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How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office with Multiple Monitors

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Do you want to upgrade to a 6 monitor setup for your home office? That would certainly be useful for day trading and improving your overall efficiency. However, you have to plan things out before you make that upgrade.

You can visit tradingcomputers.com to get your new array of monitors, but that’s just the start. After that, you still need to nail the layout of your home office. You won’t get your perfect home office otherwise.

In this article, we’ve laid out the tips you must follow as you design a home office that can properly accommodate multiple monitors. Check them out so you can start maximizing the potential of your own place of work. 

Invest in a Monitor Array 

The first tip we want to mention is related to the monitors themselves. You don’t want to piece together your multi monitor setup from individual monitors. Instead, you should invest in an array of monitors. Preferably, you should purchase an array that allows you to create a 6 monitor setup.

An array of monitors makes things significantly easier for you. Buying an array of monitors means you won’t have to struggle with establishing the necessary connections. You should be able to create the setup you need even if you lack the technical experience.

Those arrays also work smoothly. Once the array has been set up, you won’t have to worry about running into problems constantly. You can concentrate on your work instead of struggling with your home office setup. Arrays are also designed to promote comfortable viewing. Working long hours at home won’t be an issue if you’re using an array of monitors. 

Designate Your Monitors for Specific Tasks 

A 6 monitor setup can greatly boost your productivity. Or at least it can work that way if you learn to maximise its potential. One way to do that is by allocating specific monitors for specific tasks.

Save one of your monitors just for day trading. Set aside more monitors so they can display the data you need as you manage your transactions. If you also have another job you work during the day, you should dedicate another monitor to that.

Basically, your goal is to take full advantage of the fact that you have a 6 monitor setup. Those monitors can do more than just clear up your working space. They can also keep you better organised so your quality of work improves. 

Stay Symmetrical with Your 6 Monitor Setup 

Day trading requires you to stay glued to your monitors for several hours each day. If you’ve been doing that for a while, you know how rough that can be on your body. After a few hours, your neck may start to feel uncomfortable. Your eyes may also tire from staring at the screen. Fail to do something about that and you will eventually suffer from chronic pain.

Poor posture can contribute to you developing chronic pain. That’s why you need to align your monitors properly. Line up your monitors so they are all at the same level. Symmetrical monitors will enable you to maintain proper posture. A monitor array will be useful for that purpose. Since they are already designed to be symmetrical, you won’t have to do extra to get them set up. 

Purchase a Desk That Suits You 

Creating the perfect home office requires more than just picking the right 6 monitor setup. For instance, you will also need a desk that can properly support your new monitors. Finding a desk that will suit your home office is absolutely crucial.

A standing desk is a great choice if you want to avoid becoming too sedentary while day trading. Meanwhile, an L-shaped desk can be surprisingly roomy. It should provide enough space for your monitors and other items you need for work.

An adjustable desk can be a terrific addition to your home office. You can change the height of your desk until you get comfortable. If you want to stand while working, an adjustable desk should also allow you to do that. 

Find the Right Spot for Your New Desk 

Next up, you need to figure out where you will place your desk. This is very important because you want to maximise the available space in your home office. At the same time, you also want to protect your array of monitors. The best spot for your new desk and your new monitors is near the corner.

An L-shaped desk should fit perfectly into a corner. While positioned there, you can also feel confident that your monitors will not topple over. Even if someone bumps into your desk, the monitors should remain in position. 

Maintain Comfort while Working by Using an Ergonomic Chair 

Hopefully, you’ve found the monitors and the desk you need for your home office. With those purchases out of the way, you can now focus on finding the right chair. A poorly designed chair can render you incapable of getting comfortable while you’re trading. Discomfort can do more than cause physical pain. Because of how uncomfortable you are, you may also have a hard time focusing on your trades. The importance of using the right chair in your home office cannot be overstated.

Ideally, you want a chair that provides a good amount of lumbar support. That lumbar support should save you from lasting lower back pain. Buying an ergonomic chair with adjustable features is also highly recommended. As you shift your posture throughout the day, you can also adjust your chair to accommodate your body. 

Illuminate Your Home Office 

Lastly, you should improve the lighting in your home office. Make sure that there’s enough light in there so you don’t have to strain your eyes just to see the items on your monitors. Invest in enough light fixtures to fill up your home office with adequate illumination. A lamp mounted close to your monitors can also help you concentrate better while you’re working.

A 6 monitor setup can be the centrepiece of your home office as long as you know how to build around it. Build your revamped office with the aforementioned tips in mind and you should get the workstation you’ve always wanted.  

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