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Important Email Marketing Tools You Must Know

Important Email Marketing Tools You Must Know

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Email Marketing

Are you aware that there are more than 4 billion users of email? Email with this many users, dwarfs other communication platforms that are digital. It is often said that email’s use as a marketing tool was dying.c

Contrary to the notions. emails are gaining popularity as one of the most popular marketing tools for marketers to use in their everyday marketing.

Importance of Email Marketing

The majority of marketers believe they get the best return on investment when compared with other methods of marketing.

This is why email marketing is the most popular method of many marketers. But, it’s not all a walk in the park for businesses to run effective email marketing campaigns. While email marketing is an excellent way to connect with people directly, it requires lots of time for businesses. A lot of companies have modified their methods of marketing using email in pursuit of effectiveness. The past was when companies needed to go through questionnaires in order to learn about the preferences of their customers. Today , it’s simple to find lists that are automatically compiled that contain a wealth of information on prospective customers.

There are many specialized applications that allow users to improve their email marketing efforts. However, some businesses aren’t seeking to streamline their marketing via email.

You’ve probably seen a plethora of marketing tools for email. However, all by themselves these tools aren’t sure to produce results that are pleasing. Every marketer should make use of supportive tools to increase their competitive edge. The following tools are helpful which can enhance every advertising campaign via email.


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  1. Canva

When creating an email marketing strategy, marketers often ignore the importance of the way the emails will look. The style of the emails that are sent must be the top priority. A perfect email should focus on what you want your reader to focus on first before cramming with all the details you wish to communicate. A beautiful and appealing email is where the design tool can help.

With Canva it is not necessary to have to be a professional to design stunning email templates. It’s a simple tool for creating content that looks stunning. The greatest thing is that Canva is targeted at people with no design expertise.

  1. Grammarly

Are you writing emails and want to make sure that it communicates the message you’re looking for? Are you in the middle the night, and you’re editing abilities have sunk following the tiring day? Grammarly deserves a high-five in this regard because it ensures that no blunders are missed. This tool can produce captivating content that can be tailored to the style of voice you prefer for your target audience.

Grammarly isn’t just helpful in marketing emails, but it can also assist you with your writing and ensure it is error-free. It is also possible to use Grammarly regardless of what platform that you use.

  1. Tools for Deliverability

Let’s say that you’ve created and launched a successful email marketing campaign. However, do you know whether the emails are reaching their intended audience? The only way to accomplish that is by using an instrument for deliverability. A reliable tool for deliverability will examine your email for triggers that could be spam and will tell you whether your email has hit the recipient and others can even tell the folder where the email is placed in the address of the recipient. Two of the best tools to deliverability make use of include the MailGenius along with GlockApps.

  1. Hyperise

It’s another email customization tool that every email marketing arsenal should have. We’ve already discussed Canva to personalize emails. But, Canva is a general personalisation tool, but Hyperise is the best choice for email messages. It can be used to customize the graphics of emails, making them stand out.

  1. The Clearbit Data Enhancement Program for

It is not possible to maximize lead conversion by sending generic emails. Effective marketing emails need to demonstrate to the recipient that you’re familiar with them.

To give the impression of being familiar, you’ll need to include details such as the name of the recipient as well as the title and particulars that are specific to the recipient. A data enhancer program like Clearbit can assist you in filling those difficult-to-fill fields. Clearbit checks a wide range of sources and can provide more than 85 fields that can be used to customize emails.

  1. Landing Page Optimisation Tool

It is essential to optimize the landing page from which potential leads are able to land. An optimized landing page can boost your conversion rates and help you make the investment worth it. The design and quality of your landing page must be of the highest quality. It must also contain an action call-to-action that’s an appropriate progression from the message of the marketing emails.

Unbounce is highly recommended for use as a landing-page optimization tool. It allows you to design landing pages that offer higher conversion rates.

