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2,000 words or more is considered long-form content. Whitepapers, e-books, how-to instructions, resources, and video are examples of this type of content.

For a marketing strategy, Long Form Content is best:

  • High-end items and services at the upper end of the price spectrum.
  • Purchases that need a greater level of commitment.
  • As the purchase cycle is complex and lengthy, business-to-business sales generally necessitate longer copy.
  • Information-based marketing is required for products that must demonstrate quality.
  • Long-form content works best in the early stages of a marketing campaign, when your target audience is unfamiliar with your products or services.
  • For a proper pitch, technical items require long-form content to describe difficult issues.

Advantages of Long-Form Content-

  1. Google has a special ranking algorithm for long posts, so you’ll be able to bypass a lot of the competitors right immediately.
  2. Audiences stay on your site longer, increasing engagement and increasing your conversion chances.
  3. The length of the piece helps to support evergreen foundational content. As a result, even if you put more effort into it, the topics addressed will remain relevant for a much longer time.
  4. You give a perspective that is both broad and in-depth, allowing individuals to have a greater grasp of the subject.
  5. Catering to a passionate audience will increase their appreciation for your job as well as the return they receive, making it a win-win situation.

Short-form content is defined as any written copy that is less than 1,000 words in length. Short-form material includes things like social media posts, blog articles, and emails.

Your marketing efforts will be most effective if you create short-form content:

  • When readers are familiar with your company and have confidence in your products and services.
  • Description pages with short-form material are typically beneficial for less priced or commonly used products.
  • If your customers have shown that they are ready to buy from you.
  • Short content is required for some types of content (PPC ads, email subject lines, etc.)

Advantages of Long Form Content-

  1. Rather than reading, people scan the internet. Depending on your point of view, writing thousands of words is a waste if no one reads them, while short form content allows you to condense more value into less space.
  2. Shorter content is better optimized for ‘sharing, and the statistics may be misleading’ because there is 60 times more short-form content than long-form content, comparing numbers of shares in each camp may be misleading, hiding top-performing short posts dragged down by poor average content quality.
  3. Shorter content attracts more individuals and repels fewer people than long-form material.
  4. While those who read longer articles are more likely to share them, a considerably larger number of people will stick around to see how a short piece turns out.

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