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Learn about the best dog-friendly restaurants near me

by Jimmy Alex

Are you looking for dog friendly restaurants near me? If so, then you are in the right place right now! As we all know dog-friendly restaurants are getting in day by day. Also,  these restaurants are extremely good for our dog’s mental health as well as physical health.

For that reason, we have made a list of the top best dog-friendly restaurants in your town. All those restaurants are well-known so there aren’t going to be any problems when you visit.

#1- Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants out there. But, there is little issue with it. The issue is that this restaurant does not allow its customers to bring their dogs inside. It means that you have to sit with your four-legged friend outside of the restaurant. Outside there is also a cozy sitting arrangement. So, we guess it’s not a big deal at all.

#2- In-N-Out Burger

Here comes the most beloved burger cafe/restaurant ever. In-N-Out Burger has also a cozy sitting arrangement for those who want to come up with their dogs. You should also check In-N-Out Burger before visiting any of your restaurants near me dog friendly.

3- Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Most Bruster’s Real Ice Cream branches have a takeaway option. But, there is a fact almost every one of you is unaware of is that Bruster’s Real Ice Cream also has a sitting arrangement inside. Also, the good thing is that the environment is dog-friendly. What else are we all looking to experience?

4- Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

You must have got an idea about what Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar is for, right? Well, yes, you are thinking right about it,  Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants that you will ever visit. So, take your dog to this place and start experiencing the cozy feeling that we all love.

5- Starbucks

Maybe you all take Starbucks as a normal coffee or shake cafe instead of a restaurant. But, in reality, it’s all in one food place where you can order anything you want to eat or drink. However, do you know what the latest addition is? Starbucks has built a dog-friendly environment in their cafe as well.

So it means, our favorite coffee “cafe” isn’t a cafe anymore, it’s a big bang restaurant now! Fantastic, right?

6- Noah’s New York Bagel

Here comes the last best dog-friendly restaurant that will surely impress with their services. The thing to note here is that Noah’s New York Bagel only has a few branches that allow dogs to get in. And, all the other branches aren’t going to allow you to take your dog along with yourself while going in.

Also, the branches that do not allow you to bring pups inside will offer you to stay out and they will serve you and your dog outside the restaurant.


So in this article, we have told you about the 6 best dog-friendly restaurants. Now it’s your choice which restaurant near me dog friendly you want to choose. However, if you want more advice, then head on to sportda.com now!


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