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How to Revitalize & Refresh Your Office Space for Spring

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We all look forward to the warmer weather and the longer days of spring, but most of us aren’t nearly as excited about the prospect of spring cleaning. Taking time out of your already-hectic day to clean and organize is the opposite of fun, but, like paying our taxes, it’s one of those things that just has to be done. 

While most of us tackle cleaning projects around our homes during the first few months of the year, our offices are often neglected. If your office space is looking pretty cluttered these days, you may want to consider making it a part of your spring cleaning plans. Research has found that a clean office improves productivity, so tidying up is a smart idea. If your work area is in desperate need of some TLC, keep reading to discover a few tips on how to revitalize and refresh your office space for spring. 

Ditch the Clutter

Whether you have an entire office to yourself or you are working in a tiny cubicle, if you are surrounded by clutter you probably aren’t getting as much done as you could be. Your brain is pretty amazing, but it’s only able to process so much information at a time. When you are surrounded by clutter, it kicks into overdrive, and it can be next to impossible to focus. Clutter affects productivity in a negative way, so getting rid of it is an extremely important part of refreshing your office space.  

Sort through all of those stacks of paper that are taking over your desk. Shred the stuff you don’t need and file the rest away neatly. If you don’t already have an effective filing system in place, now is the time to set one up. Use your inkjet printer to print neat labels for all your files and commit to organizing incoming paperwork immediately in the future. You’ll also want to sort through everything else that’s cluttering up your desk. It’s fine to have a few personal items, but they shouldn’t be overwhelming your entire workspace. If possible, move extra pens, inkjet cartridges, and other supplies to a storage area

Freshen Up Your Email Inbox

An overflowing and disorganized email inbox is a big distraction, too. While many people focus their cleaning efforts on physical dirt and clutter, spring is a great time to tackle your technological clutter as well. 

Set aside some time to go through your inbox and delete all the messages you no longer need. Create folders for keeping the ones you do still need organized. It may work well to create a folder for each of your co-workers, clients, projects, etc. Come up with a system that works well for your job. Make a folder entitled “Old Email” or “2018,” too. This is where you can store emails from the past year that you may still need that don’t fit in anywhere else. 

Divide Your Office Space into Zones

Even if your office space is small, dividing it until zones can allow you to use the space more efficiently. Think about your job responsibilities and what you need to do on a regular basis. If you spend most of your day working on your computer, need a spot for storing files, and would like to have an area where you can keep books that you reference on a regular basis, divide your area up into three spaces where you can accomplish those tasks. Get serious about keeping everything in each zone organized. Whether you only have a few square feet to work with or you have an entire office all to yourself, organizing each section ensures that you will have what you need at your fingertips when you go to work on a task. 

Deal with the Dirt

Wipe down your desktop and any other surfaces in your office space. Grab a can of compressed air and clean out your computer keyboard. If you are working in your home office or somewhere that doesn’t have a cleaning crew that comes through every evening, sweep under and around your desk. If there are any air vents leading into your office, clean them to remove dust and prevent it from circulating throughout your space. Look around your area and if you spot dust or dirt, clean it up. 

Revitalize Your Office Space with Standing Furniture

Spending an entire day sitting in front of a computer can be as bad for your health as smoking. Upgrading to a standing desk is a great way to revitalize your office this spring and take control of your health. By simply standing for a few hours each day instead of sitting, you could add extra years to your life. 

There are all sorts of options for standing desks. You can buy one that is specially designed to be adjustable for standing and sitting. There are also desktop models that allow you to convert your existing furniture, which is your best bet when your employer technically owns your desk. You can also revitalize your space by replacing your regular office chair with active seating. Active seating comes in many different forms and encourages you to keep moving throughout the day. It also activates your core while you are sitting and improves your posture. Check out a few different types and invest in whichever one you find more appealing. 


Spring cleaning may not be the most fun part of the new season, but it can be one of the most beneficial. Whether you work from home or you work in an office building, spending some time tidying up, decluttering, and organizing can lower your stress levels and make you more productive. And, by investing in some new active furniture, you can take better control of your health, too. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your office space some TLC, pick a date, and get started! Trust us, you’ll feel better once the job is done. 

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