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Kitchen Cleaning Tips – Clean Your Kitchen in 15 Minutes or Less

by Abhay Choubey

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Kitchen cleaning may be a task that we frequently put off due to frequent usage, steam, and residual food. If we don’t clean as we cook, we may find ourselves spending far more time cleaning up the kitchen than we do cooking. To avoid spending too much time on this chore, we have some fantastic kitchen cleaning ideas and advice that you can use on a regular basis so that you don’t have to work more hours cleaning the kitchen at midnight.

The key place for your cleaning products

Keep your tools and cleaning supplies in a container under the sink so you can have them on hand and easily use them at any time.

What should you have? brush, all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, stainless steel cleaner, microfiber cloths, towels, sponges, and dish soap.

Quick sort

Make a habit of picking up when you finish cooking whatever you have on the kitchen furniture and table. It doesn’t take long to get everything back in place, and the payoff is huge when you use the kitchen again.

Cleaning supplies on hand

We are constantly prone to “accidents” in the kitchen, such as spilling beverages, crumbs on the floor, or accidentally burning things. It’s simple to remove tough stains in the kitchen, but we can keep the problem from becoming worse by keeping our basic cleaning equipment on hand at all times. What should be included in this kit? Degreaser, cleaner, cleaning and drying cloths, kitchen paper, a sponge, and a soapy substance It’s best to keep it beneath the sink where it’ll be simple to discover.

Set the stopwatch to zero.

Setting a time restriction to complete your objective is the greatest method to inspire yourself and minimise distractions. Set a timer for 15 minutes and attempt to get as much done as possible in that period.

Surfaces free of debris

When there are no tiny gadgets or canisters on the countertop, it is much easier to clean. As a result, it’s best to store items we don’t use very often and just keep what we need every day on the shelf. Cleaning will be easier, and filth will be less likely to accumulate.

Always remember to put the dishes away.

When you wash the dishes, your work isn’t done. Keep in mind that after they’re dry, you should store them in cupboards or designated locations. Drain the dishwasher and the dish drying rack next to the sink to maintain your kitchen clean and neat. It may appear to be endless work, but it will only take you 3 minutes to complete it, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Disinfect the sink

An empty sink does not necessarily imply that it is clean. There are numerous places in your house that are filthy than a toilet, and one of those is the sink. Once the container is empty, squirt vinegar all over the surface and scrape away any leftover food to clean kitchen sink drainage.

Remember to sweep and clean the floor.

Cleansing the kitchen floor is critical because it is the receptor for food detritus that draws bacteria. Use the broom and mop as a finishing touch to your short cleaning activity, even if it appears to be clean.

One Per Week

The idea is to allocate a week to each area of your house, including kitchen and, thus, in a month you will complete the entire house. The plan is that each day you spend only 15 minutes cleaning and tidying up in one particular area. Choose the time of day that suits you best.


It is recommended that you hire specialists to assist you clean your kitchen thoroughly. There are certain areas where dirt has collected over time, and cleaning it is difficult; it takes a great deal of specialist expertise and technology. Without commitment, request a budget for a full kitchen cleaning, and a team of specialists will clean behind your equipment, behind cabinets, and under furniture to make everything spotless in only one day. If you don’t have a professional deep cleaning budget, stick to the kitchen cleaning techniques listed above for a shining kitchen.

  1. How to clean marble and granite kitchen counters?

Use cleaning products specially designed to keep them free of grease, bacteria and accumulated dirt.

To remove wine, coffee or rust stains, use a specialized cream stain remover, which will disappear in minutes.

  1. What is the best kitchen cleaning tip with natural ingredients?

Mix half a tablespoon of petroleum jelly with one tablespoon of white vinegar. Then add a little water and dilute the products. Rub the countertop with kitchen paper and in a second, it will shine again.

  1. How should the kitchen be disinfected?

To eliminate as many microorganisms as possible, we recommend making a solution of bleach and water or water and your favorite disinfectant. It is also important to have a cloth and a sponge specifically for this task; don’t forget to wash them thoroughly when you’re done.

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