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If you are thinking of spicing up your terrace, here are the perfect terrace gardening ideas for you. The ideas are simple and will not hurt your wallet.

Why should you opt for terrace gardens?

A lot of people do not have the luxury of backyards to build up their gardens. Therefore, gardening has become limited to terraces and balconies. Here are some terrace gardening ideas that you can easily implement.

Basic requirements for terrace gardening

You will need a few items before you start to set up your terrace garden

· Space

· Nutrient-rich soil

· Raised bed garden kits

· Water source

· Adequate sunlight

· Herb seeds

· Vegetable seeds

· Flower seeds

Let’s look at the benefits of raising a terrace garden on raised beds?

Raised beds are preferred over regular gardens because they are freestanding and make it very easy for the gardener to work on the plants. Here are a few benefits

· The soil does not dry out soon

· It reduces the soil compaction

· It helps the plants grow irrespective of the soil which is present in your region

· Easier for the elderly to garden

· Fewer weeds

· Better harvest quality

· More plants accommodated in less Space

Where should the garden be placed?

The placing of the garden will depend on the light requirement of the plants. The morning sun quality is always better than the afternoon sun. Therefore, place your garden so that the plants need more sunlight to get exposure to morning sunlight.

Size recommendations for the raised beds

The best-raised bed sizes are either 3 feet X 3 feet or 3 feet X 4 feet. These sizes allow the elderly and the disabled people to garden without bending down and easily access the innermost plants. The depth of the raised garden bed will depend on the requirement of your plant. Remember to check out Vego Garden best raised garden kit for your raised garden beds.

Soil requirements

The best proportion of soil would be 70% garden soil with 30% organic compost. Remember to water the ground regularly, especially during the summer months. Do not overwater as this will cause a loss of nutrients.


Ensure that your garden has a proper drainage system. If the soil accumulates an excessive amount of water, it will lead to oxygen deprivation for the plant roots.


What can you grow in raised garden beds?

Many plants can easily be grown in raised garden beds like cherry tomatoes, carrots, zucchini et cetera. However, it would help if you planned regarding the positioning of your plans. Keep the tall plants in the centre. Keep the medium-size plants in a region that surrounds the tall plants and keep the smallest plants on the edge of the garden bed to access all the plants for maintenance and care easily.

You can do raised bed gardening on the terrace, balcony or even yard. Plan and plant your vegetables and herbs seeds according to their watering and sunlight requirements.

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