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Increase your Interest In Math through Math Puzzles

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Math Puzzles

According to the reports, only half of the students in math classes are engaged in studying math. The leftover students may not be interested or have developed this habit. This engagement level decreases as the student gets into the higher classes. We also know mathematics is a subject that will require full attention and if not, you may fall behind or not score well in your examinations. Math Puzzles help to increase and encourage the engagement of students. It has also been marked as the oldest way to increase the rate of engagement. The math puzzles include various activities and games such as math riddles, puzzles, brainteasers, and various others which help to encourage the logic and reasoning of a particular student. In this article, we shall cover various math activities. 

Some Math Riddles, Games and Puzzles 

Some of the math riddles, puzzles, and games are mentioned below: 

  1. In our day-to-day life, there are various math puzzles that we come across. One of them is the Math crossword found in a newspaper. It is a highly adaptable and encouraging math puzzle. It deals with numbers rather than words, you need to fill up the boxes given in the horizontal and vertical strips using the clues mentioned below. 
  2. There are various math games found on online websites such as the prodigy.  It increases the critical thinking and reasoning of a student. Here, the students have to give answers for a curriculum-based question aligned by their respective teachers. This will also help you to gain more and more marks in your examinations. 
  3. 2048: It is an online game that may be downloaded from the play store or apple store. In this game, the players will have to slide down various numbers tiles until they reach the number ‘2048’. It is a highly addictive and competitive game that will increase your interest in numbers. 
  4. Brain teasers are also one of the examples of games and riddles which increase the critical thinking of a student. You may find various types of brain teasers if you go to the website of YouTube. 
  5. Have you heard about Dominoes?. This puzzle/game can be used in your classroom to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication in a fun handy way. You can work in pairs or individually to participate and play the game. 

Study Math Online from Cuemath 

Online studying has now become a trend globally. You will come across numerous official websites that teach mathematics and various other subjects, but I can guarantee you, not the way Cuemath teaches mathematics. It is a global website that has a reach of over 20 countries and more than 2 lakh students. Cuemath is an online website that provides you with highly educated qualified, and experienced teachers who will help you to understand the concepts of math in a detailed and interactive manner. Some facilities provided by the team of Cuemath are as follows:

  • Class duration of Sixty Minutes with the frequency of Class 2 to 3 times a week. You can take both individual and group classes. The group classes are inclusive of the ratio of 1:6. 
  • The online classes happen on Cuemath’s leap platform. This helps the teachers to provide you with personalized instruction and guidance. 
  • The teacher and student interaction take place in the ratio of 1:1. Hence, provides you with one live interaction session/class. There are various doubt clearing classes that help you to clear all your doubts and grasp the concept properly.  

Thus, if you want to study math online from Cuemath, visit their website to book a free live session now.

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