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Lights and Lantern Collection for this Diwali 2021

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Diwali is a festival of lights, colors, family, loved ones, happiness, sweets, smiles, sounds, decorations, cleaning, decorating, and many more. When it’s a festival, it is a combination of happiness and decorations. Enjoy this Diwali 2021 with your family and loved ones; And is it complete without the lanterns and light decorations? Diwali is a festival where the truth wins over the evil and spreads positivity and happy vibes. Revamping the house and decorating with beautiful eco-friendly products like flowers, leaves, and many more will keep you occupied and at the same time, you will be able to remove unwanted and unused products which is been occupied in rooms and halls for the whole year.

Decoration Ideas for this Diwali:

  • Re-arranging the house:

Revamp and replace all the old and unwanted items present in the home. Change the look and feel by replacing the products and cleaning them. For eg: If you have placed a family photo frame at the entrance of your home, replace it with some auspicious and presentable nature or even god statue photos, and place your family photo in any room surrounded by some colorful lights. This will give you a new home look and at the same time, you will not be bored.

  • Cleaning the Puja Room:

Puja rooms will generally be the same for years and years with the same traditional old pictures and accessories. What you can do is by rearranging or replacing with some new collections. If you do not want to replace or rearrange, try to add decorations with some beautiful yellow flowers or button roses. You can also add flower rangoli at the entrance of your puja room, to create a temple feel and the beautiful aura of the flowers.

  • Painting (If okay):

If you are okay with replacing your paint colors, then you can paint them with your family and kids. These times are so precious that you can cherish them for a lifetime.

Lights and Lantern Decoration Tips and Tricks:

When it is Diwali, then is that even possible to celebrate with light and brightness? Initially, you will add some beautiful mud lamps to the walls of your home and fill the place with lights. But now, since there are many new beautiful collections of lights, they will add beauty to your existing revamped beauty. If you are looking to gift your loved ones like friends or family, Diwali gifts should be something memorable and meaningful. When you gift some kind of unique and decorative light, there is a beautiful meaning behind that which you can mention along in the handmade cards or letters. Add a line like “As bright as the light, let the upcoming year be bright and shining”. 

Bigsmall is one of the beautiful online stores which adds some beautiful collections for putting a smile on your loved one’s face. 

  • STAR CURTAIN LIGHTS in the windows of the living room or your room, will create a beautiful, happy, and positive vibe. Along with the word beauty, you will be able to have a new look at your house or your friends!
  • BULB SHAPED LED LAMPS are something that is very unique and could add colors to your home. When your friend is someone who loves colors and adds new beautiful colors in their homes, then these LED lights are the perfect one for them. 

Also, check many more lights from the best online site, bigsmall which has some best collections when you are someone who loves to gift your near and dear ones.

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