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Introducing 7 Effective Digital Marketing Support Tools

Introducing 7 Effective Digital Marketing Support Tools

by Jimmy Alex
Introducing 7 Effective Digital Marketing Support Tools

Digital Marketing is no longer a strange concept to the market. How to optimize the effectiveness of marketing activities on the digital platform is also a concern of many marketers. Understanding that, GIGAN presents you with a list of 7 tools to support Digital Marketing, helping to improve work performance of real estate web developer.

1. Tools For online Advertising

In the explosion of the digital age, online advertising has become one of the most effective tools for businesses to promote their brand image, products or services to their target audience. Using online advertising allows businesses to reach the right target audience with more frequency, quality and lower cost.

The most popular online advertising channels today are: Facebook, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Website and electronic newspapers. Depending on each strategy, businesses can choose to use one or combine many suitable advertising channels to promote their image.

To make online advertising activities more effective, marketers can use the following digital marketing support tools:

2. Tools To Support Video Making:

In recent years, video has proven its media power in the success of many marketing campaigns. To create an impactful video, marketers need good content, compelling delivery, and especially editing techniques for an eye-catching video. Promo videos are a thing now as they are impactful for your sales in the long run. You can easily make one using any online promo video maker and save time on making one.

3. Analysis Tools

Analytics is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. Owning Big Data is already a great advantage for businesses, but exploiting and taking advantage of it is the factor that helps businesses win in the market.

Analysis needs to be done throughout the marketing process. At the stage of market research, businesses need to analyze data about target customers, competitors, resources… to understand customers and give the right strategic direction. During the implementation phase, analyzing data from operations allows businesses to adjust and optimize strategies, resulting in greater efficiency.

Some of the popular tools that support a marketer’s analytics process are:

Website analytics: GTmetrix

Social monitoring: Google Alerts, socialone.us, Buzzmetrics, Isentia, IMONITOR, YouNet Media

Fan page analysis: Fanpage Karma

Analyze user behavior on the website: kissmetrics, qualaroo, ostsvietnam, Google Analytics, Enterprise Advertising & Analytics Solutions, Media Mind

Mobile User Behavior Analysis: Google Firebase

Competitor ad analysis: MixRank

Create Infographics: piktochart

4. Email Marketing Support Tool

Email Marketing is one of the most effective digital communication channels. This form of direct marketing allows businesses to promote products and brands to consumers while maintaining and developing relationships with customers.

For an effective Email Marketing strategy, marketers need to ensure a few principles:

Send to the right audience: Don’t use an existing email list or send emails to addresses that have been rejected many times

Pay attention to how the content in the email is presented: Especially avoid sensitive words, capitalize or italicize all, use too many fonts and font colors, etc.

Do not use Javascript, code samples or videos in emails: Emails do not support multimedia content and other languages

Limit the use of images and pay attention to the image size limit: Too many images or too large images can cause emails to be marked as spam or slow loading times

Besides, to implement effective Email Marketing, marketers can use supporting tools such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, MailerLite, etc.

5. Tools For Content Creation

“Content is King” the saying is always true for all marketing contexts. Content is one of the outstanding factors that make a remarkable difference from the competition, attract the target audience and drive sales.

Although creativity is biased towards human factors, it is undeniable that the effective support of creative tools helps improve the quality of content that marketers transmit to consumers, such as BuzzSumo, penflip, scribesoft,…

6. Design Tool

With the rise of the visual element in Digital Marketing, the design support tool becomes an important job creating the success of a marketing campaign. Leveraging technology is a way to increase the quality and efficiency of the designs of every business. Every business needs flyers, posters, and logos for effective marketing. It is possible to create a professional marketing campaign using online tools, such as PhotoADKing’s Flyer maker tool, online poster maker, Canva’s infographic maker, and so on. You can also create content using your phone, apps like a free logo creator app, poster maker app, a flyer maker app, a business card maker, and many more. For every marketing campaign business owners need to make changes in every post so every time they need unique flyers and different flyer templates to create something unique than others, at that time these tools are very useful to customize templates within a few clicks. Check out some tools for easier design:

Online design: Canva, PhotoADKing, DesignBold Team, Uplevo

Create Canvas Online: Canvanizer


Professional web banner design: Bannersnack

Make a gallery of photos, slides, short clips: Slidely

7. Tools For Making Landing Pages:

Landing pages are gradually becoming more popular and developed in the 4.0 era. Designing an attractive, convenient landing page is the key for businesses to optimize the conversion rate for each media campaign. 3 recommended landing page design tools for marketers are Try Instapage, Ladipage, Wix.com


Make short videos with pictures, videos, music, text, many beautiful effects: Stupeflix Studio, Adobe Spark

Create and edit online videos: WeVideo

Create clips, videos in Animation format: POWTOON, Animaker, Moovly

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