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How to Unclog a Toilet Without Causing Damage

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In this article, we will discuss all the possible ways to know how to unclog a toilet, the best way to unclog a toilet and many more methods to unclog toilet.

Toilets are an important part of every house. It should be cleaned in a proper way and not be dirty at any cost. Toilet blockages seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, most blockages may be cleared without the need to hire a plumber. A decent plunger or a DIY drain cleaner made with hot water, baking soda, and vinegar will clear most obstructions. To clear a deeper clog, snake the drain or use a wet/dry vacuum.

There are many ways how to unclog a toilet :

  1. By the use of Enzyme product 
  2. Homemade drain cleaners 
  3. By the use of plumbing snake 
  4. Chemical Drain cleaners are available on the market. 
  5. By plunging the toilet. 

So these are the ways, how to fix a clogged toilet. All the practical and possible ways are explained below. 

By The Use Of Enzyme Product

By The Use Of Enzyme Product

How to unclog a toilet without a plunger, this question arises when we first think about clogged toilets. So there are enzyme products available in the market. Look for a product that combines a combination of waste-liquifying enzymes. Septic systems use these enzymes to break down waste.

  •  Products of this nature can frequently be found in or near the plumbing section of home improvement stores.
  •  Because enzyme waste removal does not affect your pipes or the environment, it is better to utilize a drain-clearing chemical.
  • This is effective on organic garbage; it will not work on toys or other products. products available in the market to clean these toilets.
  • Fill the toilet bowl with the enzyme product in the prescribed amount. 
  • Typically, you will be told to wait overnight for the enzymes to begin working on the clog. Once the clog has been eliminated, the toilet should drain normally.

So if you get your toilet clogged due to whichever reasons. You can use this enzyme product with the steps given and can easily unclog your toilet. 


Homemade Drain Cleaners

In this paragraph, we will discuss how to unclog toilets with the help of homemade drain cleaners.

If the toilet clogs frequently as a result of trying to flush too much trash, a solution of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar can typically replace a professional drain cleaner. Boil half a gallon of water, then set it aside to cool while you finish assembling the toilet bowl. This solution is best for unclogging a toilet. 

  • At the very least, use half a gallon. A small amount of water won’t get past the clog since it won’t have enough force.
  • The water should be no hotter than a cup of hot tea that you can comfortably drink. 
  • Because boiling water can break porcelain, it should not be used. 
  • You want to raise the temperature of the water that is going through the blockage or pressing on it.
  • Fill the toilet with 1 cup baking soda and 2 cups vinegar. 
  • Baking soda and vinegar form a chemical reaction that aids in the removal of blockages. 
  • Although distilled white vinegar is typically used, any vinegar will suffice. There will be a lot of fizz in the mixture.
  • Half-fill the basin with hot water. Instead of pouring it from the rim, pour it from waist level. The force of the water dropping into the bowl can aid in the clog’s removal.
  • Allow the toilet drain cleaner to sit for at least one night. The water should have drained before morning.
  • Clogs produced by organic debris should be cleared with this homemade drain cleaner.
  •  If the water won’t flush on the second try, the clog could be caused by a hard object. 
  • Use a wire coat hanger or a drain snake to unclog the drain.

If next time your Toilet won’t flush try this homemade cleaner to make your toilet crystal clear. 

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By The Use Of Plumbing Snake

By The Use Of Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake (also known as a “flexible cleaning tool” or “auger”) is a flexible coil of wire that can “snake” between the curves of a drain and reach depths that a wire can’t.

  • A “closet auger,” which is built exclusively Best way to unclog toilet without hurting or ruining the bowl, is the ideal snake. A closet auger would almost certainly be used by a plumber.
  • One end of the snake should be inserted into the drain.
  • Push down and feed the snake deeper into the drain until you reach a blockage.
  • Twist the snake and push it through the blockage. The idea is to break up the barrier into small enough bits to pass through the pipes.
  •  Clearing the impediment may require a few minutes of manoeuvring. 
  • Flush the toilet after the water has drained to determine if it drains as rapidly as it should.
  • Reversed snake It may be required to remove the toilet and run the snake backwards. This is especially true for Stopped up toilet that a curious child may have flushed. 
  • Contact a plumber if the obstruction is known to be difficult and you are unable to remove and replace the toilet.

So it was another way for unclogging toilet. If you want to unclog your toilets then you can also go for these options. 

