an application update or any other troubleshooting steps.

How you can Fix Spotify Battery Drain on iOS

Among the first steps you can take to try and fix battery drain would be to disable the backdrop application update. It’s the function that enables Spotify to make use of data without anyone’s knowledge, playing music as the application isn’t active. However, Spotify engineers believe the feature might be using more battery than expected.

•           Tap around the ‘Settings’ icon after which ‘General’.

•           Under the ‘Background application update’ heading, switch off the switch alongside ‘Spotify’. This will reduce battery consumption while using the Spotify, particularly if you listen using the screen off. If the doesn’t repair the problem, the next phase to test would be to uninstall the Spotify application after which reinstall it.

How you can uninstall Spotify on iOS

•           Long press the ‘Spotify’ application icon in your desltop.

•           Select ‘Remove application’ after which tap ‘Remove application’.

•           Head towards the Application Store to redownload Spotify.

•           You will have to sign in again. If you’re still experiencing battery drain difficulties with the application, you may want to watch for an update. Spotify understands the latest versions of iOS are causing battery drain problems. The application generally updates fairly rapidly, at least one time per week. The issue appears to become isolated for iOS devices for the time being For those who have an Android, continue reading for tips.

How You Can Fix Spotify Battery Drain On Android

Among the first things you can do would be to restart your phone. Sometimes turning your phone on / off again can deal with battery drain problems. Otherwise, let’s check out battery usage.

•           Open the ‘Settings’ application, then tap on ‘Battery and performance’.

•           Under the heading ‘Battery Usage Statistics’ you will notice which apps are utilizing probably the most battery, if Spotify is towards the top of their list you might have battery power drain issue. Disabling Spotify Connect might help, especially if you’re not while using connected device to stream music. You may also try deleting your downloaded song library. Any time you run Spotify, individuals songs can load without anyone’s knowledge.

Finally, if none of those quick battery drain fixes work, reinstall the Spotify application. Delete the application and download it again to make certain you will find the new edition from the Spotify application.

Final remarks: How you can Fix ‘Spo¬ti¬fy Drain Bat¬tery of iPhone’ Issue

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