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All The Necessary Steps And Information for iPhone Screen Recording

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iPhone Screen Recording

An iPhone is an Apple mobile telephone model. Only this brand is produced and has specific features. In this article we will discuss in iPhone screen recording.

The iPhone is a series of Apple Inc. smartphones that use mobile iOS operating systems from Apple. On January 9, 2007, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced its first-generation iPhone. Apple has released new iPhone models and iOS updates every year since that time. 

More than 2,2 billion iPhones were sold as of November 1, 2018.

Today in this article we will discuss many things but mainly we will cover how to screen record on iPhone. 

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How To Screen Record On iPhone?

How To Screen Record On iPhone

The iPhone screen recording is not that difficult. Now you can save a clip of the game you play, record part of a live broadcast on Instagram, or create a How-to-Video for your friends can be very helpful when recording your iPhone display. The video clip which you record to a relative or friend, upload it, or post it to your Instagram story can be sent to Twitter. Now you can do screen recording on iPhone. Here are the steps to record a new or older iPhone on your screen. 

iPhone screen recording is integrated into iPhones but, to use them, you have to check first to see whether the screen capturing button is in your Control Center. 

  • Swipe down from the top right corner to open the Control Center when you are on iPhone X or later or swipe up when you have an iPhone 8 or earlier. 
  • Check to see if the screen record button is a dot with a circle around it. 

Here’s how you can add it if you can’t:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap control center
  • Select Customise controls 
  • You can add and remove items from the menu of your Control Center. 
  • Scroll down and select “Screen Recording” onto the green button with +. 
  • This moves it from the lower part of the “More Controls” area to the top part “include”.

This was the first and primary option for iPhone screen recording. Now we will clear all the necessary steps to be followed to record the screen on iPhone. 

How Do You Screen Record?

Now we will add the further steps to be taken care of for screen record iPhone. Follow the steps given above then read all these steps carefully and start following one by one.

  • Open that interface, app, or page you want to record or make a video.
  • Switch to the Control Center menu or to the top-right-hand corner of the menu. 
  • Tap the moon crescent button to turn Do not interfere, which will temporarily stop calls and reports.
  • It is helpful because if you record everything that will appear, including notifications, when you Record on iPhone.
  •  Pressing and holding the Do Not Remove button will show you additional options, such as just one hour off notifications or planning if you want to pause them.
  • Tap the Screen Record button to start the iPhone screen recording while you are still in Control Center.
  •  When you press the Screen record iPhone button a time-box starts and you’ll be able to record three seconds before starting.
  •  Click on the Check Center menu screen to hide.

So these were the simplest and the easiest ways to Record on iPhone and Now you’ll record the video and the audio of everything you watch or hear on your phone, but you won’t record audio not produced from your phone.

In addition to recording audio you are playing on your phone, you will have to switch your microphone to record yourself speaking for the external sounds. So to iPhone record screen with external audios we have to follow the following steps given below :

  • Press and hold the screen record button before the recording begins.
  • To activate the microphone, tap on the pop-up screen.
  •  Type “Start Recording” then. In this window, the countdown starts.
  • Tap on the screen to get out of the screen, then press to close the Control Center on your next screen.
  • Note that when you turn on your microphone, your screen will remain the next time you log in unless you go back and shut it down.
  • Swipe up to access the Control Center and tap the record button again to stop recording.
  • You will see a red bar at the top left if you have a newer iPhone if you do not get media open (say, for example, a YouTube video or an Instagram story).
  • You will receive a pop-up window if you tap on that bar asking for a stop to the recording. Click on Stop.
  • The video will be saved in photos or a gallery with another photo.

So these were some amazing and basic steps to record iPhone screen with external sounds. 

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How To Screen Record On Ipad?

How To Screen Record On Ipad

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed how to record screens, iPhones. Now in the further and coming paragraphs, we will discuss the same thing but for the iPad.

The thing is this can we record screens on iPads? Is it easy? Will it be possible? 

So the answer is yes like iPhone screen recording, we can record the screen of iPads with the easy procedure.

Each iPad, like iPhone, allows you to record the screen. This is great if you are creating a video tutorial showing how you can use an application, document a bug for technology support, or show your game-winning move.

You first have to enable it to screen records on your iPad, then click the Control Center Records button. Then you can always start and stop the video.

The further steps to screen record iPad are as follows :

  1. Initiate Setup App and tap “Control Center” to scroll down.
  2. Tap ‘Customize Checks.
  3. The checking center features list will be shown.
  4. If a green plus sign is next to the “screen recording,” tap on the green plus sign.
  5.  If it has a red minus sign instead, leave it — it’s already turned on.
  6. Open the Control Center from the upper-right corner of the screen when you want to record.
  7. Type on the record button that’s a dot-in-circle circle.
  8. You should see the circle change into a countdown of three seconds and turn red to indicate that the circle is recorded.
  9. To close the Control Center, you can use a countdown timer.
  10. You will see a small recording indicator at the top of the screen after the recording begins.
  11. To enable your microphone to tell the screen recording press and hold the record button.
  12. You can also choose an app to automatically send the video when done.
  13. Type the recording display and tap “Stop” when you are ready to stop recording.
  14. The Control Center can also be opened and the record button taper again.

So previously we have covered iPhone screen recording and screen recording on iPad.

There are many screen recorder apps available for iPhones. Here are the best apps you can download for recording your iPhone screen to help you scan through all the available apps:

  • Web recorders.
  • Web recorders.
  • Livestream Screen Recorder.
  • Screen Recorder for AirScr.
  • Response Cam.
  • Recorder Screen – RecPro.
  • DU recorder. DU recorder.
  • Wallpaper + Screen Recorder Pro Pro

These are some of the best screen recorder iPhones available. We can use these apps and easily record the screen of the iPad and iPhone. 

Online Screen Recorder:

Online Screen Recorder

APowersoft is a free online screen recorder available in the market. This application does not require Java Applet, but if it is used the first time, you have to install a launcher. Afterward, you can record online screens without limits.

Steps to record video and iPhone screen recording easily through Apowersoft.

  1. Click on start recording. 
  2. Start recording. 
  3. Save the video to the local disk. 
  4. You can upload it to Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Capture The Audio As Well As Video Simultaneously :

You can capture video and audio simultaneously and can also do iPhone screen recording with the free online screen recorder. You can grab anything you do and pair it with sound from your computer or microphone on your computer monitor. This is one more reason why this application is the best free online screen recording device.

You Can Make Annotations And Head Along With Recording:

You do not need to wait until you have completed the record to brush up on this free web-based screen recorder. You can instead add colors, shapes, notes, and different icons such as arrows using the toolkit while still recording. You can also do iPhone screen recording along with headings. The result is a video of a high quality that is immediately available on a website. 

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You Can Capture iPhone Screen Recording And The Video In Different And Unique Ways:

In addition to simultaneously recording your audio screen and iPhone screen recording, you can also add your webcam to the screen recording to create instructional videos. You will be recorded properly in both your demonstration and screening.


Covered all the ideas iPhone screen recording and iPad screen recording. Follow all these steps carefully to record the screen on your iPhone and iPads. The apps are very useful to record video and capture the sound too. You can edit the videos and save them to the gallery. The saved videos from these apps can be uploaded on YouTube Instagram Facebook etc easily.  Use Apowersoft to record the video online it will help you and make the iPhone screen recording and video making very easy. We hope you liked this video try these apps and techniques.

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