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How to keep bones healthy?

by Jimmy Alex
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We tend to think that our bones are static, but that’s not the case. Bones are made of living tissue, that is evolving.

There are various factors that affect the bones. Certain facets are beyond one’s control; like gender. Women have a greater risk of osteoporosis.

Similarly, race and ethnicity also play an important role in determining the fate of your bones; Asian and white people are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

Moreover, age is also an important factor. As we grow older, our bones lose out on the mass. This is why older people more frequently need to visit the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Karachi; their bones are weaker and more fragile, and thus, more prone to breaking.

However, there are other factors that are in your control that you can do to keep your bones strong.

Keeping your bones healthy


Eating well is important. Your bones are composed of minerals, the most important being calcium. When we do not take sufficient calcium in our diet, there is naturally less raw material to make the bones dense.

Dietary sources of calcium include dairy items like milk, yogurt, and cheese. It can be challenging for those suffering from lactose intolerance to benefit from dairy, that is an excellent source of calcium.

However, there are other dietary sources of calcium that can thus be utilized. Green leafy vegetables like kale, okra are also good sources of calcium. Unfortunately, spinach contains calcium that cannot be digested by the body.

Furthermore, items made from fortified flour are also excellent sources of calcium. Fish that can be eaten with bones, like sardines, are also good sources of calcium.

You can also ask your doctor for calcium supplements if your diet falls short of your dairy requirement.

It is also important to note that certain food items can cause loss of calcium from the body. One such popular item is caffeine. Thus, it is important that you moderate your coffee and tea intake.

Check your vitamin D levels

Our body uses vitamin D to convert calcium into the form that can be taken up by the bones. Without sufficient vitamin D, even if you do have appropriate calcium in your diet, you will not be able to get strong bones.

Thus, make sure that your vitamin D levels are normal; if you have bone aches, you can ask for a doctor to prescribe you a test for vitamin D.

Otherwise, you can also soak up vitamin D from the sunlight. Dietary sources of vitamin D include eggs, oily fish like salmon, mushrooms, etc. Some foods are also fortified with vitamin D, and you can incorporate these into your diet.

Cut out smoking and drinking

Smoking is bad for your health, and thus, it comes as no surprise that it also affects our bones. Tobacco makes the bones weaker, and the same is the case with alcohol. Therefore, cut back on these bad habits for stronger bones.


You might not like it, but your bones very much benefit from exercise. When we exercise, we actually make our bones stronger. On the contrary, being sedentary puts you at risk of osteoporosis.

People who exercise are more likely to have greater bone density and mass. The best exercise to do for stronger bones is weight-bearing and resistance training exercises. In these exercises, you basically work against gravity, which helps in building muscles mass. Since muscles also tug at the bones, it causes the bones to become stronger.

It is however important to mention that you be careful with these exercises, especially when you are already facing bone issues. Those recuperating from any bone injuries must be very careful and consult their physiotherapist via oladoc.com for a recovery regimen, before delving into a rigorous exercise program.

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