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How To Unclog A Toilet Using Chemical Drain Cleaners?

If you literally want to clean the slow flushing toilet. Then you can purchase chemical cleaners too. If you really want to know how to unclog a toilet, just follow and try these steps given below. And you will get to know that it’s very easy to unclog a toilet  

  • Purchase a drain cleaner that is chemically based. They’re available at most supermarkets, hardware stores, and “big box” retailers. This should only be used as a last resort.
  • Drain cleaners contain chemicals that are hazardous to humans and pets, as well as damaging to pipes. 
  • Furthermore, chlorinated drain cleaners are extremely harmful to the environment. 
  • Do not use a chemical solution if you feel there is a hard impediment. Instead, hire a plumber or use a snake.
  • Only use toilet chemicals designed exclusively for toilets. Other drain cleaners may cause damage to your toilet.
  • Fill the toilet with the specified amount. Stick follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee. To avoid harmful odours entering your bathroom, keep the lid closed. 
  • After using the drain-cleaning chemicals, never use a plunger. It’s possible that the chemicals will reappear on your skin.
  • To avoid inhaling the chemicals, make sure the bathroom is sufficiently aired.

If your toilet not flushing all the way then you can definitely go for these chemical cleaners. 

Try these cleaners, these are reasonably available in the markets ready. 

How To Unclog a Toilet Fast?

How To Unclog a Toilet Fast

So this question always arises in our mind that How to unclog toilet fast. The plungers are the fastest way to unclog the toilet. 

  • Make sure the toilet doesn’t overflow. Do not flush again if your toilet does not flush correctly after one flush.
  • More water will be pushed into the toilet bowl as a result of this. Remove the toilet tank lid and close the toilet flapper instead. More water will not enter the bowl if the flapper is closed.
  • The flapper resembles a round drain stopper with a chain attached to it.
  • It’s fine to stick your hand inside the tank to close the flapper because the water isn’t unclean.
  • Make the bathroom ready. If there is any splashing, lay newspapers or paper towels on the floor to absorb the moisture. 
  • The paper will make cleanup easier later. You should either open a window or use a ventilation fan to get rid of the odours.
  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves if the obstruction is severe. Toilets are filthy, but a decent pair of rubber cleaning gloves will keep you safe from the germs that lurk inside. Choose gloves that are long enough to reach your elbows.
  • You might also want to put on an old pair of clothes in case things become a little messy.
  • Check to see if you can remove the impediment. If you can see what’s causing the blockage, reach in and try to remove anything from the toilet.
  •  Skip the plunge and go straight to another approach if you can’t clear it with your hands but know there’s an object (such as a child’s toy) causing the blockage.
  • Use a plunger of good quality. It’s critical to utilise a large, heavy-duty rubber plunger, either ball-shaped or with a seal-forming fold-out rubber flange on the bottom. 
  • Do not use a suction-cup type plunger that is small and inexpensive. Frequently, they will fail.
  • Before using the plunger, soak it in hot water. This will assist build a seal by softening it up.
  • Plunge into the bowl using the plunger. Make sure the plunger covers the hole entirely. 
  • To be effective, the plunger must be submerged in water. It is critical to push and pull water through the aperture rather than air. If necessary, fill the dish with water from the sink.
  • Place the plunger over the hole and press down. Slowly begin, as the first dive will force air into the basin. To loosen and upset the blockage, push down and then lift up abruptly. Push and pull the water out as much as you can till it drains. 
  • The toilet may take 15 to 20 cycles to unclog. Patience is required. Plunging alone can typically suffice if you’re sure there’s no hard object in the way. It might not work right away, but it will eventually.
  • To inspect drainage, flush the toilet. If the bowl drains eventually, but the clog still prevents a free flow down the drain, leave the plunger in the bowl and refill it with water. 
  • Fill it up to where it should be after a typical flush, then plunge it once more. You may need to repeat this process if your clogs are stubborn.

Many things make toilet flushing slow, but plungers will clear this problem easily. 

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So in this article, we have discussed how to unclog toilet without plunger and they are :

  • By the use of Enzyme product 
  • Homemade drain cleaners 
  • By the use of plumbing snake 
  • Chemical Drain cleaners are available on the market. 

And we hope the question and the most common problem of each and every person like how to unclog toilet is cleared now. Try these steps and tricks to clear all the problems. If one trick doesn’t work try the other one.

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