  1. Find a good email verification Tool

How many email addresses on your list are in use? It’s an important question to answer prior to sending out marketing emails. A reliable email-checking tool such as DataValidation will allow you to cut down on undeliverable email and increase the ROI of your investment.

  1. OptinMonster To Manage Opt-ins

Like the name implies, OptinMonster handles opt-ins. However, it has grown to be able to do more. It’s currently the most popular plugin for creating leads. OptinMonster was originally a WordPress plugin, however now it is compatible with any website.

OptinMonster can be easily customized with various lead generation types as well as a variety of triggers for showing popups, a variety of templates built-in, drag-drop customization of content, and so on.

  1. Convertkit for Organizing your contacts like a pro

However many tools for marketing via email I present to you, you’ll see a lot of duplicate work. There aren’t many email marketing tools that have enough distinctive features to distinguish them from other tools. Marketers who do well in their field don’t rely entirely on marketing tools. Instead, they develop strategies that complement these.

One of the most important strategies for marketing via email is to segment your audience. It is impossible to send one email to all of your customers regardless of how well you’ve designed it. If you’ve got a large email list, you must look into grouping the contacts to make the targeted emails more efficient. One of the most effective methods for segmenting your email list can be Convertkit. It is possible to use these tools to create many segments to use in your future campaigns.

  1. Check if your audience has read your emails with Boomerang

Prior to the time that fully-fledged marketing via email tools became available marketers had come up with creative methods to measure the effectiveness of the mail they sent. One of the most important things a marketer needs to find out is whether recipients opened their emails.

One tool that will give you the information you need could be Boomerang to Gmail. If you look at the name, you could immediately guess the function Boomerang does: it will send you an email in the event that your recipient hasn’t read or responded to your email within an hour that you have set. At first, Boomerang worked with Gmail only. But, now you can have versions that work with Office 365 and Outlook.

  1. Fantastic Marketers Make Use of Calendar Scheduling Apps

What are the call-to-actions you’ve made for your page’s homepage? Do you have customers making an appointment with your marketing team or you? If so it is, then you should automate the scheduling of your calendar. A scheduling tool can help your leads who are qualified to make meetings or calls with you at the most convenient date and time for you both.

Calendly is a great calendar application that schedules appointments. It can automatically assist you to arrange appointments for clients, without directly participating in every lead.

  1. Multi-Way Data Syncing

If you want to conduct your email campaign it is common to require several applications. The process for onboarding of these applications differs and leaves you with multiple data sets that do not have any central location to collate and archive. To manage the mess, you’ll require an application that can sync data.

This tool can collect opt-ins from different sources and synchronize the information. It is no longer necessary to fret about missing leads due to the many tools for generating leads. A highly recommended data sync software can be found in Hubspot Data Synchronization.

Additional Tips Email Marketing is Now Mobile

  • For the first time in 2019 the majority of people use smartphones to connect to the internet than computers. What does this mean for marketing via email?
  • Luckily, you won’t have to make radical adjustments to your email marketing strategies. All you need to do is be aware of the distinct features of mobile phones and modify your strategies to accommodate. I’m sure you’re thinking about what you should change. Here are some suggestions to help you make your email marketing successful in the mobile world.
  • Make use of mobile-friendly templates
  • Make sure the subject lines are brief enough to fit onto the smaller screen of mobile phones.
  • Your preheader’s text must be captivating. People usually decide they will read an email based on the text.
  • Make use of an “From” field designed to look trustworthy to your viewers.
  • Combine text with captivating images. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Make your images count.
  • Utilize big buttons since they make it easier to tap them with your fingers.

Last Words

The world of email marketing is a competitive one. Every marketer is seeking ways to beat the competitors. It is possible that you have an effective email marketing tool as well as a properly planned strategy but discover your conversions aren’t up to what you expected. If this is the case you should look into the tools listed above to discover the reason your marketing strategy isn’t performing. There are a lot of other ways to get you back on the right track.

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