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Improve Your Cinematography Skills with the Help of the These 4 Tips

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Creating professional and polished videos doesn’t necessarily mean spending on the most expensive filmmaking workshops and videography equipment.

According to Mark Murphy Director, you may easily become a great cinematographer by paying more attention to several key details, which might not be so obvious at the start.

Plus, most cinematography techniques and tricks are timeless. This means you may still use the following tricks to pursue a career and improve your cinematography skills:

1.      Learn Cinematography

This may sound obvious, but if you are looking to improve your cinematography skills, you must learn the craft. Unfortunately, studying the craft is one of the things that most filmmakers, both hobbyists, and experts, either ignore completely or put on the back burner.


There wouldn’t be anything wrong with studying the craft by picking up the experience in the cinematography field. But be sure to couple the time spent at a cinematography school, and you can go deeper into the subject quicker.


Even when you don’t actively get involved in cinematography duties, its program may bring you up to the speed on what cinematographers do, allowing you to work as a more unified team.

2.      Work on the Communication Skills

As a cinematographer, you will be responsible for certain team members within the production process. You must communicate effectively and efficiently with all your team members. As you create and work with a similar team over and over, communication will become easier. Understanding when and how to communicate instructions and ideas to your team is vital. Being prepared and pre-production may be very helpful to keep things effective onset.

3.      Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media forums like Instagram and Snapchat are not just cultural phenomena for image and video sharing. They are also powerful tools for every amateur cinematographer looking to improve their skills.


Depending on your level of interest in a social media forum, like Instagram, you may take advantage of its potential by trying out new approaches so as to bolster your understanding of several factors, which makes images more outstanding.


With their rich editing features covering everything from hue and shadows to contrast, these platforms may also provide you with an insight into skills you might not have been familiar with.

4.      Consider Networking

Meeting new individuals who are already in the filming industry can be a perfect way to learn more and even open up future employment opportunities immediately after you graduate from a video production college. You can network through parties, exclusive screenings, and community events.

While doing so, build a relationship with different individuals in the production, including directors, producers, production managers, grips, and gaffers. This will enable you to have a feel for the whole production process.

Final Remarks!

Cinematography is a great thing you can use to tell your story and paint pictures. It also serves as a powerful tool, allowing you to create shots and images. In order to succeed, it will take commitment, time, and dedication. If you invest in the effort and work by following these tips from the pros, you can be the next award-winning film director of the year.


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