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How to Motivate Your Employees and Increase Employee Engagement?

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How to Motivate Your Employees and Increase Employee Engagement

When a business or organization fails, there are several reasons behind this. One of the major reasons is demotivated employees or less employee engagement. Then, there may be many causes of low employee engagement, which include poor communication, not understanding employees’ requirements, poor workspace environment, or dominating nature of leaders. While low motivation results in decreased productivity and thus, poor product or service, the motivated employees work hard sincerely to take the organization to the peak. Leaders like Bardya Ziaian and Richard Branson understand the importance of motivation and employee engagement and do their efforts to increase the same.

Benefits of High Motivation

Motivation is responsible for the commitment, persistence, and creativity of employees. Many researchers have identified a link between motivation and engagement. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits of high motivation among team members:

  • High productivity

Happy employees tend to be more comfortable and satisfied with their work. According to a study, happy employees experience 31% more productivity in their work. 

  • Innovative mindset

Motivation is crucial to cultivating newer unique ideas. The employees try to think more innovatively and could bring a significant change in the organization.

  • Reduced absenteeism

Motivation prompts employees to be regular with their work. But the leader should care about their health and wellness.

  • Good reputation

Good employees are responsible for the excellent reputation of the company in the marketplace. The hard work and dedication of employees make the company or brand easily recognizable by others.

There is a great connection between motivation and employee engagement. Leaders like Bardya Ziaian Toronto motivate the employees to do their best, and this increases employee engagement. There can be many ways to increase the motivation among employees like paying what they deserve, improving the workplace environment, and maintaining great communication.


How to Increase Employee Engagement?

As a leader, if you want to yield accurate results, it is necessary to check if the employees are engaged. Some leaders effectively incorporate initiatives to enhance engagement. Here, we’re listing some of the most effective ways to boost employee engagement below:

  • Keep the employees motivated towards their core values and objectives.
  • Always give feedback.
  • Ensure the well-being of their mental and physical health.
  • Recognize even small achievements and reward them for appreciation.
  • Go for an employee engagement survey at regular intervals for evaluation.
  • Plan for outings.
  • Supply the right tools or resources to employees.
  • Give attention individually to each employee within the team. 
  • Emphasize personal and professional development.

In the End

One of the ways to keep your employees motivated is trying to give them the best resources and paying them on time, you can do it through Employer of Record services. Not only organizational goals, but motivated employees also do their best to achieve their personal goals as well. They enthusiastically achieve their targets and thus improve their productivity. For leaders to succeed, they must invest their time and efforts in motivating and inspiring their team members.

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