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How to Repair & Restore Corrupted Excel Files

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Corrupted Excel Files

Imagine yourself working on an important project on Microsoft Excel, and suddenly it disappears or is corrupted. What would you do? With so many work hours and so much information lost, it’s normal for anyone to panic – well, at least for somebody who hasn’t read this blog yet!  Some actions cannot be taken back. Fortunately, a deleted Excel sheet is not one of them. Microsoft has built the software in a way that it can be restored at any given point in time. In this blog, we shall explain how to recover and repair corrupted excel files with help of a excel repair tool. 

Recover Deleted Worksheet in Excel Before Saving 

When the sheet in Excel gets deleted, there is no undo option for you. The simplest way to get the file is by closing the software without making any changes and try reopening it. You will retain your deleted file by doing this. But what if you have made some necessary changes and you want to recover those changes too? Here are some steps that you can follow – 

Step 1 – Go to File.

Step 2 – Click “Save as” to save your existing file with a different name.

Step 3 – Open your original Excel document.

Step 4 – Copy the deleted worksheet from the original file to the newly renamed file. 

Recover Deleted Worksheet in Excel After Saving 

If you have saved your working Excel document, the original files will be overwritten, and there is no way you can open the file to restore the data of the deleted worksheet. In this situation, you will try to recover the original file. 

Step 1 – Press Windows + E to open File Explorer. 

Step 2 – In File Explorer, open the folder that saves Excel sheets.

Step 3 – Click the Excel File, click the Home tab on the toolbar.

Step 4 – Click the History button in the open group [This will command the file history to open all the files from the recent backup folder.] 

Step 5 – Click the Previous button to locate the file.

Step 6 – Lastly, click the Restore button to recover the file that got deleted.

These two options are the most basic ones that can work out for some and might be disastrous for others. These involve a high risk of getting the files permanently deleted and you losing out on your work. So make your decision wisely! 

Repair Corrupted Excel Files Using a Excel Repair Software 

An excel software tool is designed software that helps one to fix errors in a worksheet. Using software lowers the risk of missing the file permanently and is advised by the MVPs and the administrators. 

Once you successfully use this software, you will be able to restore your worksheet that is free of errors. So how do you know which is the best recovery software for Excel? 

How to Fix a Corrupted Excel File Using Stellar Repair Software 

Microsoft Excel is an application that is used by almost every business organization. There are numerous reasons that can lead to the corruption of files; it can be an update or because of the security features. 

There are multiple ways to restore the file, but the best way is by downloading the Stellar Repair Excel Tool.  It is a excel repair software that involves less risk and can repair single or multiple files together. 

Step 1 – Download the stellar excel repair software from the stellar’s official website. 

Step 2 – Launch the software, check the screen below for clear understanding of the software’s interface. 

Step 3 – Select the corrupted file using Browse and Search button. Click on Repair button to repair the corrupt excel files. 

Step 5 – Save the repaired file.

Stellar Repair for Excel Tool helps you recover Table, Chart, Chart Sheet, Cell Comment, Image, Formulae while restoring your worksheet. 

Why Stellar Repair for Excel Is the Best Option to Repair Corrupt Excel Files 

Stellar Repair for Excel is a powerful tool to repair corrupt excel files which are in the format .XLS and .XLX with 100% integrity. All data gets recovered from your workbooks, even if they were created recently! It’s recommended that you should use this application when opening an old file or one that has been corrupted by accident so as not damage any other information within it

The file repair toolkit from stellar is a killer for any IT professional. It can fix Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files with original formatting so you don’t have to worry about the data being lost when repairing your corrupted documents! Use this free trial now before purchasing an official license key from the official website.


The Stellar Data Recovery offers a wide range of tools for data recovery and repair. The software they provide is easy to use, with 3 step processes that can help you get your files back in no time! In addition, if their software doesn’t live up to expectations then customers are guaranteed 100% money refund alongside an array services designed specifically around severely damaged hard drives or highly corrupted cases

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