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Importance of welcome bonous

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welcome bonous

The welcome bonus is the first deposit bonus a site offers to new players. It’s designed to boost a new player’s bankroll and can be worth several hundred dollars. The size of the bonus often depends on how high a site’s initial rollover requirement is. In other words, sites will usually offer a 500% welcome bonus if the rollover for that bonus is 10x higher than it usually is.

How to increase your welcome bonous

One of the best ways to maximize your welcome bonus is to be informed about the different banks that offer welcome bonuses and then opening more than one account at a time. Banks will sometimes change the rules associated with their offers, but you are still able to get the 50% or 100% bonus if you keep yourself updated on the conditions. You can also be smart and take advantage of those who are not aware of what kind of bonuses are currently being offered, such as having multiple accounts open, and then calling their customer service center and having them remove your other accounts for you. This can save you up to 30%.

What is IC Markets minimum deposit

The IC Markets Minimum Deposit is as low as $5, or equivalent in another currency. We understand that we offer one of the lowest costs of entry into our binary options broker’s platform and that this can be a positive for you! This means multiple things: you always have access to funding whenever you need it. There are no limits placed on how much you can withdraw, and all withdrawals on your balance can be made quickly from anywhere there is an internet connection – meaning that if you feel like going on vacation by way of the beach then your funds won’t hold you back!

IC Markets is the best forex broker for trading

IC Markets is the most competent forex broker for trading that I have ever experienced. This company has a focus on commodities, metals, and energies. All of these factors play a big role in all aspects of day trading and short-term investment. Having trades ranging from commodities to energies gives clients more options when creating winning strategies. The volatile nature of commodities ensure traders success with each trade. With a rich history in the market, IC Markets provides transparency and integrity in their services. They take it one step further by educating their clients about how to create an effective long-term strategy by utilizing tools such as custom risk alerts and price charts.

How to open an account at IC Markets

If you don’t know how to trade on exchanges, we understand. It’s honestly not all that easy sometimes especially if you’re just learning how it works. But now you can stop worrying and procrastinating, because we have some good news for you: ICmarkets is here to help! A simple registration process that involves filling out some simple details and verifying your email address is all that stands between you and the wide range of opportunities within the self-regulated financial markets. Once you’ve used the website’s intuitive deposit widget to transfer funds directly into one of your trading accounts you can start trading right away!


To open an account in IC Markets, you require no deposit whatsoever. There is no minimum deposit required to open a trading account with us. The minimum amount to begin trading at IC Markets is $100 and that can be funded by an electronic transfer such as a direct debit form your bank account, credit card or cash deposits that are made at one of our brokerage partners.

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